Stashbusting Sunday 6/29/14

003   Slowly moving along but even slowly is still progress in the right direction! 🙂


Yardage used Y-T-D:  45.75 yards

Yardage purchased Y-T-D:  14.75

Net used:  31 yards


Here’s some of the recent finishes.  The pink lady bug quilt is all quilted and bound.   And then two of the Dog Pound Pal bocks made into separate wall hangings.


Now to go do some planning.  I think I changed my mind about what design I want to do for the Camp Loopy Project 2 – fabric version – so need to do a bit of planning as to where fabrics will be placed (and figure out if I really have enough to do what I want).

006 007

On the Needles –

It was a very busy week this week and I was too lazy to get on the computer last night — actually too lazy to go take photos.  Plus the photos turn out much better in the true light of day.

012 My CustomFit Summer KAL sweater (sleeveless shell) is coming along despite the fact I had to rip back one of the center motifs because I had some yarnovers missing.  But back on track and another repeat or two and I should be into the armhole shaping – it goes quickly from there.


This is also a CustomFit summer sweater (elbow length sleeves) —

013I had to re-cast on the bottom of the front since I had too many stitches on my needles by a long shot – I must have had the wrong number for the cast on in my head and never double checked it.  Anyway, a few more rows for the seed stitch hem  and I’ll be read to continue up the front.

And I’ve made a bit of progress on my Wiggle Wrap after I finished my Camp Loopy 1 project.

016But I’ll concentrate on my KAL sweater for the next couple of days until it’s time to cast on Camp Loopy 2 project on July 1.  June has really flown by  – I can’t believe it’s nearly July.   But July 1 I’ll cast on my baby blanket and put the sweaters aside until that’s done.  The long 4th of July weekend will be spent knitting and working on Camp Loopy 2 fabric project also.

I’ve been busy this morning – weeding in my little garden patches.  I moved some tomatoes earlier this week to a second garden patch since no one else had planted that patch and my cucumber plant was threatening to strangulate a tomato plant or two.   The tomato plants are looking healthy – as is the cucumber – lots of blossoms starting on both.  My pepper plants – tho they have blossoms, are looking not so healthy as far as the leaves are concerned but we’ll see what happens.  The red onions  – lots of long green stems above grown so bent some of the taller ones over so they won’t start to blossom.

And the rest of the morning was spent in EQ working on a new design for Hoffman California Fabrics so I’ll let you know when the next free pattern is available.    Time clearly got away from me tho since I just realized it’s 2 p.m .and so far all I’ve had is coffee today – no wonder I’m hungry!    Breakfast? Lunch? Brunch?  have to go take a look in the fridge and see what it will be.

Weekend Sale at –

go to to take advantage of this sale.    Pick and choose your blocks or get a whole block collection – many designers to choose from, as well as some past issues of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks magazine transferred into the MyEQBoutique format making it super simple to change block size – no math (or photocopier) needed to change block size the program will do it for you.

June_WEEKEND_1 DDRUFDE_patLG DDRUGPA_inspiration1 DDRUIAG_inspiration1 DDRUMDA_zoom




Sunday’s stitchin’

I’ve been busy  today in the sewing room and looking around me – gosh have I made a huge mess!!!  I was on a roll and didn’t stop to clean up between projects so there are fabrics and batting and scraps all over.  I have no idea why the room that has a  tiny wastebasket is my sewing room.  But then I generally use the Eleanor Burns method of getting rid of scraps — toss them on to the side of the table on the floor. LOL   But I’ll just close the door when I walk out of it and later this week I’ll work at getting everything back where it belongs.

But here’s what I’ve been working on.


But the Wisconsin Shop Hop project is done and washed.

I still have enough bits and pieces that I may be able to make a smaller wall hanging out of the leftovers.




Then I pulled out the ladybug quilt that I had previously done about half the quilting on.    Finished quilting that one and added the binding so just need to hand stitch that down. Photo will follow when the binding is finished.


Then I pulled out the two Dog Pound Pal blocks I had made on the plaid background.   I changed my mind after making those and decided I wanted the dogs made out of batiks so restarted that project.  I decided to finish the dogs on plaid as two individual little wall hangings.  So added a simple two color border to each block and quilted them so just have the binding to hand stitch to the back on those two as well.



And as I was digging through a stack of finished projects, I found the little cupcake wall hanging and thought I had previously finished it but no – the binding was just pinned down.  So stitched that to the back and it’s now finished.


Stashbusting report

I finally spent a day in the sewing room yesterday working on my Wisconsin shop hop fabrics wall hanging which was a quick swing project – start to nearly finish yesterday – I just have about half the binding to hand stitch down and it will be done!


