Saturday Fun

Today was a fun day catching up with an old friend, who also used to be a coworker, who I have been friends with for more years than I can count.  We were both in our early 20s when we met and I still laugh about the fact that the first day of work when I met her (she was working at the law office prior to my starting) she report to another soon to become good friend “well, she looks normal.”  ROFLOL  Seriously – if you knew either of them, they should not be deciding who is normal and who is not.  But, anyway, years ago she wanted to learn to quilt.  So we’d get together, she’d prick a project, and I’d teach her how to make it.    She recently asked if we could do that again — she is not nearly as “handicraft impaired” as she was back then 🙂 and so today we headed off so she could buy fabric for her project.  She still had the pattern of something she had made way back when (probably 20 years ago since her oldest daughter is in college and she didn’t have children way back when we initially did this).   So several hours later, her project is all cut out, we laughed and talked and caught up on things – so a great way to spend a wintery Saturday.  She’ll be back next Saturday so she can start sewing.  It’s so much more fun to have a sewing buddy and actually makes me get in the sewing room (which I did tidy so we could actually work in there — not spotless but then it never is spotless for long anyway).  She needs to make two of the project she is making so I sent her stash shopping for her second one.  Her homework is to cut out the second one on her own.

While she was cutting, I worked on a quilt design I needed to do some changing on and then started sewing again on my Moda Because of the Brave challenge quilt.

DSCN4108 I got two more rows of blocks sewn together.  In the photo, the left half of the quilt is all stitched together, and then there are two single rows that I just finished, and I’ve pulled down pieces from the last two rows to keep stitching on.  So I think I’ll continue sewing on my own for a bit and see if I can’t at least get the rest of the blocks sewn into their rows.


As for the second pair of socks for Mom – yesterday morning I had turned the heel.  Last night I was able to finish off the heel gusset and get a bit more than half of the foot done.  I should be able to cast this one off tonight and start on the second sock.