Speedy striped socks


It’s amazing how much faster sport weight yarn and a slightly larger needle can knit up socks in record time.  I started this one late yesterday afternoon and just have to stitch shut the toe and bury the ends.

These will be for Mom.  Don’t know if she’ll be able to wear them as regular socks since they are thicker than fingering weight but if know, she’ll have a new pair of bed slippers to keep her feet warm that are thicker than the ones she uses now.

The stripes remind me of Easter egg colors.  The yarn is Online Supersocke 6-fach in Vegas-Color.  Now to kitchner that toe shut and the cast on the second one.  And where did that yarn come from — yes it’s from the stash!  I need to go pull out a fingering weight hank or two in more sedate colors to make her a couple more pairs.  I started one pair, using the Nine to Five pattern which I’ve made several times and for some reason I grabbed the wrong size needles so they are smaller than I like and tho I usually knit somewhat loosely, the yarn I was using for those is really wool and I think it’s just the drag as it slides across itself that is making my knitting so tight.  I got about 4″ of the leg done and the next day my hands hurt like crazy.  Hate to waste what I already knit but those are getting ripped back for sure and I think that yarn will just be a pair of vanilla socks on larger needles.

I’m not sure if I even completed a pair of socks last year (I started several) so I think I’m way ahead in the sock department – or will be since I hope to have these done by the weekend.