On the Needles – Friday May 16, 2014


I’m still wrigglin along on my Wiggle Wrap and enjoying it.  I’m trying to see how far I can get before Camp Loopy starts on June 1 but I’m also itching to start another Customfit pattern.

This time I think it will be  Aislinn.  Tho I plan to make a change or two to it.  I’m not into the ties – they would not look good on me – so I’m going to leave those off.  And I’ll alter the fit just a bit (which is really easy to do with CustomFit)  so the fronts come a bit closer together since I prefer sweaters that look like they could close and not pull open at the hips – at least that’s my plan of the moment.  And I may actually put buttons on it too.  First I have to see how much yarn I need and if I have enough of the yarn I want to use.  I’m ignoring for the moment the other summer sweater I started since I’m not sure I like the fabric the yarn is knitting up in.  I may need to change needle size and restart.

But seriously I should NOT be starting a new sweater since Camp Loopy is not far away and not only am I doing “knitting” Camp but also “fabric” Camp.  See the cute buttons in the sidebar – if you want to join in those will take you to the information about both Camps.  It’s not too late to join in the fun. One of the fun things about Camp – you are assigned a Glamper (glammed up retro camper) group (I’m in Glamper 4 for knitting and all fabric projects are in #6) and in the Ravelry Loopy Groupies group there’s all kinds of chatter and showing of yarn (or fabric) that will be used and what patterns will be used.  I find so many fun patterns I had never noticed before during Camp to add to my “want to make list” (maybe that’s a bad thing about Camp come to think of it –more projects on the want to make list than any human being could possibly finish!)  But it’s all good fun.


Speaking of fun – if you are doing the Head to Toe – A Knitter’s Gifts BOM, I’ve loaded this month’s block early since I’m headed out early tomorrow for breakfast and a stop at the Garden Center to pick up some plants and do some other shopping with a friend so don’t know when I’ll be back — is it a good thing that our favorite bakery is right across the street from the garden center? Yummmmmmm

Head to Toe – Knitter’s Gifts BOM

Just a heads up – if you don’t see the new pattern posted by the end of the day tomorrow (Saturday)- please be patient.  My internet is being a bit hinky today – don’t know what’s up with that – so hopefully it will correct it self soon.