Camp Loopy – final project

Finally got photos this morning of my final Camp Loopy project.  The Farmhouse Shawl.

It’s a simple pattern and alternating stockinette and garter sections.


The upper section has mostly stockinette with garter row accents.  and the bottom ha a wider garter section.  I added more rows/sections to mine on the bottom to use up all my yarn knitting (over 800 yards) because I wanted it larger and did not want to add the fringe.


Isn’t this yarn great or this pattern — the ombre yarn worked really well — it’s a newer one called Cascade  Wave which is worsted weight.


So here it is after it’s photo shoot this a.m.


So it’s been a busy three months – in addition to the other stuff I’ve been knitting and sewing on, for Camp Loopy I completed a fabric and a knitting project for each of the three months so here’s a recap of Camp Loopy 2017 for me.






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  1. You are smoking those needles and sewing machine. I love your Cascade Wave shawl. It looks so soft and drape-able too. Clever pictureputting cute little sweater on the lamb garden statue.

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