On and Off the Needles – Friday recap

I just could not bring myself to turn on the computer when I got home.  But here’s my “Friday recap” —


I did finish the second pair of socks for my Mom earlier this week and sent them off in the mail to her yesterday.  Two pairs of socks finish so far this year – that might be possibly more socks than I finished all of last year.  I really need to get back to some of my socks.

My plan is to take down all the knitting swatches on this rack in my sewing room

DSCN4055— the rod is quite a bit longer than shown here — and pin up all the single socks that need to have mates made.  Not only will they look pretty hanging there on the wall but it will be a constant reminder that I need to finish the second sock for each one!

Some of them may never get finished — the size is not right; some of them I need to try to see if I can figure out what size needle I used because I was not good at writing it down – thinking I’d get back at that second sock quickly (yeah right!) 😉   and some I need to see if I can remember what pattern I was using and find it back.  These are all very good reasons why I should start a Ravelry project page for each new project as I start it and make sure to put in that info — I’m generally very bad about putting in needle size  but am trying to remember to do that.  But will have to figure out which socks I want to finish once I pull them out.  The smaller size  ones I originally was going to give to finish for my sister but she can’t really wear wool anymore  — most of those are small because of the pattern I chose (cables so the sock doesn’t stretch as much or colorwork so it doesn’t stretch) so will have to decide if they will work for Mom or otherwise there will just be some lovely single socks hanging on my sewing room wall for decoration.  Heck, I hang quilts on the wall — why not socks! 🙂

My project too and from work has been my Wiggle Wrap.  I’m so ready for this project to be done!  It’s now longer than I am tall — probably about 6-1/2 feet long.

DSCN4115The photo does not do it justice.  It’s going to be so lovely and warm but I shall continue on since I don’t want to waste any of the yarn and after that lighter blue comes the two colors I like the most out of all of them so another foot or so to knit.

And here’s my vest pieces —

DSCN4116all blocked and waiting for me to stitch the shoulder seams so I can pick up the front bands and knit them.  I’m hoping to get started on this later today.


Right now I need to go wind a ball of yarn for my Loopy Academy stripe project.  I think I should have this project done by next weekend.

As for the Yarn Stash progress– no yarn in this week so my tallies are:

Stash Yarn knit up to date:  1886

Yarn added to Stash to date:  1380


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