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blogwinnersThank you for all the comments left during the blog tour.  I hope you had the chance to visit many new blogs and see lots of great blocks.

The winners of the free issues of Issue 10 of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks are the lucky ladies who left the comments shown.  Please email privately (you’ll find my email under my picture on the blog) your full names and mailing addresses.




Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Blog Tour

Welcome -  I’m so excited to be a part of another Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Blog Tour  especially since this is the 10th issue which means 1,000 quilt blocks have been shared to date!

DSCN3917 When I previously posted the sneak peek at the front cover and said I just might have been lucky enough to have my block appearing on the front cover, many of you who are regular blog readers knew of my love obsession with bird blocks.  Not realistic birds with every feather in place — no, my birds find themselves in a bit more unusual circumstances or……. wearing clothing. 

The weather seems quite appropriate for my block in this issue.  The cold snap came in last week here, as it did in many parts of the country, bringing low temperatures and snow and if this bird were out there, it would indeed be “Skating On Thin Ice ” which is the title of my block for Issue 10.

You could use any applique method of your choice to make this block.  My favorite method is hand appliqued and you can find a short tutorial here on how I use the freezer paper on the bottom method when I hand applique.  Having the edge of the freezer paper underneath your pieces to needle turn against helps give nice smooth edges.


For the fabrics for this block I went stash diving.  I was trying to figure out how to show snow and ice so they didn’t blend together too much and remembered my favorite snowy fabric – it may be hard to tell in the photo but the snow fabric is white with flakes printed on it and it has little flecks of blue.  The flecks of blue sort of looked like the sky was reflecting on icy snowflakes.  Then I remembered the light gray fabric in the stash that had silver metallic swirls — just what I wanted for the ice — it looks like the skate blades have been cutting patterns in the ice on the pond.

I found a black fabric with silver specks on it for the skate blades – the silver is of course bits of ice stuck to the skate blades from all his fancy footwork.  Here’s a close up of the skate and ice fabric.

closeup laced skates

So how did this idea come about — well, I’m not really sure.  He started out as a very small cardinal sitting in a tree in a drawing for a different project.


tree I use EQ 7 to draw my projects so it’s easy to steal him out of that tree and use him elsewhere. There are many EQ7 projects that just have to sit for a while and when I go back to them later, I come up with a new or better (in my opinion) way to use the project or make changes to it.   But doesn’t he look bored in that tree (0kay he’s very tiny but trust me, there is a very bored expression on his face)  just sitting there, no hat or scarf to keep him warm, nobody to talk to….


Then he got moved to hang out with a different snowman friend on another potential wall hanging – they look like they’re having an interesting conversation but then I got the idea for a bird bath with icicles hanging down ….

show off That’s when I decided he needed skates.  But in order to use the 12″ block format, I plucked him off the bird bath and put him on the pond.  Besides it was safer getting him away from that bird bath since I’m not sure whether the cat is thinking “should I eat him with his skates on” or “who put this stupid cap and shawl on me anyway!?”   



So we end up back at “Skating on Thin Ice”.








  Now if you’ve read this far, be sure to leave a comment on this blog post – one comment per person only please – to be entered for the drawings for copies of Issue 10.   Your comment will go into moderation if you haven’t left comments that were approved before so do not worry if your comment doesn’t show up immediately – please don’t leave a second comment since it won’t show up either. :-).  All comments in moderation will be approved before winners are chosen. 

ETA – Winners chosen – names posted on next blog post.  Thanks for stopping by!

Looking ahead in the quilty future….

