Batik Lifesaver Blocks and Starshine progress

Finally I got started on my swap blocks.    I was using the smaller pieces of batiks in the stash hoping to use some of them since those smaller sections never fold up in the stash nicely.  So it was putzy cutting one block from this piece, getting two blocks cut out of that one, etc.  I have several more cut cut need to cut more. 

Here’s the 9 completed blocks so far.  Nine blocks done, another oh maybe 20 or 25 to go at least.  But I’ve got a couple weeks to get them all done.

So although I wasn’t sewing on Starshine (since I made a version of it last weekend) I was stitching along on these.  So did anyone actually stitch on Starshine today?  I know friend Janet P. was busy cutting hers when she got off work today.

Are you Stitchin along?

I uploaded the pattern late last evening for Starshine – the first Stitchin with Justquiltin 2013 pattern.  Go to the button for this project.

As promised (and as you will see from the instructions) although it looks like tons of pinwheels that would normally be made with HST, there are actually only about 30 of them.  I don’t mind making HSTs but may people moan over them.  They can be tedious.  But in this design most of what looks like HSTs are actually stitch and flip corners. 

  But how frugal are you with your fabric scraps?  Some days I am and some days they hit the trash.   Since you are stitching and flipping all those corners, once you trim away those two extra layers, you will end up with a bunch of triangles.   Trash them or keep them that is the question.   

In this particular instance, with the size of the pieces being used, I kept them.  I went back later and stitched the diagonal seam and pressed them open and squared them up to 2.5″ HSTs.   If the pieces are smaller than this, I usually just trash them but if I can get a 2.5″ HST, then I’ll usually keep them and stitch them up.

So if you are stitching along on this project, that’s something you may want to think about — do you make the extra HSTs or not.   

Here’s the stack of them that I ended up with.   There are 144 HSts in different fabric combinations but remember, the quilt top I made and posted a photo of a couple days ago was half the size of the original quilt pattern ( only 6 large colored stars).   So if you make the quilt as written, you will end up with twice that many HSts.

What will I do with mine? I haven’t decided.  I may do something with them on the back of the quilt or they may be used in a totally different project.  I want to get them up on the design wall to play with them and the color combinations a bit.


January 19-20 – Stitchin with Justquiltin Starshine Project

I just updated the project page with new info for the first project for Stitchin with Justquiltin 2013 which  will be presented January 19 and 20.  I hope you can join me for a weekend of sewing!

Earlier this week I ordered some cool giveaway items (well I think they are cool anyway) which should be arriving by Friday incorporating the button design for Stitchin with Justquiltin 2013 and the button design for Strictly for the Birds in various items.   I’m hoping they turned out as neat as they looked on the computer screen, cause I’m so anxious to see them!!

Just remember, as mentioned in a prior post, although you don’t need a blog to join in the project, you do need a blog or to use one of the photo sharing services that allows you to post a link to your project photo so we can all see your version of the project in order to be eligible for random drawings for both this project and Strictly for the Birds.

I’m going to have to search the stash this weekend to see what fabrics I want to use – brights, batiks, orientals, homespuns, christmas….too many choices.

First Stitchin’ with Justquiltin’ 2013 Project Revealed

Well I’ve made up my mind which project I want to do for the first Stitchin With Justquiltin 2013 project. It will be Starshine. Below are a couple different colorings.  Lite background, dark background, brights, batiks, small prints, patriotic colors, more scrappy or just a two color quilt with a neutral background – they will all look good in this design.  I’d stay away from large prints and also one way designs if you don’t want them upside down.  And for those of you who have an aversion to Half Square Triangles, there are only 32 in the entire quilt so that’s not bad.

This project measures 60″ x 78″ and is definitely beginner friendly.   More info will be coming later this week as to exactly which weekend this one will be done and I may even have some yardage info in advance for you.