Sunday July 23 2017

Well the tipped over tree now looks like this.


Hopefully someone will be back to get rid of all the logs/branches on our side of the fence along the retaining wall.   I did call the Apt mgmt. yesterday to let them know it looks like there’s a tree slowly tipping towards the building on my side of the building.    Too much rain is definitely making them unstable on the hillside.  I’m hoping they’ll come out and take a look and take down another tree or two.   The tree removal people are definitely keeping busy in this area with all the storms  – especially the ones this past week.  And I can’t even step out my door without a swarm of mosquitos finding me – all the humidity has hatched a bumper crop – and the top of the birdhouse has a forest of toadstools growing on it.


Not that I’ll be wearing it anytime soon (speaking of all that humidity) but I finished off a cowl last night.


This is the Strenna cowl pattern.   It qualifies for two ESK Yarnathon badges – Cowl Me Baby and Cable Gal.  The cables are harder to see in this specky yarn but they make for a lovely squishy cowl and I love this Film Noir yarn (despite the fact that it has pink in it!) 🙂  And once the points are awarded at the end of the month , I’ll have reached the Blue Raspberry badge level.


Now to finish some laundry and some cleaning and maybe stitch down the binding on a little wallhanging.



A bit of wind

and I was watching a show on the computer last night and didn’t have the tv on and suddenly wondered what that annoying sound was.  It was the tornado siren as it spun – getting louder and then fading away a bit and getting louder as it revolved.  Decided I’d better turn on the tv and find out what was happening.

Major wind is what was happening.  I opened the door and the trees on the hill outside my door were blowing around so much it was so noisy it was incredible.    Then the onslaught of rain came and a very loud strong gust that blew the exact opposite of the way the wind had been blowing made me decide to shut the door, find the flashlight and candles and matches (since the power had started to flicker) and put some shoes on.

We got way too much rain, but any amount is too much with all the rain we’ve been getting in the last couple weeks.  I never lost power, which was good, and the storm eventually moved on.  But when I opened the door I found this.


Excuse the bad photo – it’s so humid outside my lens was immediately steaming up.  But none of the tree in the photo should be in a photo taken from this angle.  It was also worse this morning because that whole area – below where the tree is crashed onto two upper decks- had branches that stretched to the door below where the fairy lights are and I was a bit surprised after turning around from locking my door when I saw tree totally obstructing my path.   By the time I got home tonight they had cleaned all the lower stuff up but I’m guessing they had to contact the owner of the tree (since it’s not on the complex property) about removing it.  Or all the tree services are busy because there was lots of damage in the area.   But here no one got hurt and I don’t think there’s any damage (unless a deck railing got damaged).  The ground is so saturated, it looks like the tree was just blew over  because I think I could see the root ball laying on the hill rather than it being broken or cracked off.

I’ve had enough storms/rain/wind to last me a while now!

And when I got home tonight my last Club Loopy package had arrived.  We’ve had dinosaur themed/named yarns for all three shipments and this one is called Betty Brontosaurus.  There was also a lovely smelling Vanilla Nectarine soy candle in the package.  I’m allergic to many scented things but I’m hoping not to this because it smells so good.  My camera lens was threatening to fog up again so I snapped one quick photo.  The colors I this yarn are more lovely than they show up here – and when I turned it over, the other side has lots more pink/purple shades that are gorgeous.  I’ll have to try to get a better shot this weekend without the flash (and the foggy camera).  It’s Western Sky nits yarn, which I’ve never tried before so something new.



Yards Used

Since the year is now more than half over (I can’t believe half of July is already gone either) I was looking back to see how many yards of yarn I hand knit and yards of fabric I had sewn last year at this time.    I knew I hadn’t quilted as much as last year at this point but that’s because I have large wedding quilts to contend with that aren’t finished yet but soon will be so I think that will bring me back to about where I was last year.

So far this year I have sewn 21.5 yards of fabric — that’s completed projects not works in progress.  You can see the completions so far this year but click the button in the sidebar.

That yardage does not include this little wallhanging.


I pulled this one out this afternoon, layered it, quilted it and I just need to hand stitch the binding to the back to complete it.

