What’s NOT on the needles

I’m too lazy to go take a photo of my Wiggle Wrap because it pretty much looks the same as last week – a few more rows added.  My Quaker Yarn Stretcher – a few more rows added but that basically looks the same.  Then there’s the CustomFit Short Sleeved summer sweater in bright blue cotton blend – I picked that back up the other night and knit a few more rows but it’s the back, it’s all stockinette stitch – that’s not really very exciting to show you.  So what to show?

I find this VERY exciting!! It was waiting for me when I got home last night.

20140523_3  Eat Sleep Knit started carrying Three Irish Girls yarn this week and since they send out advance emails to their 10K members, I just had to take a peek.  I expected the usual mostly solid colors but then I spied this gorgeous Springdale DK in Luau.  I love that color combination.  Actually I better love it since I ordered all the DK they had in that color and I meant to go back and change the color of the sock yarn I had put in my cart before looking at the DK  (since I had picked Luau in sock yarn too) but forgot, so have two in sock yarn and the rest in DK except that lone one on the right – I just loved the combination – that one is sock yarn to and may be for a Christmas gift if I can talk myself out of keeping it for myself.  You just can’t go wrong with Three Irish Girls yarn — at least in my opinion. 

I’m going to have to do some playing around in CustomFit to see if I can come up with a pattern for the DK weight. I’d love to make a plain short-sleeved sweater from it but I’m not sure I have enough so it may be a sleeveless one or a tank for under a suit jacket or maybe I need to make a plain colored cardi to go over it.  Oh I really want to cast on with that yarn but even I’m not that crazy.  I have all the projects listed above in the works and Camp Loopy starts soon, plus I did swatch and generate a pattern for a bright red CustomFit sweater but haven’t started on that one yet.   And I have two quilts I need to finish this weekend hopefully because I have a Camp Loopy quilt to make too.  Sheesh!  I should have taken off work earlier today than I did!  

I need to go put that box away out of sight so it doesn’t tempt me!

Oh and I don’t think I showed these yet – they came in a couple of weeks ago.  I’ve had a hankering to get my loom out and try some kitchen towels.  I need to pull out my weaving book and do a bit of reading on towels and decide how many colors I want to use and what order I want to warp them but it will be a while before I get to them now.

20140523_4And no those cones are not getting added into my “stash added” totals.  I reserve the right to exclude yarn specifically bought for weaving! (do you know how many yarns are on one of those cones – crikey!    It’s bad enough as it is. 

I think my new plan should be to not add in the new yarn added until the end of the year and have you guess how much I have added from this point forward. LOL

I’d better get the needles moving!



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  1. Your yarn is simply scrumptious looking! Will have to check out 3 Irish Girls yarn when I get my stash used that I have. I CANNOT buy yarn like I did fabric, (I’m repeating this over and over until I believe it!!) You really are a temptress along with Judy, of course.

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