Touchstone Shawl

Well when  you finish one shawl, what’s a knitter to do but start another!

Touchstone is a new pattern by Laura Aylor.  I love her shawls and this is a simple knit – perfect to pick up and put down, tv watching, bus ride knitting type of project.  It also happens to be one of my favorite shaped shawl types — basically the shape I’ve discovered I love the most and wear a lot so I tend to gravitate to this style shawl now rather than true triangle shape.

It just so happens that in a not long ago yarn purchase, I got some Tosh Vintage Yoko.


I love this yarn and I thought of it immediately when I saw the Touchstone pattern.  But I did not have enough in the stash.  I tried looking for other yarn to use but just kept thinking about this so I finally just ordered some more and got what I had in the stash wound so I can start on it later today……. if I ever get off this computer!


Oh and did I mention the pattern is free for a while?  You know you want to make one, too!



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