A few more blocks

Well with all my puttering today and playing in EQ, I still haven’t gotten all my blocks cut.  But there’s no hurry since it seems to be every changing as to what I want to do.  I took this photo of some of my block pieces up on the design wall.  The light is shining in the window so washing the photo out a bit.

DSCN3763 But I suddenly realized that I didn’t pick a fabric for the cornerstones in the sashing.  The sashing is a light sort of tanish shade so I decided to pull the red tone on tone out of the blocks (good thing I only have two of them cut) and use that for the cornerstones which should have a nice pop of color against the tan.  I love that red fabric.

The gold tone on tone I found in my stash and it matched the golds in the fabrics perfectly so I added that one in.   So now to figure out what fabrics I’m going to use to replace those two red ones.

But good news – well at least I think so – I managed not to get poured on (just sprinkled on a bit) when I went to the grocery store so now I have coffee galore along with some other essentials so I shouldn’t have to venture out in the rainy and humidity until time to go to work on Tuesday. :-)

Stitch Along Madness

The madness is in my mind – I keep changing what I want to do.  My original plan – to make a bed size quilt – large queenish size.  Part of the original plan was that it was going to be a wedding quilt but then I decided just maybe I needed to keep it for me.

Then I was playing in EQ with the borders for the larger size quilt because I didn’t want to use the same style border as on the original Mix ‘n Match quilt.    Many of the fabrics I’m using for this larger version are larger prints that wouldn’t look as good cut up for that piano key type border.

But then when I found a border design I liked, I decided with this border I really would love to make one solids or fabrics that read as solids.  I really want to make it  so it turns out very similar to this look – three shades of a color for each block.

large mix 'n matchnew borderHmmm then I remembered  with Wisconsin Quilt Expo coming up – one of my favorite vendors just might be the place to get the fabric for this look I want.  I can envision this with quilting in each colored piece in thread to match that fabric color.   This is the one I think I need on my bed!

So now I think I’m back to making the lap quilt size out of the fabrics I currently working with or then again maybe larger to use for the wedding quilt –  although I found blocks I had made for another project that might work well for the wedding quilt.  Indecision at its finest.


See!!! I told you madness abounds.  Especially since I’m easily distracted today.  Must be lack of coffee – no one restocked the coffee supply so I really need to go to the grocery store or I’ll definitely not make it through a 3 day weekend!  :-)  No coffee in the house (okay there was one Kcup  and it was a flavor I hate), then there were no eggs, no bread for toast — who does the shopping around here (clearly I forgot about those items – that was the problem) but more importantly… Why doesn’t Perkins restaurant deliver????!!!  My day would have started off much better with a Granny’s Omelet and hash browns. :-)

I was going to head to the grocery store bright and early this a.m., but it was raining and I did not feel like waiting at the bus stop in the rain.  The sun has since come out and it looks like it’s clearing off so next time the bus comes round, I may just have to be waiting for it.  In the meantime, I’ll get a few more blocks cut, try to decide what size I’m really going to make, and try to figure out what else needs to go on my grocery list.

Oh and to add to my distraction — but in a really good way — I just found out I’ll have another block in the upcoming  tenth anniversary issue of Quiltmaker 100 Blocks!   Somehow the original notification that they were including my block never reached me and I just assumed they weren’t planning on using it.  But then I got the email about the blog hop and other info so it was a very pleasant surprise indeed!  Tenth anniversary issue comes out in November.


Stitch Along Blocks

First – for those who are getting an error message in trying to download the file, please go directly to my blog (not to the email you get if you are a subscriber to the blog) and click the link on my blog.   I was trying to fix the unreadable text that shows up at the bottom of the block A directions so deleted the old file (which is in the email sent out to subscribers) and replaced the file.  It didn’t correct the issue of the garbled text when you “view” it in Box.net,  but when you print out the block the very last text on the bottom of the second page “should” print out correctly.  If for some reason it doesn’t print correctly off the corrected version, then your Acrobat or whatever pdf program you use is not recognizing the text properly and there’s not anything I can really do about that.  In any event, that text states that you need to make eight of that block and they should measure 9.5″ x 12.5″.

