Potluck Picnic — It’s finished!

fab  My second project for The Loopy Ewe sewing camp is totally done. 

Here’s my stack of fabrics I used.  For the July project, you needed to use one Short Stack (fat quarter packet) and two different one yard cuts of fabric.  You could add other fabrics to it, and you could make whatever you wanted.

You can see my short stack – the one with the little tag on he ribbon.  My 1 yard cuts were the white tone on tone background fabric, and the blue check in the lower fabric group which was used in the quilt and for the binding.

The fabrics I chose for this project  from The Loopy Ewe are from the Moda Potluck fabric collection.  Since it’s a “Camp Loopy” project and since the fabric collection is called “Potluck”, I decided the perfect name for this quilt will be “Potluck Picnic.”   The colors, the daisy prints and the little checks remind of a summertime picnic.

The finished size of the quilt is 60 x 72.  A nice large lap quilt size.  And as I’ve gotten a many requests for the pattern, it will be made available on the blog at some point in the future, possibly for a Labor Day weekend stitch along. 

Anyway – here it is.  I just love the bright happy colors.


DSCN3624DSCN3628  Since it’s such a simple and plain block design, I wanted to keep the quilting fairly simple.  I stitched in the ditch in the white sashing around all the pieces and also in the ditch on all those outer border strips using a yellow thread for all the quilting.  The outer border cornerstones have a spiral posey quilted in them and the green and yellow inner border have a feather design in them.

Since I had changed my plan on what this project would be, the red print I bought for the backing wasn’t large enough so I turned the red fabric sideways (it was a couple of inches wider than my quilt) and added a section of yellow from the stash to the top and bottom of it.  I’m really pleased with how it turned out.


Sunday doings

First the stash/fabric use report – well since I got in my fabric for my Camp Loopy 3 project, there was fabric in.  I’m just finishing up the binding on my Camp Loopy 2 project and should have a photo of that later today.  It turned out cute but dang, I already added that fabric into the fabric used.  But it was a productive day – getting that project quilted and nearly all bound and just need to put the finishing touches this morning on some yardage info for a new pattern so I did get the two main things I wanted done this weekend.  (Tho someone really needs to do some laundry and clean around here!)

Anyway,  here’s my numbers with the addition of 5 yards this week for my next Camp project.




Another swapper has join in the Spooktacular Halloween Block Swap.  I’ve added Sara’s blocks in.  You can see the list of block patterns selected on the swap page but here’s the updated virtual quilt showing all the block patterns the swappers have chosen to make (just randomly colored in my me) so you can match block name to block.



I did get busy with my quilt backing before going to veg and knit in my chair last night.    Backing was pieced and I even got things layered so I’d be all ready to start pin basting this morning.

DSCN3621 Going to have to restock the batting supply.  There’s just one left in the closet.

I did also get the back of my KAL sweater to the point where I’m ready to start the armholes.  I love it when I get that far – the rest seems to go fairly quickly from that point – all those shorter and shorter rows – so hope this one does too.

Time for a coffee refill, grab the tin of pins and get this show on the road while I try to figure out just how I want to quilt this one.

On the Needles Friday July 18, 2014


 Since I finished my Camp Loopy 2 project early, I’m back to knitting on my CustomFit Summer Sweater KAL top.   it doesn’t look real exciting in the photo but its finally moving along.  Last weekend I only had the ribbing done.  I’ve got another 10 rows or so before I start the bindoff for the armholes.  It’s the back, so it’s all stockinette.  The front is already finished.

But this weekend – hopefully (since it didn’t happen last weekend as planned) I really need to get my Camp Loopy quilt quilted.  I’m running out of time.  My plan is to turn off the computer and finally make a decision on what fabric I will use for the backing and get it pieced so tomorrow I can get it layered and get started.   And because the yarn swift is already hooked up to the table, I may wind a bit of my yarn for the next camp project so I can do a swatch and decide what size needles I want to use.

I’d like to know what crazy person decided to do  the Camp Loopy knitting projects AND the Camp Loopy quilting projects AND the Customfit KAL, AND the ESK quarterly challenge AND two new quilt designs for Hoffman Fabrics all when she’s extraordinarily busy at the day job and just wants to come home and veg in her favorite chair at night!  Dang that woman was crazy.. oh yeah – that was me!

Well the camp knit project is done, if I don’t get the Customfit or ESK challenges done by the deadlines I definitely won’t be heartbroken, and I do have one quilt pattern written and already turned in and only have to finish figuring yardage for the second design this weekend and then have a break until the pattern is actually needed.   I think I’ll survive.  And I’m really looking forward to being able to start the next two Camp Loopy projects August 1  cause I love the fabrics and yarn I got for those.      Must get quilt quilted, must get quilt quilted………   darn, no little elves made me dinner yet either! :-(




Is it Friday yet???

Things are just crazy busy around here – at work, at home.  Finished writing one quilt pattern last weekend.  Have another I need to figure out the yardage for — don’t actually have to have the pattern written up for another month or so but I tend to figure yardage as I write up the pattern.  But I was busy last night counting pieces and strips and how many pieces I could get out of a strip – you get the idea.  Then I decided – heck I wouldn’t really want to piece it that way – so I may rewrite it a different way. ;-)  Need to have yardage figured by Monday so I think there will be some time spent this weekend figuring that out.

I am counting down the days until I take a bit of a vacation!  And I still need to quilt my Camp Loopy 2 project quilt and get it bound before the end of the month – and actually really need to have it done before the end of next week according to my own personal schedule.  But like Scarlett said … Tomorrow is another day!


