Nearly finished

I’ve just about done all the cleaning and straightening  I plan to do in the sewing room this weekend!

20140511_2But in going thru that case of scraps (which is now only about half full rather than not being able to put another piece of fabric in it) I found the fabrics I had been looking for and thought I had gotten rid  of from past Komen Golf Auction quilts.

It’s too late to go with my idea of using all the past fabrics for this year’s 10th anniversary of the event but I may use some of them for next year when I have more time to plan.

The bra print fabrics next to appliqued  bra  blocks would be cute.

I also found more of the fabric from the past golfing themed quilt.


20140511_4 More golf balls and tees, a couple leftover framed blocks cut from a panel, and a whole baggie of pink scraps.

I love these little fancy ladies golf bags.

20140511_5 It’s too bad they printed them so near the selvage edge.  I saved them thinking I might do something with them.  They didn’t get incorporated into the original quilt so may be I’ll have to do something with them for next year.  Or maybe draw up a similar bag to use as an applique pattern for next year with some girly pink golf shoes that have pink ribbons for ties instead of shoestrings. Hmmm…. that could be a good plan.

But for today – I’m putting those fabrics safely back where I’ll remember I put them, I’ve got one or two more things to stick in the closet, and then take out the bag of scraps and I can vacuum the floor and all it done for today.  A good weekend’s work so next weekend I should be able to get to finishing the quilting on the ladybug quilt.

Then I can go clean up the sewing mess which spilled into the living room – that’s where I’ve been digging through fabrics and working on the dog blocks.  Once I get the next three blocks traced, I can get the pieces ready and put the rest of the batik stash away for the time being.


State of the Stash Report – 5/11/14

The “state of the stash” report is more like the tides – an ebb and flow, in and out, since I’m not really trying to “bust” anything – just track what I use and what I purchase.   This week some fabric  has ebbed out of the stash and some has flowed in 🙂

Fabric used (since last time I did a report which was not a week ago):  5 yards

Total used YTD  32.0

Purchased since last report:  4.0 (batik background for DPPAS so it’s being used and not sitting in the stash)

Purchased YTD 9.75

Net fabric used YTD:  22.25

My favorite recent purchase (no not fabric) are Wonder Clips.

20140511_320140511_1I’ve tried different clips made to hold binding in the past – like the Dritz ones that are metal and remind me of old fashioned barretts or hair clips.  Never liked those.


But I am in love with these and they truly are a Wonder.  Hold the binding nice and tightly in place just where I put them.  No more getting stuck by pins holding the binding down while I stitch it.   I ordered mine from Amazon and got a pack of 100 for a much better price than I’ve seen anywhere else.  And even on Amazon you have to watch what you’re getting.  The prices vary greatly for what you are getting depending on where you are getting it from.  Like a 10 pack of them (who needs only 10?) for 6.95 which makes them .69 cents each.  Or the 100 pack I got where they came out to .38 cents each.  Or you could get 50 of them, in a plastic box to store them, for more than the cost of 100 clips  without the box.  Don’t know about you but I’m capable of figuring out what to store them in for that price and prefer twice as many clips to a box to store half as many in! LOL

Anyway they are a great little quilting helper.

Today’s plan – to dig into that scrap case I showed yesterday and see if there’s anything in there I want to keep and finishing putting the sewing room closet back in order.  I’ve also got a couple more dog patterns ready to trace templates for so I can get the fabric ready for  those.