dpp finished 82 x 92  If you participated in this project last year, first of all thank you for joining in, buying my pattern, and playing along.  There’s a few finished quilts showing up in the Flickr group and they are so cute.

minePlease continue to load photos to share.

But, since I’ll be moving on to a new  BOM soon, the password protected page for DPPAS will be removed soon.

If you have no yet saved or printed the layout instructions for this quilt to finish it off with the sashing for the blogs, dog bone border and outer dog border, you need to do that now.   That page will be accessible only for another 30 days or so and then it will be removed.\



As for my finished top – well heck it isn’t finished yet.  I still have only eight dogs staring at me from my design wall.  But I’m purposely leaving them up there so that they don’t get forgotten.  Eventually I will have four more dogs made and my own personal layout will be a large wall hanging similar to the second photo – or so I plan at that time.

But, if you still need to download the final instuctions, please do so now.  Thanks!


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Two more patterns brought out of retirement

Check  out the Free PDF Pattern Pages for two more past projects I’ve brought back out of retirement can now be downloaded.  These were both from my 2013 bird series.
BIRDBATH - 30" X 30" August 10, 2013

BIRDBATH – 30″ X 30″
August 10, 2013

Livin' The Tweet Life - February 2013

Livin’ The Tweet Life – February 2013

Two Hobbit Shoes

DSCN4085  I told you these were a quick knit.  The second one just came off the needles and then I went back and ripped back a little bit on the to of the first shoe – I had made one side a few rows longer than the other so now they match up.    The little pile of gold  yarn on the bottom is all that is left of my two hanks of Cascade 220 that was held double throughout the foot.  The other is all that’s left of my Lorna’s Laces from the cuffs.   I did buy a third hank of Cascade because I was afraid I might run out so will use that to do the seaming and then I still might have enough left to make a small felted bowl I wanted to try or something else. When I get around to actually doing the felting, might as well have several things to toss in at the same time.

Now time to get back to a little cleaning perhaps.  I spent way too much time unjamming the shredder this morning, which of course sent little pieces of shredded papers all over my nicely vacuumed carpet, so time to finish shredding a bit more before I do the carpets again.

In the midst of my cleaning yesterday, I found these.  I apparently shoved them in a cabinet at some point – a cabinet that I usually only have books in which I haven’t been in in a while.

DSCN4086But I do remember that I ordered the Crystal Palace for a specific project – another swing cowl – I wanted to see how the solid ball versus the marled ball, with both in similar long color striping families would look together.

But I want to get my other two Loopy Academy projects figured out.   One has to have stripes as the design element and the other slipped stitches as the design element.  I have a couple of ideas, just need to narrow them down and figure out yarn.

One Hobbit shoe

DSCN4083 After ripping back the multicolor so that I could use the yarn that arrived yesterday for the foot of my Hobbit Shoe, here’s what I ended up with last night.


You knit these flat and then seam them before felting.  So the colored portions are the cuffs around the angle and the rest is the foot.

DSCN4084The second photo is folded WST – I just need to seam up the back of the leg, toe and part of the top of the foot.  Looks rather like a Frankenstein shoe at the moment but anxious to see it after the felting works it’s magic.