Magazine Giveaway / Auction quilts

20140524_letteredOkay – remember last week’s giveaway offer of some magazines I was sent in error, and some duplicates I found of a couple 100 Blocks issues and the Quiltmaker Boxes and Bows issue which I had extra advance copies of ? Time to announce the winners.

Remember, it will be “first come, first serve” as to which magazine you end up with.  I have assigned a letter to each one  as you can see in the photo at left so when you send me your PRIVATE email with your full name, and mailing address, include the letters A B C D E in your email in the order of preference of magazine from first choice to last (remember my email address can always be found below my picture at the top of the blog).

Winners are:

Judy D in WA, Paula Cox, Judy in OKC, Barbara Winkler, Fran Cummings, Judy S, Dorothy Munger, and Marie Sagers.

Congratulations ladies.


It’s a lovely day outside here today.  I was outside before  7 a.m.  planting my little garden plot – three different types of bell peppers, five tomato plants, a row of red onions, and a cucumber plant.   Then I planted some dill in a pot and an extra tomato in another  and a pot of flowers that need sun – hopefully they’ll all  get enough sun sitting at one corner of the building where I put them at the edge of my patio.  Also two pots of various coleus for next to my door in the shade.    I still want to get a hanging basket for my patio and maybe flowers for another pot or two and I forgot to pick up lettuce seeds so may add some lettuce later.  But got the garden in before the rains that are possible nearly every day all this coming week and I didn’t want to have to be planting in a muddy garden!

Someone (yes I know I’m the only likely suspect) cluttered up my sewing table so I need to get things put away before it gets too out of hand.  There’s my Camp Loopy quilting project I’ll need to be working on next week. so I think a bit of cleaning is in order today.

My quilts are all finished for the Golf Outing Auction to benefit the Komen Fund.  These projects are all headed to the auction.

20140526_2 Image1 Image5