DSCN3762 Here’s a couple blocks worth of pieces I have cut out up on my design wall.  Are you using one-way fabric prints?   I am and I want them all to be “right side up” in my quilt.  So I will probably cut all my pieces today and play with them on the design wall until I get the arrangement I like (I’m making a larger version so many more pieces are needed) and then start sewing the individual blocks.

I could sew these blocks as I get the fabrics cut for each one but note that in the quilt image, the top row of the quilt has the blocks oriented one way, but then when you get to the next horizontal row in the quilt, the blocks are all turned 90 degrees. If you look at my blocks on the design wall, if I made another set of these exact same blocks for the second row and flipped them, my birds and trees and clouds and leaf fabrics which are one-way, would all be upside down in the next row.

Just something to think about if you are using one way fabrics.  If you don’t care if some are upside down, then it doesn’t matter.

Mix ‘N Match Stitch Along

colored   The Mix ‘N Match Labor Day stitch along will be held over the next three days.

  The schedule is — block pattern instructions for the center of the quilt available on Saturday.  There are two different block styles that make up the center of the quilt.

Sunday, I’ll post the block instructions to make the outer border blocks.

Monday, the sashing / plain border instructions and putting it all together.

As previously stated, these are the “quicky instructions.”  They are not as detailed as if I were writing a pattern for use elsewhere but this is such a simple quilt, they should not be hard to follow. 

Quilt size as shown is 60″ x 72″  If you go to yesterday’s blog post about the stitch along, you will find additional information – like download links to just a black and white line drawing of the quilt to use to preplan where your fabrics will be placed (get out those colored pencils or label the locations of specific fabrics for your reference perhaps)  and other information.  It also contains the very important information on how to download a Box.net file (the site where my patterns are stored).   It’s very easy to do, no sign up is required but you do need to actually use the DOWNLOAD button found the site.  The same info on file download can  also easily be found in the button at the top of the blog called “copyright and use of my patterns.”  If you are saving the pattern for later use and have never downloaded  from Box.net, I suggest you read it or your pattern may not really be saved when you go to look for it.  Remember, I don’t email patterns out privately.

If you like the fabrics show n in this quilt – check them out at The Loopy Ewe.  The fabrics in this one just make me smile. I love those daisy prints especially and they are so bright and pretty.  They are from the Moda Pot Luck collection. 

The version I’ll be working on this weekend will be using more Loopy Ewe fabrics – this time I’ll be working with these fabrics:

DSCN3689They are Cloud 9 Fabrics – Bark and Branch collection and some from the Shape of Spring collection and some Riley blenders.  The hardest part will be deciding what fabric to use where but I’ll be making a larger bed-size version for myself so I’ll have more blocks to spread the fabrics around in.

Don’t tell Sheri at The Loopy Ewe but I’m not so sure it’s a good thing they added a fabric department.  It’s seriously cutting into my yarn budget.  ;-).

There’s also a link in the sidebar for my Flickr group – a place to share photos of blocks/quilts made from my patterns.  Please feel free to  join and share your blocks or completed project photos – you never know when I might do a giveaway drawing from among the photos uploaded. ;-)

Now, what you’ve  been waiting for:



Will you be stitching along????


Remember the Labor Day Stitch along of Mix ‘n Match is this coming weekend. (I keep forgetting I have Monday off!)

I need to do some serious clearing off of the sewing table yet again – the never ending battle – to clear away the remnants of my last Camp Loopy project and my Halloween Swap block – got two sets of those finished last weekend but have Halloween fabrics spread all over the place.



Will you be stitching along with me??  Do you have your fabrics planned??

Some general prior info on this project was posted here.    Here’s the full frontal view (thank goodness I really only gave you a straight on shot of the quilt right!) LOL

and a link to a color image.


