And the snow keeps coming down

I really was hoping the weathermen had overestimated how much snow we would get –  we were sort of on a line where it could go either way, 3″ or 6″ and all winter we’ve been on the lower side.   But I’m guessing there’s at least 6″ out there so far.  The wind has changed and it’s all swirling around in a little snow tornado outside my sewing room window and towards my door so drifting a bit.  I’m guessing it’s really blowy out on the roads since I’m sort of tucked in below the hill so usually don’t notice any drifting around my building. And alas, no extra boots to be found – I’ve searched to no avail.  Oh well. If the guys who do the apartment building actually have our sidewalks shoveled before I have to hike to the bus stop tomorrow, then I should be fine in my athletic shoes but I’ll be taking an extra pair of socks just in case the first pair gets wet walking in deep snow. Once I get downtown, the sidewalks between bus stop and office will be clear.

Although I did find a bonus as I was searching the bottom of the closet for the boots – a totebag with two bus tickets in it that still had rides left on them – bonus!  I didn’t know I had those in there.

I’m done sewing for today – time to switch to a bit of knitting since the wind has come around to the sewing room side and it’s getting chilly in here.  More than half my rows are now set together.

DSCN4078  Oh and those cinnamon rolls – I can attest they turned out very good – so good I’m contemplating putting them all in the freezer and not taking any in to work tomorrow!  Mine mine all mine. 😉


I’m rolling in dough….

  or at least I was….DSCN4072

Is that a fine looking bowl of dough or what?   It turned out exceptionally nice today – no clue why.  But I’m out of dough now since here’s what’s cooling on my counters.

A loaf of cinnamon swirl bread  – yum.  And then a pan of cinnamon, raisin, walnut rolls which after that photo was taken got a bit of icing added to them and I’m just waiting for them to cool enough so I can give them a taste test.   Some of them will go in to work tomorrow and a couple will go in the freezer.

In the meantime the snow continues to come down (the little plow had been down the sidewalk once already) reminding me I still need to check to see if the spare boots are at home.  (I have a sneaking suspicion that they are at the office with my regular boots I wear and a fat lot of good that will be doing me.)  Oh well, hopefully it stops soon so there’s time for the sidewalks to my bus stop to get cleared and then I’ll be just fine wearing my tennies.


While all this baking was going on – rather than the Dr. Seuss quilt, I decided to start sewing together the blocks/rows in my Moda challenge quilt.  The two other rows on each side are the ones that will take the longest to get together since they have the most individual flying geese to stitch together but as you can see


the two rows on the left side are done and joined  so on to the next row.

Snowy Sunday Morning


Here’s what my morning looks like so far – it was about 5:30 a.m. when I took this photo.

I think I missed my window of opportunity  – at least for awhile – to take down the outside icicle lights.  It was fairly warm yesterday and I thought out it – but then I thought about knitting and you can guess which one won that battle.  I now have half the front of one side of my vest done. 🙂

We’re supposed to get somewhere between 3″ and 6″ last I heard.   All in all it’s actually been a fairly snow free winter this year but since when I left work on Friday I forgot to change my shoes and put on my boots (which are sitting in my locker at the office nice and snug and dry) – I’m hoping this stops soon!   But that reminds me to see if my old pair of boots are here (or if those are sitting at the office too!).  Oh well.

And why was I up at 5:30 looking at the snow?  My upstairs neighbors dogs decided to wake me up.  They must have been outside frolicking in the snow and came back in and were racing around like crazy.  I know how that goes – my little dog use to do it too and she could make a heck of a noise racing back and forth for such a little dog.  But (1) no one lived below me and (2) these are two very muscular large dogs that live in a little apartment above me and some days I do want to go up there and strangle someone for being so inconsiderate.  But instead of harming neighbors (now that it’s quiet up there and they’ve probably all gone back to bed) my plan is to see if I’ve got enough flour here to mix up a loaf or two of cinnamon raisin bread and if so, while that is cooking I’ll be cutting the rest of strips I need to finish off the rest of these Cat in the Hat blocks.

DSCN4063If I get the strips all cut then I can power sew through all the strip sets of each color I need since they are only fat quarter length long strips.

And, as I mentioned previously I’m bringing some of my “retired” quilt patterns (past projects that were available through my blog but taken down at their conclusion, like BOM, mysteries, quilt along projects etc)  back out of retirement.  You find them all under the Free PDF Quilt Patterns listing.

Today I added “Too Tired to Give A Hoot”

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