A great match

DSCN4082My yarn arrived a short time ago and  I guessed correctly.  The heathered Cascade will be a great match for the multicolor.  Now part of me (the majority of me) wants to wind it and sit down and get going on those Hobbit Shoes again.  But the sane part of me (very small part indeed) sees that I’ve  been rearranging the living room furniture and cleaning out other junk and I really need to at least finish the living room before calling it quits on the cleaning for today.

So the pressure is on – I’ve placed my order from my favorite pizza place (reward for cleaning all day so far) and will see if I can’t finish off the living room before they get here so better bet busy!

Emerald City Revisited


DSCN4065  Hmmm seems to be a bit tricky giving away the issue of Quiltmaker with the Emerald City pattern in it.  I posted the winner in the blog, and I emailed privately but no response so time to draw a new winner I guess.  If you enter one of my giveaways, you do need to check back to see if you won – I do send a private email if possible but if you are a no-reply blogger, then I simply can’t contact you, but we all know email – just because you send it does not necessarily 100% guarantee you receive it but it’s the best I can do so you need to check back yourself if you enter something.

In any event, no response so a new possible recipient for the magazine issue — actually two recipients since my personal subscription issue has arrived so I’ll send out both of my advance copies.

So Dana Pellerin and Sue Martin, you are my new lucky recipients.  I’ve sent you an email.

And even more snow, which led to extra knitting time……

After having to trudge to work without my boots after the 7″ snowfall (which really wasn’t bad because sidewalks were fairly clear around the apartment – someone had been through about mid storm – and I knew the sidewalks around the Capitol would at least have a clear path if not be mostly clear), that day was  not bad compared to the following day.   This time – yes I had my boots – and although we only got maybe 4 inches (I never really pay attention to how much snow we’re getting unless it’s approaching 10 or 12″ and my buses may get pulled off the roads temporarily – which does not happen often), this storm was worse in my opinion since it started at noon and didn’t stop snowing until the time I got off the bus at home that night.  The annoying part was my 40 minute bus ride turned into and hour and a half.   But, on the up side, I got a whole lot of knitting done waiting to get home!

DSCN4080 So – as for my On The Needles report for this week:

Last week the right front of my Deep Winter CF KAL sweater, Stonington,  looked similar to this – however, the right front is finished (thanks to that long bus ride) and this is the left front now.  I’m just about to the last shaping decrease.  Hopefully by the end of the week I’ll have this done and be working on sleeves.

Last week’s photo showed my Luau vest.  I have now finished the other front piece so that is awaiting blocking and then I can do the neckband and armhole trim.  I plan to get that on the blocking boards today.

MY CF Featherweight hasn’t made any progress since last week – it still needs one armhole/side seam seamed before I move on to the next trim.  I may tackle all those stitches later today.  That one is so close to finished, even if it does have a really wide next trim to add.

My yarn arrived the beginning of he week for my first Loopy Academy project of  Semester Two.   I was going to tackle the  “felted project” assignment first.  My original plan – a felted bowl.  But then I came across this pattern:

DSCN4079Hobbit Shoes!  I love them.  I had looked at lots of felted slippers but they came up low on your foot, maybe mid ankle.  Those to me would slide off too easily.  If I put my feet up on the footstool, I don’t want my slippers sliding off my feet.  These look like they will stay put a bit better and keep my ankles warm.  So I got started on them and have half the first slipper done when I realized, just because I was going to make mine all one yarn and not two toned like the photo, doesn’t mean I don’t need the additional yardage from the other color.  Not sure where my brain was when I was thinking about this.  So today the mailman should be coming to my door with a Box of Fun containing the additional yarn I need.  I need to rip back part of this one I was working on.  The upper (cuffed) part of mine will be this multicolor yarn and the main foot will be a goldy, greenish color hopefully similar to the gold/green in the multicolor.  The multicolor was on Last Call sale so there weren’t any colors of the same yarn left that would match to use with this one so I ordered some Cascade for the foot.  Hopefully they will felt at about the same rate.  Time will tell.  A quick knit on those size 11 needles tho with yarn held doubled.

Today – much cleaning needs to be done.  Laundry is already in the works. I’m trying to avoid having to run to the grocery store – maybe if it gets a bit warmer later. Just not feeling like waiting for a bus in the cold today.  But that ruins my plan for meatloaf and baked potato tonight (favorite cold day comfort food) since I just checked and  at some point I used the last of the oatmeal. Dagnabbit!  Can’t make the meatloaf without it.  Dang – if only the cook would make a list of those things when she used the last of them! 🙂  Actually, I know myself well, even if I made a list, I would still walk out without picking it up.  And oatmeal is one of those things that lasts a long time in my cupboard since I only use it for  baking  (cookies, bread, etc) or in my meatloaf – I can’t eat it as breakfast cereal – so I don’t need to buy it often.

Speaking of breakfast – I need some! Then on to the cleaning (or…. just a thought… brave the cold and go to the grocery store to put the cleaning off a bit longer…..hmmmmmmmm…..)

Anyway – check out all the other On (or off) the Needles reports at Judy’s        and oh yes, I need to add this yarn to my stash report but I’m going to wait until the rest of it arrives today.