It’s about this time of year I start thinking ahead for projects for the blog – like a new BOM, etc.    And it’s at this time of year I plan more things for next year than a sane person should and I never seem to get my own versions of the BOMs made (yep – I’m behind on both the Dog Pound Pals and the Knitter’s Gifts projects but I have high hopes of catching up in the next month or so.)  I’ve gotten quite a few emails recently asking about designs I’ve shown on past blog posts — not all of them can be made available — I simply don’t have time to write them all up.  While other projects may be added in next year, my immediate plan is this.
The turkey table topper which I have gotten lots of requests for –
turkeytracks  I will make this pattern available sometime next year — but don’t have a plan as to when yet. 
There will be a mystery quilt project - again, haven’t decided when it will be presented. 
But the project I’m most excited to present is the new Block of the Month project for next year.
Before the deluge of questions starts — I haven’t figured out yardage, I don’t know when it will start yet, and yes, it is a BIG quilt.  I think the final measurements are 98 x 118.  There are ways you can make a smaller project but we’ll worry about that later.  To say this design has been  in the works for years is an understatement.  Like many design I draw in EQ, some have to sit awhile, get tweaked on now and then, discard borders, change up blocks, sit for another indeterminate amount of time, and then the tweaking starts anew.  Some designs never make it beyond the tweaking point.   But some actually get to the point where I say – finished – that’s exactly what I want! :-)
PatchKatsThis design also has special meaning because it’s named PatchKat — after dear friend Susan who passed away earlier this year, who was known as PatchKat to many of us.  She saw the earlier versions and loved it and always told me I needed to finish the design.  And so I have and will be presenting it as next year’s BOM in her honor and memory.   (A do have to share that a friend’s little girl saw a print out of this quilt image and  wondered why I drew tattoos on the kittens) :-)  So I hope you’ll join me in making PatchKat’s patched kats.  
Finally – I’ve gotten numerous emails inquiring about the leaf quilt I showed a few posts ago that I need to finish and the quilt in the header image of the blog.  Both are from the same design – the header is just an EQ7 generated version of it.  My smaller quilt is just a portion of the larger design shown below.  You can find the pattern for the leaf quilt at hoffmanfabrics.com on their Free Pattern page.  The pattern also includes a table runner.  Look for “Maple Lane”.
Now – be sure to come back tomorrow – it’s my day on the Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Blog Tour!  The blog tour started today so be sure to check out the quiltypleasuresblog.com to get the list of blogs on the tour each day this week and enter to win some prizes.
Maple Lane Black quilt -
Maple Lane Black quilt -

Snowy Sunday

DSCN3936  A light covering of snow fell overnight making the woods look all pretty. The deer hunters in the area are probably glad — they’ll be able to see tracks.

It is a very light and fluffy snow — remind me four months ago that I thought snow was “pretty”. LOL  Actually I don’t really mind snow (unless it comes in foot increments all at one time).  

DSCN3937And check out that new sturdy looking retaining wall that was finished  just in the nick of time.  Hopefully there will not be ice dams flowing over the top of it.  Between the retaining wall and the fence is about three feet of rock to provide drainage of what melts on the hill before it gets to my sidewalk.

And even better, the retaining wall is actually straight up and down and not leaning in over the sidewalk ready to collapse like the old one was.

Here’s the yarn I found in the stash to use for  Just Enough Ruffles.  It’s Three Irish Girls Wexford Merino Silk (60 silk/40 merino) so you know it’s squeezably soft and silky feeling.  The color is Globe Trekker with a great mix of blue/gray so I’ll be interested to see how it looks when I’m farther along knitting it up. DSCN3938 :-)



Knitting projects

How many projects are too many projects??   I forgot to do my On the Needles Friday post and I’m too lazy to go take and photos of stuff in progress. :-)  But back to that how many projects are too many…..Earlier this week I was checking out the Indie Gift Along 2014 on Ravelry.  Lots of designers, with lots of patterns discounted 25%.   The idea is you can get great discounts on patterns and check out lots of designers you may not have come across before, get a jump start on your holiday gifts you may be knitting or crocheting, and there’s also all kinds of challenges and giveaways of patterns and other items throughout the duration of the Gift Along.

Since I really only probably have four people I will need gifts for, and only one of those four I might actually consider knitting  something knit for, I really don’t need to join a Gift Along …. but there were several designers whose patterns I liked and had been thinking of buying so I took advantage of the discounts.  If you want to join and see how it works – you can find all the info in the group on Ravelry.

