Snow on the Lake

No – it’s not snowing again!   It does happen to be a gorgeous spring day – sun shining, warm, breezy — perfect sort of day that makes those horrid days of this past winter a mere memory — almost.   🙂 But I’ve been busy this morning in EQ drawing up my plan for my Camp Loopy fabric project.

You need to use at least 75 percent of three half yard batik pieces.  Again, here’s the fabrics I ordered.

20140521_1  The one that looks sort of like leafy branches on the right will be my outer border.  The darkest blue will be my tree silhouette, binding and get used a little bit in other places.  Along with the remaining fabrics I ordered in the photo, I know I’ve got some great blue/gray pieces in the 10″ square batik packs Hoffman Fabrics had sent me that will mix in nicely add a bit more variety to the  main base of my wall hanging.

I haven’t decided on final size yet but I’m thinking it will end up being large – right now I think it’s about 62 x 48 drawing in EQ but I haven’t decided if I’ll alter the size yet.  I just wanted to get my general plan in place so come June 1 and the start of Camp Loopy, I at least know what size to start cutting background (Lake and snow) strips.

I knew I wanted something very simple (heck I only have a month to start and finish it and I need to knit my shawl during that same time too).  So I envisioned just a strip pieced “lake with snow” using simple 45 degree angles to join sections.  And I wanted a tree silhouette – that looked like it was sort of blowing on a windy winter day.  Many  trees around the two lakes and on the Capitol Square (on the isthmus between the lakes where I work) grow a bit oddly.  I think it must have to do with the winds off the two lakes – there are some that grow curved and twisted a certain direction like they are being blown but a huge gust of wind.    It’s most obvious in the winter time when they have no leaves on them.  They just look really neat.  So I wanted a similar looking tree – bare and as if blowing in the wind.

So after a bit of drawing this morning –    I love the way my idea looks – at least in EQ- tho I need to do a bit of tweaking on the tree yet.  I could see this as a design I switch out  with the changing seasons – this one for winter, one with all kinds of fall colors for the strip piecing and maybe a few simple 3-d leaves still hanging on the branches, one in summer colors and lots of leaves on the tree, and pretty spring colors with a few bright springy green colored leaves.

But first things first – I need to start and finish this one next month.  But at least I have a plan now. 🙂






15 comments on “Snow on the Lake

  1. When I saw your design I was immediately reminded of winter in Chicago when I was in high school and had to stand outside, waiting for the bus to ride to school. Brrrr!

  2. Love your design, doing strips makes it striking and that silhouette of tree just pops out.

    Hey, I got lost somehow and stop getting your emails, it took awhile to dawn on me though. Too many things going on in my life I guess. Same thing happened with Judy’s site too..but hey I’ve hunted you both down and now you can say…..she’s….bac…..k!



    • Must have been some glitch with WordPress that stopped sending you the blog posts. I occasionally have to resubscribe to one of the blogs I read since it periodically stops sending the updates.

  3. Love your design, your fabric choice works in nicely. Love the idea of one for each season…
    Lisa in Alabama

  4. LOVE the fabrics. I can almost feel the wind blowing the tree and rippling the lake.
    From sort of being your neighbor where U DUB DUB is located. 😉

  5. Love the fabrics and love your design. That little touch of green in the middle of the strips really pulls everything together.

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