Knitter’s Gifts – From Head to Toe – the final installment

head to toe 76x96  Since I’m going to be busy tomorrow morning, I loaded up the final instructions for this project tonight so they are now available to download.


The final border which, if we are keeping in the “knitting” context, resembles a row of garter stitch or, in the quilting context, is made up of a whole heap of drunkard’s path blocks.  Now occasionally in EQ I draw a quilt design that looks great as an image but may not necessarily be easy to piece.  So I did actually test out these pieces since most drunkard’s path block sections I’ve made in the past were larger.   I’m happy to report that while I consider a drunkard’s path block putzy (no matter what the size of it – due to clipping one piece and having to pin each end) my two tester blocks went together very nicely.


Here’s the test blocks I made.

I just grabbed two fabrics off the top of a stack near me to try them. I was especially curious about the block on the right which is used only four times – once in each corner.  I’d never pieced one like that before and it was no more difficult than the block on the left.


Sigh… yet another project (in addition to my Dog Pound Pals) that I need to get moving on and get finished since I still need to make some of the center quilt blocks.



5 comments on “Knitter’s Gifts – From Head to Toe – the final installment

  1. I am glad you explained the border. I have been trying to figure out how it was done ever since I saw it. I can see it looking at your sample blocks, but I still have a hard time seeing it in the picture 🙂

  2. Thank you. I have never made the drunkard’s path block in any size, so this will be a good exercise, and hopefully a fun one.

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