August Camp Loopy Fabric Project Completed

My last Camp Loopy Fabric project for 2017 is completed.   I’ve posted the pattern before but as a reminder here’s what it looked like.

patternI made a few changes to it in the end. It has split hem side seams.  When I got it all done I found it was very room at the bottom so the split seams were not necessary and I decided I would just sew straight down to the bottom and trim away the excess fabric that was meant to be turned under to hem the splits.  I also used only 8 buttons rather than the 9 called for in the pattern.  There is one button on the collar band and then another directly below it  on the button placket – I didn’t like that and it seems a waste of a good button (and an unnecessary buttonhole to make since I would never button those top two buttons) so did the collar band buttonhole and then spaced the buttons every 3.5″ down the front.

Here’s the buttons and fabrics I used – all from The Loopy Ewe of course.


And the blouse – completed today.  I even remembered how to make buttonholes on a sewing machine I don’t really use anymore  -but the only one that zigzags to make buttonholes, since it doesn’t have an automatic buttonholer.

I haven’t sewn any clothes for myself in over 20 years and what I was surprised about with this pattern was the length of the top.  I’m tall so things never seem to be long enough for me,  When I used to sew nearly all my clothes (back in the days when I seldom wore pants to work and usually wore suit jacket and skirts) I always had to lengthen blouses, sleeves, skirts, jacket lengths, and inseams.  Patterns were not written for tall people.  But this blouse pattern was definitely long enough.  It is a tunic length on me, which is what I like, but I did not add any length to it and for the average height person, I think they would find it too long.  The sleeves however, I did add about 1-1/2″ or slightly more to the sleeve itself and with the cuff band added it is just about the perfect length.  The sleeves definitely would have been too short otherwise.  If I make it again, I will probably add another 1/2″ to the length of the sleeve just for good measure.

All in all, it’s a very nice blouse.

Now to go bury a few ends on my  August Camp Loopy project so I can put it in to  soak and  get it on the blocking mats today.