Stashbusting Report 1/13/13

Well it could be worse I suppose. My first stashbusting report had me at 5.5 yards busted. I wasn’t going to add in the fabric that I had ordered before the end of the year but arrived after the beginning of the year – but what the heck. So I added 5 yards into the stash (and there’s another box with Kona black fabric I needed for a block swap and perhaps another piece or two ordered with it coming in the mail this week). So for the 2nd week of 2013 — I’m back down to 1/2 yard busted. Guess that’s better than none! LOL
I have been sewing the last two days but just don’t have the project done yet. But next week I’ll be able to add in the yardage for this small Starshine.

  I need to sew the stars to each other and cut out the border sections and get those pieced but it was really quick to put together.  I should also be able to add in the yardage for the larger Starshine pattern for next weekend’s sew along – if I ever make a decision on what fabric to pull from the stash for it.

As I was looking for something in the sewing room, I opened a little storage drawer that I thought only had fabric scraps organized in it.  Nope — there was knitty stuff on top.

I did not get that red/gold shawl blocked yet — it’s just not a blocking sort of day to me today — too damp, and mostly I haven’t cleaned up the sewing room to give me floor space to work on.  I did however, move that shawl just a bit toward completion since now all the ends are finally buried.  I also pulled the Honey Cowl out of my knitting  basket and buried the ends on that — I don’t think that one needs blocking so it’s ready to wear now and marked DONE!  My second finish of UFK projects – hey it counts even if it as a quick and easy one to finish off.  VBG  And I also found this in that drawer.

   I had totally forgotten about this shawl.  It was made from leftover sock yarns from other projects.  It of course needs a whole bunch of ends woven in (yes I truly hate doing that part) and needs a good blocking.  It’s actually a since large size and very stretchy so it will be interesting to see how big it is once I block it.  So I’ll get the ends done this week some night and perhaps get both those shawls blocked next weekend.

Hmmm wonder how many other started knit projects I have stuct in places I’ve forgotten about….

First Stitchin’ with Justquiltin’ 2013 Project Revealed

Well I’ve made up my mind which project I want to do for the first Stitchin With Justquiltin 2013 project. It will be Starshine. Below are a couple different colorings.  Lite background, dark background, brights, batiks, small prints, patriotic colors, more scrappy or just a two color quilt with a neutral background – they will all look good in this design.  I’d stay away from large prints and also one way designs if you don’t want them upside down.  And for those of you who have an aversion to Half Square Triangles, there are only 32 in the entire quilt so that’s not bad.

This project measures 60″ x 78″ and is definitely beginner friendly.   More info will be coming later this week as to exactly which weekend this one will be done and I may even have some yardage info in advance for you.

Stashbusting and Camp Loopy Project 1 Completed

Alas — there is nothing new to report on the Stashbusting front.  I’m still quilting on the four patch stacked posey I was quitling on last weekend but I’m moving along.  Need to get off the computer and get back to work on that!

My Spectra scarf is done, blocked and ready to wear!  Camp Loopy project 1 finished June 9 – way ahead of the June 27 deadline date so I’m happy about that.  Now of course I’m anxious to see what’s next at Camp Loopy.

June 3 Stash Useage

It was a good stash using week.   Twelve yards were used for backings and bindings last week making the total fabric used  YTD 51.75 yds.  I decided I more interested in seeing/tracking how much fabric I use rather than what I purchase versus what I use.  I seldom buy fabric without a plan in mind anymore – meaning no random stash enhancement without a purpose – so I don’t really care how much I buy.  At an average of $9 to $10 a yard – it’s simply gotten too expensive to buy yards of fabric “just because.”

So that 12 yards was used for the backings and bindings on the Western Fabric quilt and Just Butterflies previously posted and then the four patch posey top I layered yesterday — which hopefully I will come up with a plan on how to quilt soon so I can get started on the actual quilting today.

Stasbusting 5/20/12

Well still not moving by leaps and bounds by 2.5 yards were used for a backing yesterday so at least there’s some progress.  I did buy a few 1/3 yards for the Bloomin’ Basket swap but I’ll wait to add those in next week since I also ordered some florals for those on line which should arrive this week so I’ll total all at once.

So without those the totals are purchased YTD 31 yards,  used YTD 41.25 so a net busted of 10.25.  Not huge but  vacation is coming and I hope to get in a lot of quality sewing time!

 I finally did get the sewing table cleared off yesterday and got Pinwheel Poseys pin basted so I can start quilting on it.  It’s my May UFO project and May is dwindling down.

Today it was off to breakfast with a friend a new restaurant – The Egg and I – the food was fantastic so we’ll be returning there in the future.  Then to the Nursery across the road for some flowers.  It’s too warm out on the patio right now and the breeze is not making it to that side of the building so I’ll plant these later this evening or one evening this week.  But aren’t they pretty.

