Quiltmaker 100 Blocks – Volume 10!

Look what was waiting at my door tonight — the advance copies of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Volume 10.  You know what that means …. upcoming blog tour with chances to win all kinds of prizes on the Quiltmaker QuiltyPleasuresBlog, chances to win issues of the magazine on blog tour participants blogs, all kinds of great fun.

DSCN3917And bonus!!!! my block just might have made the front cover 😉

Purple is coming!!!!

What the heck does that mean????

Well, it means the Spring issue of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks, Volume 9 cover has been revealed and the header color is purple this time.

QMMS-140044-cover_200    And why do I think that’s so exciting, despite the obvious that it’s a great magazine, packed with 100 new and fun quilt blocks????  Because…….




And you must know what a new issue of 100 Blocks means…….




Yes!  There’s a blog tour coming.  And that means there will be all kinds of giveaway goodies on the Quiltmaker Quilty Pleasures blog that week in addition to links to all the blogs on the blog tour so you will want to check it out.  I’ve got a couple of gift certificates to MyEQBoutique tossed into the Quilty Pleasures Blog giveaway prize packages (or I will have since I forgot to mail them off today).    And since I was lucky once again and got a spot on the blog tour, that means there will be a couple of issues of the magazine given away during my day of the blog tour and who knows what over giveaway goodies I might find.  Soooooo…….


Quiltmaker 100 Blocks… and the winners are…….

Thank you to all who stopped by on the blog hop yesterday.  I haven’t looked to see how many total people stopped by but by the midnight deadline, 300 comments had  been left.  My email box was probably in shock at that many emails. LOL

Last night when I got home, the highly coveted 100 Blocks coffee mug was waiting for me, along with the giant button. 🙂

20131113_1 The cup has all the blocks from the issue pictured on it.    My block – middle row, third from the right.

I did read all the comments but it would take me forever to respond to all of them individually — thank you for the compliments on my block.  To answer a few other comments/questions I received

* that is just a “virtual” quilt shown with the Splash block alternating with the flowers.  It is the EQ drawing of it.  I have not yet actually made a quilt from the Miss Daisy’s block collection — it’s on my list but time just has not allowed that to happen yet.

*regarding the Strictly for the Birds projects — sorry those are done for this year. Will there be future ones?  None planned right now EXCEPT there just might maybe  be one of my favorite bird projects published in 2014. 🙂

*Dog Pound Pals Adoption Society – I got a wide range of questions regarding this project.  No the pattern can not be purchased from me directly, – it can only be purchased through EQ Boutique.  Sign ups do not start until December 1 so if you bought the block collection remember to email me during the sign up period listed in the information page for this project.  It is up to you to email me during that time frame in order to play along — don’t forget because once sign ups are closed, you will be unable to play along with us.  I’m sure you’d be sad if you bought the pattern but then forgot to get signed up so you can access the private part of the blog we will use for this project.  If you sent an email privately to me with some other question regarding this project, please go back and reread the project page by clicking the button in the side bar with the dog on it — answers to your questions are already included there.

*Do I spend all day quilting and quilt designing?  And how do I get so much done?    I do not spend all day quilting and quilt designing – lately I’ve spent very little time doing it because I’ve been busy with other things.  But I am  a legal assistant so work a full-time job — have to pay for fabric and yarn.  In addition to quilting I knit a lot too.  How do I get so much done — I just do it.  LOL  There’s no secret time turner here to be able to fit more hours in a day.   But I cannot stand to just sit and watch tv — my hands have to be busy all the time so if I do watch tv, I’m sewing or knitting.  I am sort of a night owl tho so 6 p.m.to 11:30 p.m. or midnight on “work nites” gives me a few hours to do what I want and weekends — well I don’t believe one really needs much sleep on weekends –  why waste time sleeping when there’s lots of stuff I want to get done. 🙂

So, finally, on to the winners of a free issue of Quiltmaker 100 Blocks, Volume 8 — they are Cindy Wienstroer and Marianne Squire Maszer.  I will email you privately to get your mailing address.  Congratulations ladies!

And for those applique lovers — coming soon to EQ Boutique — Child’s Play.

cchild's play  My version of this project (yes I actually have made this one and it’s so cute) isn’t quilted yet but I decided to get the pattern ready to send off to EQ Boutique – so that was what I was bus on last weekend.

