It’s ….. Child’s Play….

For those of you who have been patiently, (or not so patiently since it took me a lot longer to get the files ready to send off than I had planned – like a year longer or more) waiting for my Child’s Play quilt design,  well you have to wait no more.  You can now find it at




Now I know that those of you who followed my progress on this design from drawing to actually stitching my own version of it (something I don’t always get time to do – the stitching of my own designs) are wondering….. where’s the photo of my quilt.  🙂



Capture2Well, no, this isn’t it – -it’s a EQ7 generated version.

My quilt is still in the “layer me already and get me quilted, woman!!” pile.  (Don’t you have a pile like that???  Screaming at you every time you walk by it?)   It was next in line until I remembered I had to finish the auction quilts.  The backing is ready, there’s batting…. so when I get the auction stuff done which I need for June, I will FINALLY get Child’s Play quilted.  (Okay – it probably won’t be until July since I have to do my Camp Loopy quilt – oh no, Camp is 3 months long which means three fabric projects…….hmmmm, I guess it will keep taunting me a bit longer till I get time to get started on it.)

In the meantime, head over to and check it out.  Lots of possibilities for these fun blocks for kids of all sizes – the entire quilt or combine several blocks for a wall hanging – throw pillows.  Add a tape measure to the side of the hopscotch block for a cute wall hanging to be used as a grow chart.  Or a train above the bed or a chest of drawers in a boys (or girls) room.  And, if you start it soon, the chances  are you will finish your version of it before I ever get mine quilted!! 🙂


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