And, if you want to play around with your colored pencils or crayons (who doesn’t like to color?) or perhaps code the squares so you know where you want to place your fabrics in the blocks, here is a line drawing of the quilt top.

PLEASE NOTE!!!  I use box.net to store files for download.  When you click on the link you will see a “preview” of the file.  If you right click and save it or send it elsewhere in your computer – it is only the preview page and when you go back later, it will not open the actual file.  YOU MUST click the download button at the top of the screen.  Then tell it to SAVE AS and give it a name you have assigned to it so you will remember what it is and can find it back when you need to – or simply choose the Print button next to the download button if you don’t want to save it.  Do not just save the link – most of  my patterns are free on the blog only for a limited period of time – when I inactivate the link, your saved link will no longer give you access.


Remember – I will not email out patterns individually – that cuts into my own free time which is very precious to me. If you want a free pattern, it’s up to you to download, print, save, etc.   If you forget how to save the box.net files – that info is always available in the

Copyright/Use of My Patterns tab at the top of my blog.


CustomFit Fall KAL

DSCN3731Remember these yarns – they were the ones I was trying to decide between for my CustomFit Fall KAL sweater.   A decision was made  ….

a swatch was knit….

DSCN3757 I opted for the Wool of the Andes Tweed in the Farmhouse Heather color.

So I cast on about 3 days ago and its amazing how quickly worsted yarn knits up compared to the past couple projects I’ve been working on with thinner yarn and smaller needles.  I’ve got about 11″ or so of sweater knit so far on the back of my sweater.

I was torn between a couple patterns but thought this yarn would look great as Birch Bark.  Although you know I’m not fond of actually making cables – I’ll just suck it up for this one.  They’re not hard – they just slow me down all that putzing with a cable needle but I think they should go pretty quickly.

My sleeves will probably be a bit shorter – 3/4 length and not have the slight bell on the end since if I do a straight sleeve it will be wide enough as it is.  I may or may not put the little cable detail on the sleeve – will wait till I get to those to decide.  And miracle of miracles, the yarn actually came out of the stash.  I did order three more balls (they’ll just a little over 100 yards each) to make sure I won’t run out.


Camp Loopy Completed

DSCN3744  My third project for Camp Loopy – the Fabric Version – is now complete.  It’s amazing what you can get done when you internet provider crashes over the weekend so you can’t putter away the hours on Ravelry, or email, or playing games. LOL

Got it layered and quilted and bound.

For this  third Camp Project, we needed to use two different Short Stacks (fat quarter collections) —  one from the Collections (fabric collections) and one from the essentials  (all in one color family).  I used this Charley Harper Short Stack and this one from the essentials.  The only fabric from the Charley Harper stack that didn’t make it on the front of the quilt was the cardinal/squirrel print which you can see got pieced into the backing on the second photo.  I also ordered some additional colors of the queen anne’s lace looking print.  Originally I bought extra red to use for the binding but some crazy woman used it all when piecing the back so when I got to making the binding – DOH!  but I found a mottled blue in the stash that went well with the blues so it all worked out. Actually I’m contemplating new couch in the shades of blue in the quilt and if I get it, this will hang above it so the blue binding worked out well.

DSCN3755 The back is just a mishmash of all the left over pieces.  Tho you can’t tell from the first photo, the blacks are all the tone on tones from the essentials short stack.

If you are a regular blog follower – this quilt design might look familiar – it’s a smaller version of my SnowBirds quilt design I did for Hoffman California Fabrics.  You can find the full quilt pattern on their website in the free patterns section.


I’m sorry to see Camp Loopy end for another year but I don’t know if I could have kept up the pace of completing one knitting project and one quilting project each month!


So let’s recap my Camp Loopy summer activities………

First Camp knitting project was the Ethel Shawl and first sewing project was Snow on the Lake.