Some final tweaking and proofing and it will be ready to go.  I, of course, will make an announcement on the blog when the pattern goes live.   This quilt just makes me smile.


Quiltmaker 100 Blocks Blog Tour – November 12, 2013

Welcome to the Quiltmaker Blog Tour for the Winter 2013 – Volume 8 issue of 100 Blocks.  Visit the Quilty Pleasures blog for the list of blogs to visit each day, giveaways and other information.

First I’d like to thank Quiltmaker for including another one of my blocks in an issue of 100 Blocks.  I am very honored and thrilled to see it there and be a part of such a great collection of blocks.

So on to my block – which is called  SPLASH.

s-2  It’s applique – and mine is done with hand applique (of course it is, my friends who personally know me are saying! – they know I love hand applique) 🙂  I use the freezer paper on the bottom method of hand applique.  I love that method because I can achieve smooth curves, circles and good points more easily than with any of the other applique methods I’ve tried.

The fabric used for the applique is all from one fabric piece – a ombre fabric designed by McKenna Ryan for her Sand in my Shoes fabric collection.  It’s one that I’ve had in my stash for a few years, courtesy of Hoffman California Fabrics.  But any ombre fabric is perfect to get all the different shades used out of one piece of fabric and there are many styles of them on the market.  It could also be done in all one color and still look great or graduated shades of hand dyed fabric would  be equally lovely.  Or rounds of rainbow colors – wouldn’t that make a bright and happy quilt.

How did I come up with the block design?  I was working on a block collection for EQ Boutique, Miss Daisy’s Garden, and it was initially a block drawing that was going to be included in that collection.  But I decided to leave it out of the collection since the rest were all clearly flowers and this one, not.   However, I think  it looks great as an alternate block set with some of the Miss Daisy’s blocks as shown in the quilt image below.

You may notice that the Splash block shown in the quilt layout does not have the little circles on the outer edges.  Well, let me share a secret just between you and me — the original block did not have those little “drops” around the outside initially.  But as I was picking up my little scissors, which was  on top of the block, the tip of the scissors closed and slipped my background fabric.  Oh yes, you can image that many bad words were being said right about then.  I didn’t have time to remake the block before the deadline so nearly tossed it aside and wasn’t going to send it in.  But then I came up with the little circle drips idea and quickly added those – one is covering the snip – so that’s how the circles came to be added. Now remember, you have been sworn to secrecy.


Quiltmaker has graciously offered one free issue of this volume of Quiltmaker 100 Blocks to be given away through my blog and I personally have an extra copy to give away.  So in order to be eligible for the drawing, please leave a comment on this blog post.  Simple as that!

Leave your comment on this blog post before 12:00 p.m.  midnight – got my time messed up — central time on November 12, 2013, to be included in the drawing.  One entry per person only.  If you have never commented on my blog before, your post will be held in moderation until I get a chance to approve it.  Never fear – I will approve all comments that have come in timely before doing the random drawings.  Winners will be announced tomorrow, Nov. 13, here on the blog and and I will email the winners.  I must receive a response from the winners  to my email with their mailing address by November 15 or a new winner(s) will be chosen.

Good luck! Thanks for visiting and enjoy the rest of the blog hop!

If you enjoy applique, be sure to check out the new project to be presented on my blog in 2014 – the Dog Pound Pals Adoption Society.

dppasbuttonfinalYou can find information on that project by clicking the button in the right sidebar for that project that looks like this. 🙂


Nov 2 – Lazy Saturday stuff

I’ve contemplated doing many things this morning and have yet to really get busy. I was going to get up this morning and make some pumpkin chocolate chip muffins.  That darn Judy – yep her   (well actually we’ll blame it on her DH in this case since he’s he one who brought up pumpkin in the first place 🙂 – so Judy made him a delicious looking pumpkin roll, which looks very similar to the one my sister makes and  which I know from first hand experience, pumpkin rolls are oh so very delicious  –  just seeing the photo made my mouth water!  So ever since them I’ve been thinking pumpkin pumpkin pumpkin and my most favorite pumpkin thing — pumpkin chocolate chip muffins or bread. YUMMMM.   And there is leftover pumpkin in the freezer from last time I made something pumpkin and there are mini chocolate chips in the cabinet.   I have been resisting since I started Weight Watchers a few weeks ago and haven’t been eating that kind of stuff.  But then, when I was in the grocery store last night, there trying to jump off the shelf into my cart was this  on sale

006Yes that darn Pillsbury Doughboy was flagging me down to point out this pumpkin quick bread mix.    Yes little Doughboy I do deserve a treat and it’s much quicker to figure out the points from a box mix.  But I decided this morning I’ll wait until AFTER I weigh myself tomorrow morning before eating a pumpkin chocolate chip muffin even tho one muffin is not that bad.  LOL

So I’ve been putzing on the computer instead and If I can’t eat pumpkin and chocolate chips – well I’d better order some yarn right?