In the meantime, check out what arrived in my mailbox – advance issues of the September/October issue of Quiltmaker.

The quilt design is mine but I can take no credit for that lovely quilt on the bed which was stitched by Donna Smith – but I love the colors they chose for it.

Another swapper signed up for the Spooktacular Halloween Block Swap so we now have the block patterns listed below spoken for.  I still need to get Sara’s blocks added to our “virtual quilt” on the swap page which, if you aren’t familiar with the block names, gives you a visual of what each block looks like.  The names in the list below correspond from top to bottom with the rows of the quilt.  You don’t need to swap a lot of blocks (1 set minimum which is three blocks) in order to get some of the other block designs.    And just to clarify for anyone new to swapping – if you sign up for one set, you make 3 blocks of the same block pattern.  But you get back three DIFFERENT block patterns, not a SET of three same pattern blocks  made by someone.  So an easy way to get a lot of variety in block pattern, variety in fabrics, to make a fun Halloween themed project.

I also got a question – are paper pieced blocks allowed.  Yes – when I said it needed to be a “pieced block” in my mind, that includes paper pieced (but I neglected to actually type that in the swap rules).  Just carefully remove all the paper on paper pieced blocks before you send  them.


Sara’s blocks aren’t in the virtual quilt yet but I’ll be adding those as soon as I get a few free minutes!  Now to go find some dinner.



Two Boxes of Fun

I love days when Boxes of Fun arrive from the Loopy Ewe!

Today my Camp Loopy project 3 packages arrived.

Here’s the yarn for my knitting camp project – I’ve been assigned to the Moose Run Lane Ravelry group for the last camp knitting project.

DSCN3610  I’ll be making Puck.  The yarn is Stonehedge Fiber Mill – Shepherd’s Wool DK in Antique Rose, Beaches and Midnight Lake.  I actually might even have a blouse in just about the same color as the Antique Rose now that I look at it that the shawl would look good with — maybe — or maybe I’ll need to buy something new. :-)  Now to wait for the start of month 3.


My Camp fabric project fabrics arrived too — most of them.  I had placed the order for them before actually figuring out the design I wanted to use them in. I had a general idea but once I got it nailed down, I needed to add a bit more fabric so there’s a piece or two still coming.

The fabrics are Charley Harper designs.  If you don’t know the name Charley Harper, you can see his work here.  He was an illustrator and I especially love his birds.

So here’s the fabrics I got.


Except for the solid under the dotted bird print, and the Short stack of black tone on tones, the rest are Charley Harper fabrics. Hopefully I can get the larger prints fussy cut the way I envision it in my head!

But before dreaming too much about this project, I really need to get THIS month’s fabric project layered and quilted.  I never got around to it on the weekend but I was busy writing up a new pattern for Hoffman Fabrics and drawing up a second design for them.  Next weekend – that will be my weekend to get the quilting done – I hope!

In the meantime, since my 2nd camp knitting project is done, I’ve switched back to my Customfit Summer Sweater KAL project which is supposed to be done by August 15.  Yipes, I’d better knit fast the rest of this month so I get it done before the next Camp project starts.

Check it out

spook  I’ve been filling in just a pain sashed quilt layout with the block design swappers are choosing for the Spooktacular Halloween Print block swap (click the Halloween button in the sidebar for all info on the swap)

But look at all the variety.  It will be fun to see what Halloween prints everyone uses in their blocks and where they place them — these I simply colored in however I wanted.

Wouldn’t you like to swap some lovely Halloween blocks?  Not due to me until October so almost 3 months to get a set or two or three done. :-)

FSU (Fabric Stash Use) Report 713/14 and other Sunday happenings

Camp Loopy has had me busy sewing the past two months so I’m actually making some progress.  I just pulled out some backing fabric for my Camp Loopy 2 project and today it will get layered and I will start quilting so my tally stands at




Of course Camp Loopy has also meant buying more fabric but that’s the way it goes.  At least I’ve used more than I purchased!  And I’m getting in some quality quilting time which is nice for a change.

Do you have a stash of Halloween print fabrics you’re wanting to use?

ghost   Follow the button in the sidebar that looks like this to the swap rules for my latest block swap.  TQP members, you can also find the swap rules in our yahoo group files.

My Camp Loopy 2 knitting project is done!  Finished it last night.   I’m going to wait to block it until closer to gift-giving time (after Christmas) because for now it will just be put in the cabinet of finished knitting stuff.  Besides, its way too humid for anything to block and dry properly.

I nearly got carried off the herd of mosquitos when I walked two feet off the sidewalk into the grass to get this photo.  They just rose in masse from the grass so I snapped a quick photo and got back inside.    Thank goodness it rained a bit last night so I shouldn’t have to fight my way through the mosquitos to water the garden today.



I updated my Knit the Stash numbers.    The good news – nearly 11,000 yards knit so far this year (well actually more but that’s the finished project number – I’ve got a couple sweaters I hope to get off the needles soon)  and the other news – I’m not call it “bad” news :-) – just over 26,000 yards added this year.   Oh well – could be worse.    I’m hoping to get my Customfit KAL shell finished before it’s time to start the next Camp Loopy project.

Spooktacular Halloween Print Block Swap

ghostI love Halloween print fabrics – here are so many fun ones that just make me smile.    And everyone should have a Halloween quilt or table runner or wall hanging.. or two or three.  If you think you’d like to join in this swap, click the button in the sidebar to get to the link to the information.  Please read it all to make sure you really want to sign up and then follow the sign up rules.