Camp Loopy 2014 Project 1 Start 6/1/14 Fin. 6/15/14

Camp Loopy 2014 Project 1 Start 6/1/14 Fin. 6/15/14



Second knitting project was the Pine Forest Baby Blanket since I’m going to become a “Great Auntie” after Christmas and since I have since found out it’s going to be a girl, I can see some little girlie sweaters in my future. :-)  And the sewing project – Mix ‘ Match.  Mix ‘n Match pattern will be a freebie on my blog as a sew along project on Labor Day Weekend.




and my knitting project for #3 was Zigzagatory.

Whew!  Now if I can continue the momentum – I’ve got several knitting projects in the works that were put aside, and of course I just swatched for a new CustomFit Fall Knit Along sweater – just have to decide on the pattern – and there are endless quilt tops that need to be finished…………….


Camp Loopy 2 project. Start. 7/1/14 Fin. 7/13/14  Pine Forest Baby Blanket

Camp Loopy 2 project. Start. 7/1/14 Fin. 7/13/14 Pine Forest Baby Blanket

Yarny Decisions

It’s been a puttering kind of morning so far.  I was up early, cleared off the sewing table because today I want to get my Camp Loopy wall hanging layered and quilted — deadline is approaching!   Stuck my head out the door – won’t be doing that again.  It is so incredibly humid the last two days – the outside of my glass door is a sheet of water.  And again a second day of extreme fog in the early a.m. hrs due to the humidity.  I’ll stay inside where it’s nice and cool this weekend!

And I have to clean off the sewing table so I can find all the things I want to keep in my new sewing table caddy.

DSCN3732Isn’t this cute.  I went out to dinner with a friend last night and we did some shopping.  It’s made of metal  – I found it in the clearance aisle of the gardening tools.  It was too cute to leave behind and will hold a lot of scissors and rotary cutters and rulers.  Darn I should have gotten a second one to hold all my old straight metal knitting needles!


As I was knitting along on my lacy sweater last night I remembered more yarn in the stash that might have enough yardage for some of the projects I’m mulling over for the CustomFit Fall Sweater KAL and the future  CustomFit Winter Sweater KAL.  I don’t have much in the way of sweater quantities of yarn – but dang I can make socks till the cows come home (and for all those cows that do come home – and being in the dairy state, that could be a lot of cows!)  with all those single hanks in my stash.   LOL  Or I may have to make a “sweater of many colors” from some of them.

I originally went in search of some Wool of the Andes Tweed I knew I had bought with the intention of making sweaters.  One color was fingering weight – nope, not feeling like making a sweater out of that right now.  But in the process of finding the “Farmhouse Heather” color which is a pretty shade of brown – almost a brown with gray tones in my opinion, which sounds ugly – but I love – but then I love most browns. It’s just a bit different from most brown tones you find in clothing in the stores.  Anyway I found these other two yarns as well.

DSCN3731The purple is some Three Irish Girls and I so love their yarn.  My guess is there’s enough for a vest pattern I’ve got my eye on – actually there two vests that have been on my want to make list even before they became CF patterns — Sebasco and Nantasket. The blue – I just might have enough to do Birch Bark.  The blue I actually have partially swatched – it wasn’t the right yarn for what I previously swatched it for but I may finish the swatch and then see if I have enough for Birch Bark.  Or I may just swatch all three yarns and see where I want to go from there.

Now to go clean up the kitchen before I get my wall hanging layered.  It was homemade biscuits for brunch today — for years I made horrid biscuits — well actually I didn’t make them because they were tasteless lumps that were dry and crumbly.  Finally I discovered one day what my problem was — I don’t cook with butter.  Hence I seldom buy butter – I just don’t really care for the taste (okay except I do buy it to occasionally put on popcorn and for one butter cookie (which of course needs butter to taste really good).  But I was really hungry for biscuits and happened to have some butter here.  Hmmm I don’t know if it’s a good thing that I found butter is the key to my making very delicious biscuits….. I’d better go stick the leftover biscuits in the freezer for some other day…….


