Tuesday’s fun

I started out doing laundry but quickly lost interest in chores.  The laundry I need so I have work clothes to wear the rest of the week is done and that’s really all that matters.

After working on the Mini Hex N More blocks yesterday I decided to get out my regular Hex N More ruler which can cut several different sizes of the same block I was making yesterday (as well as multiple shapes in multiple sizes).

Here is a photo of the larges size gem blocks next to my minis from yesterday.


Of course in the large blocks I attached my background fabric in the wrong spot (wrong if I was planning to make the same style block as the minis).  So ended up with a different type of block but I like it.  So decided to cut a whole bunch and randomly stuck them on the design wall so see how it would look.


I think I like them arranged in color families so they stand out more as star/flower looking so some of the fabrics would get moved around and I need to pull more from the stash to complete certain color groupings.  I purposely haven’t used any green fabric yet because if I do decide to use them like this, I think the green will fill in the large triangle section between “flowers” so it looks more like leaves.  Then again I’m also contemplating cutting off the colored tips  to make the colored shapes hexies or even half hexies so I’m going to wait before pulling more fabrics to make more blocks until I decide how I want the finished blocks to look.    And I’m totally ignoring the fact that there are about a gazillion Y-seams that will need to be sewn which is just a slow, but necessary process if I leave them as is.   I also have a plan to combine the minis with the larger size blocks but those are plans for some other day.

I did get my Camp Loopy shawl finished last night – made it larger rather than adding fringe so I needs a soak and blocking.  And I just remembered the gorgeous yarn bowl my sister gave me for my birthday that is still sitting in the bag I brought it home in.  I must go get that out so I can keep my sweater yarn from rolling all over.

I have also discovered that I really need to go back to work because I’m far too messy when I’m home for several days.  I now have fabric pulled out all over the place that you know I’m going to be too lazy to put away where it belongs tonight. 🙂  Maybe tomorrow night it will go back where it belongs…..I’ve got to find some dinner and get some knitting done.