August 13 – Sunday Stuff

There’s lots of “stuff” going on here this Sunday.  Boring stuff like laundry and cleaning the kitchen, stuff like blocking this shawl


It’s my Camp project and once its dry I can and I bury a few ends I can put it in the “done” pile.  The yarn softened nicely. You can’t tell in this photo that there are sections of garter stitch alternated with stockinette stitch but it’s funny how some of the color changes in this Cascade Wave yarn matched up perfectly – switching color as I was switching stitch sections.  I made this longer than the pattern called for since I left of the fringe and used about 840 of my 880 yards.  I was afraid I wouldn’t like it when finished because it wouldn’t have a long enough wingspan but after soaking I was able to block it out to what I think will be a good length.  One thing I would change if making again would be to make the center spine the same  throughout rather than as written in the pattern.

New stuff to show you – Check out my new lovely yarn bowl.


It was a birthday gift from my sister.  She did good! 🙂  It’s a piece of art in itself – lovely wood.

More knitting stuff –  my never evening fingering weight sweater.  And yes – you can see about waistline area where the color lots are different.  It’s not as apparent in person but I knew I would have issues with that since some of the yarn was bought years before the additional hanks of the same yarn.   All kinds of “fade” type projects are popular now so I’m calling this my fade type project.   I didn’t want to have either a whole front or whole back darker than the other and I didn’t want to alternate hanks because I do not have enough of the darker lot to alternate the whole project with, so I decided to use the darker on the bottom halves of both the front and back.  I did alternate for a few inches when switching from darker to lighter and I like the way it looks.


I knew probably another 4 or 5 inches on this last night after this photo was taken.  Rows are shorter so it’s moving along a bit more quickly.

Sewing stuff – I cut out and pieced another 20+ sections for the star flower quilt.  I decided that I’ll make each 6 pointed star flower in the same color family.


My plan is to substitute some of the pieces in place of some already on the design wall and then start piecing the individual flowers – the sections are too big to lay them all out on the design wall but if I get some of them sewn together I can see what other colors I want to add or what colors I need to cut more pieces for.

Putting away “stuff” that came in the mail –


I love stripes mixed with florals and this will likely be another blouse.


I also finally found the perfect fabric to make a tree skirt for my Christmas tree!  My tree is decorated in only the type of glass ornaments shown in this fabric so it will be perfect.  Just a small circular tree skirt – haven’t decided if I’ll actually quilt it or not.

And the last in the just “stuff” category – yarny stuff appeared this week.