My latest sweater

Well actually I started this sweater back on….. on April 12 (one of those great Ravelry options – start and finish date for projects so I can see how long they’ve been languishing – I had to go quick take a look at the dates).

But then Camp Loopy started, and in addition to two camp projects a month,  I also had my Customfit KAL sweater to make so this one got pushed aside.

lacy I finished the back of this sweater the beginning of June It’s plain stockinette stitch with the seed stitch hem but part of the delay on starting the front was which design I wanted to use for  a panel in the front.  I changed my mind many times but I really like the one I ended up with.  It’s a super easy to remember and if you know how to “read” your stitches you can tell which of the two rows you need to do next and the wrong side rows are purls or knits so you can easily tell.  Even tho it’s easy, it’s very fun to do so it keeps my interest – at least so far – so much so that I keep forgetting to do the shaping rows outside the lacy section!

Of course now my dilemma is CustomFit has started their Fall Sweater KAL — do I continue to work on this one or do I cast on a new fall sweater with some tweedy yarn I’ve got in the stash.  And then the dilemma is what to make with that tweedy yarn if I do start another.

Have I told you how much I love Amy Herzog’s CustomFit ? I think I have. :-)  She has just added some new features to the CustomFit website and they are fantastic.  They’ve added two categories of “makers”  (you know – that person who is knitting the sweater is the “maker”).  For a small monthly fee I now get free pattern coupons throughout the year which is a great cost savings and I probably will never exceed the number of coupons for the part I enrolled in because I just don’t have time to knit more than 8 sweaters a year. LOL  For those hard core knitters there’s a level with unlimited patterns for a fantastic price.  Plus lots of other freebies, different stitch patterns, additional recipes (knitting recipes that is not the food type!) and patterns, – and the support on the Ravelry group is fantastic.  I can’t say enough good stuff about CustomFit.  If you want to learn more about it – the Ravelry group is a great place and you can see all the fantastic sweaters that have been made.

Okay – back to my dilemma – start a new Fall sweater or use this one for that instead?  You know my aversion to doing cables — well ever since I joined CustomFit I’ve been wanting to make Amy’s Birch Bark sweater — altho a bit longer that her’s is and I think with  3/4″ sleeves rather than the bracelet length slight bell sleeves (changes I can easily tell it to make in CustomFit and it will generate a pattern in my size with those changes all based off my measurement set and my swatch gauge of whatever weight yarn I want to use).  I love the three simple cables up the front – but then there are several other ideas floating around in my head. Hmm.. first things first – go pull out the yarn in my stash and knit a swatch.  It all starts there and after that I can figure out what sort of sweater I want to make.  In the meantime, this blue sweater is my bus riding knitting.

Dang I also need to pull back out my ESK 3rd quarter project – I think that’s supposed to be done next month.  I was off to a good start but the it got put….. somewhere….. okay I’d better launch the search!

Knitter’s Gifts

DSCN3712Pretty speedy for a change.  This month’s block and I already have it done.  I decided to use just the purple for the fringe since if I tried cutting the strips from the leftovers of the other fabrics I used in this block, it would not have been a true bias strip since I was working mostly with only 10″  squares of fabric to begin with.   

I’m thinking a larger project with various size width and length flying geese strips could be fun since EQ7 makes it easier with a tool to draw flying geese strips – it sections them out for you so you just have to draw the curves.  Unlike one flying geese design I still have drawn on tissue wrapping paper – a large cutout heart that is all flying geese.  That was pre-EQ for me and I drew it all with pencil and ruler.   But projects for another day.

Here’s the Knitter’s Gifts  blocks I have done so far.  Two sock blocks are ready for me to stitch down too and then I just have last month’s block to do which will be super quick and easy.


Of course seeing these hats and socks and scarf reminds me I’m getting very near the end of my Camp Loopy scarf/shawl and hopefully you’ll see a finished photo tomorrow so I have to go wind that last hack of yarn because I just bet I’m going to need a little big of it to finish it off.