And then to Home Depot for dirty and a couple of other things.  I had broken my under the bed storage container and found these

So many containers to choose from but these are great. They are on wheels so easy to slide in and out and the lid is hinged in the middle so you don’t have to pull the whole thing out in order to get the lid open.  Perfect.  With storage space at a premium here – these will be great.   And found a new mat for outside the door.  Wouldn’t this look good as a wallhanging done in appllique!  I may have to get out some freezer paper and trace the design before it gets dirty.

Sunday Stashbusting report

It’s been a productive couple of days.  Between the little charity quilt I made this week and the Asian fabric themed quilt I’ve been working on and photos of yesterday, I’ve actually gotten in some sewing time (and not shopping time) so the totals have gone up.

This weekend I’ve used 8.5 yards with the progress on those two projects so far.   So totals year-to-date are  75 yards used, YTD purchased 29.5 yards, so Net used from the stash 45.75 yards.  (Tho I will admit I do have a b it of an itch to do a little fabric shopping but so far just haven’t had time to get to the shop) 🙂  But thanks to the lovely stash accumulation, when I went looking for one more block framing  fabric to go with the Asian fabrics I’m using, I was able to find one that went well so thank goodness for that stash!! 🙂

A couple people asked what fabrics I was using in the Asian screen quilt.  Here’s some better close ups of them and of course a plug for Hoffman Fabrics since all except one fabric in that project are from the Hanami line — one of the fabrics was this year’s Hoffman Challenge fabric.  🙂

I love the sort of spidery mum in the print and of course am partial to fabrics with gold glitz running through them.  So today I hope to get the pieces that join the blocks done and the vertical rows between.


Sunday Stashbusting Report

I missed last week’s report due to the phone line not working – but it does make my report this week look a tad bit better since I got a box of fabric that would have been added in last week with no fabric used to sort of offset it.  This week, I at least have some fabric used for the Woven Ribbons quilt posted yesterday so I can offset a bit of those purchases. 🙂

So, 12.5 used this week, 9.5 added to the stash; net busted YTD 10.75 — so I’m still in the black!

I’ve been tweaking a bit this morning on the March Year of Wallhangings design that I posted yesterday.  I decided that one baby sheep looked lonely so gave him (or her) another little fluffy friend.  And played with a few other colors.  On the image posted yesterday, the lion’s mane sort of faded into his body due to the fabric colors, so I recolored him so you can see it better. 

 Also switched out the border fabrics to a more springy look. I like those border fabrics, they are Stonehenge – so may have to get some of those actual fabrics for my borders.  I’m also thinking that when I make my version of this one, I may face all the “mane” pieces rather than just applique them down so that they are 3-D on the quilt.  I think that would be really cute. 

Today’s plan, cut and add the Woven Ribbons quilt borders and also borders on Just Butterflies. 

After I finished sewing yesterday, I did move on to the knitting as planned.  Finished off the single sock I was working on and also finished the mate to another pair I had in progress.  The blue/gray socks may not exactly look like they came from the same yarn.  They look like they match much more in person than in the photo – they came from the ssame dye lot but were two different balls so each was started in a different spot in the yarn.  That darker blue  right toe – I ran out of yarn but had the same kind of yarn in a slightly different shade.  It works for me – they are my socks to wear in my boots too and from work since they are a bit thicker and warmer than my other sock yarns.

So when I finished off those socks a good movie was coming on tv and I had to stay up and watch it — just why do they put the movies I want to see on at 2 a.m.? At least it’s on the weekends.   So had to find something else to keep my hands busy while I watched the move.  Judy had recently mentioned she started the Easy Drop Stitch Scarf and I had mine sitting in the yarn basket in progress so pulled that out and added another 10″ or so it it.  It’s getting there – a ways to go to get it to the length I want but it’s really easy and the inches add up quickly.

so it was a very busy and very productive day.  Now to see what I can get accomplished today.

Oh and here’s the new fabrics that arrived.  The prints may be a bit too large for my original plan but I have a back up idea just in case 🙂




The Ups and Downs of the Stashbusting Report

Well the downside of the stashbusting report — I was in the quilt shop yesterday (and the upside – I was in the quilt shop yesterday) 🙂


The upside – these lovelies came home with me.   Don’t they just shout Spring.  I’m tired of winter (tho snow is melting today and even tho it’s only in the 30’s it feels like Spring compared to how it has been.

