A Sewing Day

Another Saturday spent sewing with a friend.  She made great progress on one of her tree skirts – half her blocks are done – and I finished the last rows and got the border on my Moda Challenge quilt – Diamond Formation.  I was going to get the backing stitched and maybe layer it tonight but  we shall see. I need a break from that sewing room chair and table.  But I hope to get this layered tomorrow if I don’t get back to it tonight.


I also dug out all the single socks from the SSB (single sock box) — don’t you have a SSB at your house?  The SSB still holds the yarn that is needed to complete these socks but the socks are hanging up on the wall to (1) remind me to finish them – you know how it goes “out of sight, out of mind” and (2) just cause I like looking at them even if some of the smaller ones never get finished.  A couple actually do have notes pinned to them as to needle size and one of the patterns I wasn’t sure of was actually stuck I the bottom of the SSB so there’s hope to get some of these finished off.