Blocks Done

col  My crayon blocks are done and just need to be sewn into their rows.  These have been so quick and fun to make.  The hardest part was my background fabric.  It is white with a slightly cream marbling on it.  I think I managed to get them all right side out and if not – heck you cannot tell.

I’ve  been having a “Christmas Carol” marathon while I’ve been sewing yesterday and today.  It’s one of my favorite holiday movies and I have probably 4 or 5 different versions of it.  But now I think it’s time to switch to something else — another all time Christmas classic — Santa Claus Conquers the Martians — LOL 


Fizz and Fresco

What do Fizz and Fresco have in common — they are fabric lines from Patrick Lose and there will be a package (actually two) due to arrive early next week.  Every time I look at the header of my blog I think — I really want to make that quilt.  And I really want to make it in those bright colors.  And I really want to make it, get it done, so it can be used to photograph for the EQ Boutique pattern cover image.

  The fabrics from EQ that I colored it in with were in fact Patrick Lose marble mania so I started searching on line for a shop that might carry a large number of one of his fabric lines and never realized you can buy them direct from his website.   How easy and so many colors to choose from!   So the Fresco fabrics (similar to those shown in the image at left) will be the crayon points and ends and the Fizz, which is a tone on tone circular designed fabric will be the crayon ‘paper wrapper’.   It wasn’t easy trying to pick 10 lovely colors and then 10 more to coordinate with them with so many lovelies to choose from but I think I’ll be pleased.

I have never ordered from there before but within an hour or so I got an email my 21 or 22 different fabrics were cut and packaged and I had a tracking number.  Super speedy!   Course then that night when I was looking at the design I realized I hadn’t ordered the black fabric.  Dang – and I was rethinking the skinny border colors.    So next morning I placed another order for the 3 or so additional fabrics (the black and skinny border fabrics are from a different fabric line of his but I can’t remember the name off the top of my head). Within the hour – notice that my package was already in shipping and an email from Gary (who had been packaging my order) apologizing that my prior order had already been shipped so they couldn’t save the the extra postage.   Heck, I knew the other package had gone  – so told them no problem, I had simply forgot to order everything I needed.  A very short time later there was another email from Gary saying Patrick had asked him to refund both shipping costs and thank me for useing his fabrics in my projects and being such a good customer.    Well, you can’t get better customer service than that!  Unexpected, out of the blue, and there was absolutely no reason they needed to do that but you can be sure I am a very happy customer!  I can’t wait to see those lovely fabrics all spread out.

I didn’t go too crazy with the yardage amount of each piece I ordered but I should have some leftovers from each fabric (except maybe the background) so I’m already thinking that there’s two other projects the leftovers would be so perfect in.

  This one – which we’re going to be doing as a sew along on TQP would be great with all those leftover fabrics in the bright stars.  And my plan to make a mini Frozen Delights — they are definitely frosty treat colors.

Okay – I’ve had my coffee and now the only dilemma of the day — what to do next!?

On the agenda are such things as do I  (1) go to the grocery store (I haven’t had breakfast, I’m really hungry, this could be bad  but I’d have to wait for the next bus so I may loose interest in that by then LOL   (2) head to the sewing room to start some rearranging (hmmmm…. not so sure about that plan)   (3) refill my coffee cup and go sit and knit I (always a possibility)  (4) clean out the sewing room closet ONLY long enough to find my leaf blocks ? I’m leaning towards this one but know if I only clean enough to find those blocks, I’ll make more of a mess than I currently have.

What leaf blocks you ask?

I have a whole lot of appliqued leaf blocks that I made – hmm  2 years ago, 3? 4? and I was thinking I need to do something with them.  I love fall and usually need to make a new fall quilt or wallhanging each year to celebrate all those wonderful fall colors.

Here’s the layout I was playing with in EQ.  Just a simple layout but I’m thinking of using a jelly roll I have where the green fabric is in the sashing so there would be some fall colored scrapiness to it.  My leaves are all hand dyed fabrics if I remember right – many of them Cherry Hill fabrics so they look sort of suedey.

  The final task I was considering is doing one more search through the stash to see if I can find a fabric I like better than my original choice for the sashing in my CTS quilt.  But that too, would probably compel me to clean out the whole closet.

Guess I’ll get dressed first and see where that leads me. LOL