 The downside – these fabrics add 7 yards to my stashbusting report.  So the tally so far is:

22.5 Used YTD, 14.75 purchased, still 7.75 net used. I’m in the black. 

The upside – at least the box of fabric I ordered on line has not arrived yet — but I already know that  I will no longer be in the black next week. 🙂


The batiks above will be used for this design – Poinsettia Starburst – tho I’m using this version that is not traditional “Poinsettia” colors – more like Gerber Daisy bright.  I’m thinking about using the multicolor at the top in place of the blue/green mottle and the purple in the borders may be the yellow with the light blue as background.  The pattern for this one will be posted tomorrow evening.  There’s a page for it in the right sidebar.

I do actually hope to do a bit of stashbusting this week tho.  It’s time to get started on some quilts for the summer golf outing auction for the Komen Fund.  I decided to sew up one of the designs I had done for Hoffman Fabrics – Woven Ribbons – which looks like this.  Another pretty Springy colored quilt.

  Hopefully it will entice the ladies to bid high. 🙂  I’ve got all the fabrics for it since Hoffman Fabrics sent me all these when the fabric hit the market.

  I plan to make mine with the fabrics as shown in the original design and may susbstitue some of the other fabrics in the version I make for the auction.  But I’m hoping to get both cut this week.  When I told Sandy (my wonderful contact at Hoffman) I was making one of them for the auction, she quickly offered to send the backing fabric for both.  How wonderful is that! Thank you Sandy and Hoffman Fabrics!!  I think I’ll be sewing in “Spring” mode for a while – bright, light colors to chase those winter blues away.


Stashbusting and Superbowl Sunday Sewing

Updated – okay I just went back and looked at this post.  If the photos are blurry – it’s not your eyes going.  Do they all look blurry to you or is it just my computer?  Something is amiss here.  I think WordPress may be having an issue – I’m getting a different photo upload page which is acting wierd so now I have to try to figure out what the hecks the problem. 

No stashbusting to report today.  I’m working on projects in the works so nothing added and nothing to count yet.

If you plan to work on today’s Superbowl Sunday sewing project – Just Butterflies – the pdf file of the pattern is on its Page in the Weekend projects in the right sidebar.  It would be  great stashbuster since none of the yardage is more than 3/4 yards.

My verison I’m making is scrappier due to using a fat quarter bundle.  Here’s the completed blocks so far.  the rest are just awaiting their framing strips to be put on which is today’s project.

 I’m using framing fabrics around all my butterflies and then two different fabrics where the blocks will meet the sashing strip.  It’s a bit slow going to make sure I get all the fabrics spread around – especially since I had to take all the pieces off the design wall when the guys were here fixing the ceiling in my sewing room.  Luckily I took a photo of it all laid out on the wall so I have that to help lay it all out again.

Last night I was up sewing and watching movies to the week hours of the morning. I have to stop staying up until near sunrise!  But I’ve gotten the third large heart nearly all appliqued on the February Year of Wallhangings design.  Here’s my progress so far.

Now to bet busy and get that sewing machine humming.


Stashbusting Report 1/30/11

There was a bit of shopping last Sunday 😉 (yes it was fun)  and although the fabric  never really made it into the “stash”, I’m tracking what I purchase in relation to what I use, whether or not it gets used right away, and there will be some leftovers that end up in the stash anyway.

So the numbers are:  22.5, purchased 5.5, Net used:  17 yards.   

Here’s what I’ve been working on this weekend – and every last bit from the stash I might add. 🙂

  I decided to use all of those fabrics I posted yesterday from the fat quarter bundle so I have a very scrappy framing around my butterflies as opposed to the original pattern.  Note the oh so careful placement of the pieces on the wall – nice and straight and even???  Not!  It was about 2 a.m. and I was just trying to get colors/prints distributed evenly so some rather haphazard slapping on the wall.  I may still change a few frame sections before I get them alll sewn. But I took this photo so I remember how they were arranged.  I need to take them off the design wall today since there will be workmen in there tomorrow and they will surely get knocked off the wall.

I’ve gotten emails asking if the yardage will be posted ahead of time for this one.  Yes, but how far ahead  I don’t know – may not be until Saturday.  Check back on the Just Butterflies Page in the right sidebar later in the week.  There will be a link to it at the bottom of the page when it is available.

I’ve been knitting right along too – the sock I started Friday night now has the heel turned so I’m in the home stretch on it.  The colors are actually rather subdued and boring on this one compared to many other pairs I’ve made but I do like the feel of it.  As I was cleaning up around here, went to put a sock knitting book away and flipped through it and hmmm… another two colored sock – much simpler than the last one I made – that I just might have to dig through the stash to find some yarn to make them.

French onion soup needs making, laundry, finish some straightening up, empty the diswasher – I’d better get busy so that I can get back to some sewing or knitting.