As for knitting, with doing ESK Yarnathon projects and TLE Camp Loopy projects I am way ahead of last year at this time. At this time in July last year I had knit 8, 215 yards of yarn.  This year I’ve knit 16,245  yards of yarn. Nearly twice as much!  You can see all those finished projects by clicking the button in the side bar also.


Finished Knits and August Camp projects

Time to do some catching up – I need to add these items to the finished Tangled Strings – finished knits page.  These will be projects 29 and 30 completed this year.  I also need to update the yardage knit to date yet.

My July Camp Loopy project is finished.    Cute little fish buttons but I may end up changing them if I can find some round ones in those bright colors.  The fishes nose and tail are really point/sharp and catch on the yarn making it difficult to button and unbutton.


I also finished my 3Q KAL project for ESK’s Yarnathon.


This is more a jacket than sweater – it will definitely be warm in the yarn I used.  Both these  little girlie sweaters will go in my gifting pile because I made them larger than currently needed (since I wasn’t sure of exact size needed at the moment) so that they can be grown into, rather than more quickly grown out of.

The new Camp Loopy requirements for August have been announced.  Both yarn and fabric projects need to use a pattern published in 2015 or later and both have yardage requirements.

I added and removed more yarn from my project page on TLE website (project pages let you compare colors or fabric patterns/colors etc side by side next to each other – a very handy thing indeed rather than going back and forth between separate images to try to figure out if they will work together).  This is the yarn that finally ended up on my project page and getting dumped into my cart.


It’s Cascade 200 Superwash Wave.  I have changed my mind several times on what I wanted to use it for and I think I have finally decided on Rail Fence.  Rail Fence is written for fingering weight but the yarn I’m using is worsted so I’ll do some figuring to decide how many stitches I need for the width I want and I’ll definitely be making it longer than the 66″ the original design is.  This will be great to wrap around head/neck/shoulders (or from head to toe) when the frigid winter winds return and the color will match two of my jackets.

For the Fabric Camp project I’m going back to my sewing roots believe it or not.  I started out sewing clothes from grade school 4-H Club until my late 20s when I started quilting and stopped sewing clothes, other than the occasional clothing gift for my Mom or Dad.  Since I have several (understatement) quilts in the works that I need to finish soon, I just wasn’t really wanting to start and finish other quilt next month.  Then I remembered as I was looking for something else on line, I came across a couple clothing patterns I had really liked.

I had originally ordered the larger print fabric below (which I had loved since it first showed up at TLE and it was on last call clearance so it was get some now or never – plus it was a bargain price) before deciding to make a blouse.  My original plan was to make something boring like a new fabric shower curtain for my bathroom or new curtains for one of the bedrooms.    But I found this pattern and the fabric I chose is coincidentally a very similar look to the pattern front.


I haven’t looked at patterns in so long I didn’t realize you could order direct from the pattern company – so convenient rather than having to run to the local fabric chain store which I don’t really care for.   Not having sewn in so many years, I knew patterns had gone up in price but Wholly Sticker Shock Batman!!  the prices are crazy.  But Butterick.mccall’s  website has been having a sale that runs through today and I got it for $1.99 so actually ordered a couple patterns that were on sale.

So I was going to need to place a second fabric order to get some contrast fabric for the button bands, pocket and cuffs.


But as it happened, I got an email from TLE that there was not quite as much left on the bolt as originally indicated.  But this worked out great for me – there was enough left for what I needed  and I could have them add the second fabric to my order without having to place a separate order.  Win!  So the lighter one that looks more solid is actually a tone on tone tiny checked print.

So we’ll see if I can revert to being able to sew 5/8″ seams rather that 1/4″ !  It’s been a long time since I’ve done that.  When I stopped sewing clothes I got rid of all my clothing fabric except for a few special pieces.  Just maybe those will actually get sewn up into something now.

Camp Loopy July project status

Quilting is finished so time for a coffee break or lunch or something.


Not the best photo all piled up on my table but I’ll take a photo once completed of course.  Nothing fancy in the quilting on this one.  All the striped and red sashings were stitched in the ditch, the main blocks have a four-leaf petal shape across them and the border is just a meander.    Now to see if I have enough striped fabric left or the binding.