Plus I tallied the fabric for the Snow on the Lake wall hanging

008 so the numbers stand at:

Total purchased year to date:  14.25 yards

Total used year to date:  43.5 yards

Net busted:  28.75 yards

Those numbers don’t include my fabrics ordered for Camp Loopy Project 2 which are these:

004 Most of them are 1/4 yards or fat quarters so not too bad. 🙂   I definitely have the random-fabric-purchasing-with-no-real-plan-for-it Itis under control – just over 14 yards of fabric for the past six months – I could easily do that in one random stop at the LQS with no plan whatsoever for the fabrics I was buying.  But I’ve pretty much managed to buy just what I’m missing for a project I’m currently working on and not just to add to the stash.

A busy day of sewing

Whew – it’s 11 p.m. and I just filled up my coffee cup for a coffee break and a little treat.  I’ve been busy sewing since about lunch time – watched 4 or 5 different movies (well mostly listened to them) and my Wisconsin fabric project is ready to have the binding added!   Here’s a portion of it – it’s sort of hanging off  the table – all quilted.

007I made it a smaller wall hanging size  – two rows shorter than the layout I originally drew for the baby quilt design.

When finished, it will probably go into the pile for the quilt sale – co-workers have been asking when the next “Denise has too many quilts piled around her house” sale will be.  LOL  I haven’t had one for a while since I haven’t had a lot of quilting time but there is a growing stack.

So now to take out the rest of the pins and trim some threads.  The binding is already made and waiting – half the length of the binding is a red print and the other half the honey bee print since I was just working with fat quarters – which I think will look nice.


Pattern testing

crssingpthsNot that I don’t have many sewing projects waiting for me in my sewing room that I have to find something new to start on, but since I can’t start on my Camp Loopy fabric project 2 until July 1, I think this weekend I may do a test run of the pattern design I plan to use for Camp.  It’s a super easy pattern and will be great for projects where you might have larger print fabrics you don’t really want to cut up into smaller pieces or strips because their beauty would be lost or for themed fabrics – like all hunting and fishing prints for a guy,  baby prints, a garden quilt — all fruits and veggies or larger flower prints, etc.

Here’s the design again – the color placement is just arbitrary in that coloring – and for my test run, I have some Wisconsin Shop Hop fabrics.  I just happened into my local quilt shop earlier this month and didn’t realize there was a shop hop running most of June, but picked up some of the Wisconsin fabrics.


Here’s some of them   – that were put into a fat quarter pack — the red print on the right is of course is the state bird the robin, the sort of murky green is one of my favorites – it has little honeybees, the state insect, flying around.  And there’s the cancellation postal stamps print.


These were also with the group and I bought an extra FQ of the ones with the Wisconsin photos on it.  I’ll have to see what I have I the stash to go with these for background.  So if I every get off the computer and dressed and do a few cleaning chores done – I may get to cutting this project out and started so that when I go to do my version of it for Camp Loopy, I’ll have everything written down so it will be easy to get going on it.


On the Needles Friday – June 20, 2014

003  My CustomFit Summer Sweater KAL project is coming along.  I’ve got about half the front done.


My other summer sweater – the blue one I’ve previously shown – I did (operative word here is “did”) have the seed stitch hem area all done for the front.  I was placing the markers where the body shaping would go so I could figure out how wide to make the decorative section up the center front so it wouldn’t interfere with the increases and decreases and discovered that some crazy woman (me) had cast on about 20 more stitches on the front than the pattern called for.  I have no clue how I managed to do that — must have had a certain number of stitches (the wrong number) stuck in my head.  So last night ripped all that back to restart it.

My Wiggle Wrap has been my bus knitting project this week (one I ruined the hem of the other sweater) since the melon colored top I need to concentrate a bit more on and mark off rows as I go along so save that one for the evenings.  Couple more inches have been added to the Wiggle Wrap.





This yarn might have found it’s way to my house my this week.

005It’s Blue Moon BFL Fingering and I think will be used for a gift.  I just fell in love with the color combination so couldn’t resist.



I also received a Box of Fun this week but rather than containing yarn, this one contained the fabrics for my second Camp Loopy fabric project.  I especially love the daisy prints and that top green print on the Short Stack is little chicks – with the checks and other prints it’s a fun group of fabrics that I think will turn into a baby quilt for a little girl – if I can part with it.

But for now, the waiting game until it’s time to start on the Camp Loopy  knitting and fabric project #2 on July 1.   Not that I don’t have plenty of things to keep me busy in the meantime.


Camp Loopy Fabric project 1 completed!


I just put the final binding stitches in my Camp Loopy Fabric Project 1 –  “Snow on the Lake”.  You can see the fabrics and idea I started with here  and my finished wall hanging follows that idea pretty closely.  I added a few more bits of batik from the stash to add a bit more variety.

The remaining fabrics got used in the backing.  The tree (and his face) show up on the back since all the other quilting except the tree was done in white thread.  I did have to scramble through the left over scraps to find fabric for binding.  Not enough of any one fabric left so the upper right corner and the lower left corner have one of the lighter fabrics  for binding and the rest is dark blue — it’s a breezy day outside so my tree was blowing around a bit making it difficult to get a good photo.