I saw this short sleeved sweater pattern the other day Folly Cove and I love just the little touch of lace design on the sleeves and front. Under a jacket or layered as shown in the pattern or by itself – it looks alike a very wearable sweater no matter what the situation.  I would love to make it out of pashmina – it would be so soft – but I want to make sure I really love it when done and love the fit so I’m making it out of a less expensive yarn that I can just toss in washer and dryer if I want — Cascade 220 superwash in this lovely Rainier Heather ( I’m envisioning that color looking so pretty with my light gray jeans for “jeans days” at work — yes we have special days we’re allowed to wear jeans).  Anyway,  I can’t wait to get started on it.

Last night I was, of course, up very late knitting as usual on a weekend night.  And finished off Mom’s pair of mittens which you can see here.   The Shawl Collared Cowl by Alana Dakos I was making to match the mittens I’m going to rip out.  The yarn I’m using is not bulky enough to get gauge single strand and too bulky double — the collar won’t fold over nicely because the fabric is too stiff and if worn under a winter coat, would just be too bulky the way I was doing it.

But I did find some yarn that will work for the cowl in the bag of various odd weight yarns.  It won’t be quite as warm as wool since it’s acrylic but it has a nice feel to it.  I don’t remember what I originally bought this for but I have a lot of it.  So a second pair of mittens for mom and the shawl collared cowl in purple and perhaps a matching hat — she should have a good supply of things to keep her Arizona blood warm this winter now that they are back in the Midwest (or at least to try to keep her warm) 🙂


So I think today’s knitting project will be to start on these mittens now that I have my notes jotted down for the pattern I like for my mittens.   It’s overcast and gloomy (which it has been for at least the last three days – drizzly, foggy, raining, cold) so typical fall weather.


And look what showed up at my doorstep last night.  The advance copies of Quiltmaker 100 Blocks Volume 8.  I was so afraid with all the rain we had the mailperson would just leave it outside my door and they would be ruined by the time I got home.  Not so — our trusty mailperson had them wrapped up in a plastic bag to keep them dry.  Thank you mailperson!  Now I just have to wait for the highly coveted coffee mug to arrive. 🙂  Don’t forget, 100 Blocks Blog Hop fun starts November 11.

Now a little sewing I think — forget about that housework for now!



It’s coming sooon……

      Blog Tour Starts November 5!  and that happens to be my day on the blog tour.  The countdown has started and the “blue” issue will be hitting the newstands the beginning of November and I’m anxiously awaiting my advance copies.   Links will  be added to the sidebar so that throughout the Blog Tour you can easily find your way to the Quiltmaker blog where all the info on which blogs to visit each day will be listed, along with prize giveaways, etc.

Happy Mother’s Day

 Happy Mother’s Day to my own “favorite” Mom! 😉

In honor of the day (and Mom), I’ve designed Bloomin’ Bowl ~A Mother’s Day Bouquet and you can download the file if you’d like it.  If the link above doesn’t work – it’s a wordpress one and wordpress has been difficult lately, try this link at box.net   Bloomin’Bowl

No yardage is given – it’s a great stashbuster since you don’t need a lot of fabric to make it.  Speaking of stashbusting – my stashbusting report for this Sunday – well I made two blocks yesterday and the rest of what I was working on I didn’t finish yet so I’ve got not a thing to add to the stashbusting report.  One of these days I know I’m going to make some headway! (which I’ve been saying for a couple months now).

ButI do have something else to report — this is my 1,000 blog post and as promised a few days ago, when I hit 1,000 I would be giving away yet another copy of the Quiltmaker 100 Blocks latest issue that hit the shelves last week.  So if you don’t already have the issue and would like to be eligible for the random drawing, just leave a comment on this post.   Next time I log back into the blog — which could be 3 hours from now or it could be tomorrow — who knows — I will choose a random winner from those who left comments.       WINNER CHOSEN.

Happy Mother’s day Mon!

Love, Denise