In the meantime, as I was planning projects to finish quilting (after next month’s Camp Loopy project is done and the wedding quilt quilting is finally completed) I decided to check out one of the online shops that has a nice variety of wide backing fabrics – Backside Fabrics — no affiliation, just a happy customer.  The teal/yellow/green polka dot backing on this quilt, which you can just see a bit of at the top of the screen came from there.  So I check in on the website from time to time to see what’s new and on sale and couldn’t pass up these bright lovelies since I have so many batik on black or other bright colored tops to quilt.   Here’s the screenshot from my order – obviously I loved the one print so much I got it in both colorways.  Can’t wait to see these in person.

backside fabrics

As for my July knitting project I seamed the shoulders and set in the sleeve. Just need to finish seaming the side seams which are just clipped together — another perfect use for those binder clips to hold quilt bindings – they are great to hold knit pieces together for seaming.



Pattern says to pick up some stitches along neck edge and then bind them off on the next row to finish off the neck edging.  I may just do a row of single crochets around the next to finish it off instead which will give essentially the same look to the edge.  Then just the buttons.  I need to pull some different yarn from the leftovers bind to finish the seaming since this sweater, like the other one I need to seam, are both single ply yarns and don’t hold up well to seaming so need to find something stronger.


I found this in my mailbox last night – the advance copies of Sept/October 2017 issue.  Dreamcatcher is the name of my quilt design in this issue.


Here’s the original image I sent them.  They stayed pretty close to the colors I used in my drawing when they chose the fabrics to make it in.  I have not actually made this quilt myself yet but it’s on my list once I get a project or two quilted first.

QMS1 -dream catcher

and I finished off the sleeves for the ESK 3rd Quarter KAL project.  Decided to block it before seaming so got it on the mats today and set it outside where it happens to be a lovely day for a change – upper 70s, not raining and not humid – now that’s a nice change.  So hopefully it will dry a bit more quickly outside since it’ heavy yarn.


I’ve been doing a bit of cleaning but need to go finish clearing the rest of the blocking mats off of my sewing table so I can get another quilt layered to start quilting on.

Happy Fourth of July


with taking last Thursday off, working Friday, then the weekend, working yesterday (in a very quiet office since I think more than half were gone) I woke up this a.m. and thought – do I go to work today or not – what day is this?  I’m so confused but quickly came to the realization that no, it is a holiday.

So why, if I was up later than normal did I wake up earlier than normal!  But I thought I’d knit for a bit bright and early on my patio so grabbed some coffee and my project and headed to the patio only to be descended on my mosquitos.  Yep, after the last rain storm yesterday they immediately appeared with a vengeance.  I guess I’m lucky I hadn’t seen any up until this point but sitting outside this morning was out of the question.

I do have the body of a little sweater finished and am working on the sleeves.


And I’m also on the sleeves of my Camp Loopy project too.  But for this afternoon – since it’s lunch time and I’m still in my jammies sipping coffee – I’m going to work on my camp loopy quilt and see if I can’t get the final sashing/borders added (once I figure out exactly what they might be!).


July Camp Loopy Knitting

Where was I at Midnight?  Casting on my July Camp Loopy project of course and binge watching a PBS mystery show on Amazon Prime. 🙂

I knit for several hours and knit a bit more this morning and have the back to the little Kelcema sweater completed.  Isn’t this specky yarn fun.


It’s amazing how much faster worsted weight yarn and size 8 needles knit up compared to the projects I had been working on previously – fingering weight and much smaller needles with more complex patterns.   Straight garter stitch, a little bit of easy shaping,  and I had this back done in no time – got half way thru the armholes and finished off the top of it this a.m.  If you’ve never done any sweater knitting and were looking or a project to start with this one would definitely be a beginner friendly sweater, yet it will show you how to do some simple shaping, make buttonholes, seam a sweater and baby/toddler sweaters are always good since the fit on their sweaters is far more forgiving.  Garter stitch is really squishy and  stretchy  so sweaters made in garter can usually be worn a bit longer (as kids are growing) as it is stretchy.

I also found some potential buttons in my button tin.


The fish would be very cute but I need to finish the front side that doesn’t get the button holes  to lay these on in order to determine if these buttons are too large or not.  I likely will need to make the buttonholes a stitch larger which is not a problem but the sweater has pairs of buttons set side by side so just depends on the width of the top of the sweater as to whether these will work.