While I won’t be playing along to win the  daily/weekly/etc prizes — and there are many of them but if I get sucked into all the goodies and contests and chat groups, those things seriously take away from actual knitting time – I do hope to get one or two projects done before the end of the year  although they are pretty much gifts for me. :-)

Here’s a couple of the projects I’d like to make:

Macoun Apple - is a sweet little sweater.  I bought the pattern a few weeks ago and also got some  light green yarn for it so I cast it on Thursday (the start date for the GAL) and  but I need to get a longer circular needle before I can continue.  It has a very neat saddle shoulder beginning which I like.  This item I don’t need for a while so not a rush to get it done.

With the current dip in temperatures and very windy days we’ve been having, I came across Andalusian Cowl.  Now that looks warm — either to toss over my shoulders as I’m sitting and knitting or sitting and quilting in my sewing room where it tends to be a bit drafty during the winter, but more importantly, I think it would be great to wear over my winter coat on those really cold windy days waiting at the bus stop.

The other pattern, which I bought two years ago so I think it’s high time I actually made it is Just Enough Ruffles.   I know friend Judy had that one on her list of what she plans to make also.

And the other pattern  that caught my eye was Purls and Seaweed.   It just so happens I’ve had some pretty blue Finito (a wonderfully soft yarn that you just want to pet) sitting in my TLE cart but I hadn’t ordered it since I didn’t have a plan of what I would use it for (yes, I know you’re amazed but I do sometimes have great self-control – it must have been sitting there a couple weeks) – it is now ordered and will be this cowl.

So out of all those items are any of them Christmas gifts — no — but that doesn’t stop me from working on a few Gift Along Projects.Are you knitting or crocheting any holiday gifts?

Time to go do some stash diving to see what I might have to make Just Enough Ruffles.

From Head to Toe – A Knitter’s Gifts

I just uploaded this months’ installment.  Anyone still stitching along?  Are you caught up (if so you are way ahead of me)!

I put a note at the end of the directions but I’ll repeat it here.  There will be no installment in December – it’s just too busy a month – but we’ll resume in  January and then finish up in February with the final border.

There will be some fun in December tho — I’ve still got some of the Knitter’s Gifts blank notebooks and I think there’s one or two totebags left that I’ll need to do drawings for.


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Calendar giveaway winners

20140301_2    I forgot to pick the winners on Saturday for the DPPAS calendar give aways.  What can I say – I was busy sewing and it totally slipped my mind.

Anyway…the lucky winners for this round are:

Kaye Jeffrey

Theresa Litz

Ella Roof

Judith Higgins and


Congratulations!  Please email me your full name and mailing addresses.

Sunday Stashbusting and other fun

I’ve actually been in the sewing room the last couple of days — doing, amazingly enough some sewing.  Of course that doesn’t yet affect the numbers of my stashbusting report, which currently stand at:


But I hope by next weekend to have my Asian quilt top I’ve been working on finished.

I also going to pull this wall hanging out of the closet — I think it got set aside with only the side sashings to get added to it since I’m not sure I’m going to add any other borders to it.


It needs to get finished so I will have a new fall wall hanging to put up.

While I had planned to get to work right away sewing sashing on my other project, I opened up EQ and of course now a couple hours have gone by.  Every so often I go back through the old EQ designs to see if any of them “speak” to me.  Sometimes going back I see something different, or see what needs to be changed.

Sometimes turning the blocks on point makes all the difference – sometimes not. 

When I turned one block on point and plugged in the blocks,  I was looking at it thinking “this looks familiar”…. why….

and then it finally came to me — it looks like a granny square crocheted afghan.  :-)





  And then I was playing with one of my bird blocks — and came up with this — Turkey Trot.  It would make a great table topper. 

turkeytracksBut enough of that fun — more coffee, something to eat, and then I’ve got blocks to sash.

Blocks complete

All blocks are now framed.  There’s a sashing strip in the cream background color that joints all the blocks/rows together so that’s what’s up next.