Knitter’s Gifts – From Head to Toe – the final installment

head to toe 76x96  Since I’m going to be busy tomorrow morning, I loaded up the final instructions for this project tonight so they are now available to download.


The final border which, if we are keeping in the “knitting” context, resembles a row of garter stitch or, in the quilting context, is made up of a whole heap of drunkard’s path blocks.  Now occasionally in EQ I draw a quilt design that looks great as an image but may not necessarily be easy to piece.  So I did actually test out these pieces since most drunkard’s path block sections I’ve made in the past were larger.   I’m happy to report that while I consider a drunkard’s path block putzy (no matter what the size of it – due to clipping one piece and having to pin each end) my two tester blocks went together very nicely.


Here’s the test blocks I made.

I just grabbed two fabrics off the top of a stack near me to try them. I was especially curious about the block on the right which is used only four times – once in each corner.  I’d never pieced one like that before and it was no more difficult than the block on the left.


Sigh… yet another project (in addition to my Dog Pound Pals) that I need to get moving on and get finished since I still need to make some of the center quilt blocks.


And more speedy stripes on the needles

DSCN4106 I found more of the same type of sport weight yarn I used for Mom’s first pair of striped stocks in the stash so these are Mom’s Striped Socks Revisited.

I started them last night and just got the heel turned while sipping my morning coffee.

I took the day off work and have much to accomplish and a busy weekend ahead so enough knitting for now and on to the list of things I need to get done.   My Hobbit Shoes have come in very handy  – they are keeping my feet toasty warm as the zero degrees temp (it was minus 11 yesterday when I went to the bus stop so heat wave to zero today so far) – but those cold temps are sure making the floors around here cold – not a problem with my Hobbit Shoes tho.  I’m thinking I need to make a wild colored or maybe striped pair next, or maybe add some stranded colorwork.


My sweaters haven’t progressed much since last week.  The sweater vest is actually blocked and I think after being on the blocking boards all week, the pieces are certainly dry and I can clear all that away – just haven’t had time.  The other two sweaters were set aside while I worked on socks but I’ll get back at them in the next day or two.  I told myself I must finish the pieces for my CF Deep Winter KAL sweater and get the CF Featherweight finished before I start on the next sweater.

I came across the Winter Weeds Cardigan pattern on Ravelry yesterday.  I love the detail on the back of it.  What a great way to add interest to a plain sweater.   I won’t be making that exact sweater — I prefer seamed sweaters and regular sleeves rather than raglan — so I’ll generate a CustomFit sweater  and then incorporate the design on the back into it.  I just think it’s so pretty.  If you look at the project pages for that sweater, there’s a yellow one I absolutely love – I love yellow and the design really pops on the back.

As for my Knitting from the Stash,   you can see the finished projects at that link — a whole three of them now for 2015 so far but more to be added very soon — and as you can see from the numbers below — even with my yarn purchases for the first two Loopy Academy projects this semester (and only one of those projects done so far), I have still knit more than I have purchased.

Stash Yarn knit up to date:  1476

Yarn added to Stash to date:  1380 

Okay – I must get busy around here.  Check out all the other items on the needles at Judy’s (who I emailed about that Winter Weeds Cardigan and she loved too so she just might need to buy more yarn too) 😉