Nothing to show

Literally – nothing to show – oh how I miss my camera and it’s only been a couple days.  Thank goodness replacement cord comes tomorrow.

In the meantime I’ve been folding and stacking fabric. The last several quilting projects I’ve been working on have all been batiks and I have not necessarily (okay I absolutely did not) put all the fabrics back when I was done and they were scattered about the sewing room AND the table in my living room.   Charm stacks (for the beachhouses and mini gem blocks) 10″ squares, and then the FQs and yardage I was cutting the starflower blocks out of.    I spent a very long time yesterday refolding and restacking and putting back on the fabric shelves.  And I still see pieces here and there.

I did set a couple pieces aside to see if I’ve already used them for a starflower point or not.   The starflowers which look like this prior posted photo have all been rearranged so they are by color for each individual “flower”.20170808_1

There may be one or two that will be dark background with all rainbow colored/bright batik print but otherwise I tried to stick to one main focal color for each flower.  I think I now have a about 15 flowers sewn – they won’t all fit on the design wall – and a couple more cut out.

It’s hard to tell how many blocks I’ll need since I’m not really following a pattern.  I’m going to need to make some blocks that will get part of their points cut off in order to make the quilt squared off around the edges.  I may need to lay these blocks across the bed to get an idea of how many I’ll need.

I’m hoping to get the rest of the fabrics put away so I can to back to machine quilting a quilt I have half done or so.

In the meantime, laundry, dishes, and other cleaning – it was just time for a coffee break after sticking two loaves of banana bread and one banana chocolate chip loaf into the oven.  I was out of room in the freezer and had to use up my banana collection in there.   So we’ll be feasting on banana bread at work tomorrow.


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    • Yes it is a “collection.” LOL I was able to clear out three separate baggies with frozen bananas in them to make a triple batch. Things just don’t want to stack nicely in the freezer on top of frozen banana bags. 🙂

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