And more speedy stripes on the needles

DSCN4106 I found more of the same type of sport weight yarn I used for Mom’s first pair of striped stocks in the stash so these are Mom’s Striped Socks Revisited.

I started them last night and just got the heel turned while sipping my morning coffee.

I took the day off work and have much to accomplish and a busy weekend ahead so enough knitting for now and on to the list of things I need to get done.   My Hobbit Shoes have come in very handy  – they are keeping my feet toasty warm as the zero degrees temp (it was minus 11 yesterday when I went to the bus stop so heat wave to zero today so far) – but those cold temps are sure making the floors around here cold – not a problem with my Hobbit Shoes tho.  I’m thinking I need to make a wild colored or maybe striped pair next, or maybe add some stranded colorwork.


My sweaters haven’t progressed much since last week.  The sweater vest is actually blocked and I think after being on the blocking boards all week, the pieces are certainly dry and I can clear all that away – just haven’t had time.  The other two sweaters were set aside while I worked on socks but I’ll get back at them in the next day or two.  I told myself I must finish the pieces for my CF Deep Winter KAL sweater and get the CF Featherweight finished before I start on the next sweater.

I came across the Winter Weeds Cardigan pattern on Ravelry yesterday.  I love the detail on the back of it.  What a great way to add interest to a plain sweater.   I won’t be making that exact sweater — I prefer seamed sweaters and regular sleeves rather than raglan — so I’ll generate a CustomFit sweater  and then incorporate the design on the back into it.  I just think it’s so pretty.  If you look at the project pages for that sweater, there’s a yellow one I absolutely love – I love yellow and the design really pops on the back.

As for my Knitting from the Stash,   you can see the finished projects at that link — a whole three of them now for 2015 so far but more to be added very soon — and as you can see from the numbers below — even with my yarn purchases for the first two Loopy Academy projects this semester (and only one of those projects done so far), I have still knit more than I have purchased.

Stash Yarn knit up to date:  1476

Yarn added to Stash to date:  1380 

Okay – I must get busy around here.  Check out all the other items on the needles at Judy’s (who I emailed about that Winter Weeds Cardigan and she loved too so she just might need to buy more yarn too) 😉



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  1. I love the yarn you are using for these socks. I’m not a great knitter, but I do crochet. This yarn is so fun and doing a project using this would make me happy!

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