Rain and wind and falling leaves

That was what today was filled with.  It’s definitely a blustery cool fall day – gray all day and of couse it had to start raining right before I left work.  I think there will be a lot fewer leaves on the trees tomorrow morning because they were fluttering down as fast as the rain.

A good night to make some soup for dinner (since I’m uninspired to make anything else), and then get comfy and knit the rest of the night.

Before I ended my quiltathon days on Sunday night, I did manage to get this top layered so it’s just waiting for me to clear off the table again to make some room to machine quilt on it.  Haven’t decided what thread I want to use yet or how I want to quilt it.

Most of the pieces (not the circles or squares at the ends) but all the rest were left over pieces from another project I had made so they went to good use rather than going in the wastebasket.

Last night I finished off the first sock of my second pair of Opal yarn socks and then cast on the 2nd sock — one good thing about the Socktoberfesst Opal Challenge (SOC) — it forces me to make the second sock right away when I might otherwise be tempted to work on something else.  Between this challenge and the 12 in 2012 (of which I’m already up to pair 15) I’m not going to have to wash those knit socks as often because I’ll have a much bigger supply to choose from this year than I did last year.

Here’s how far I am on this 2nd pair.  The yarn photo is from the Box of Fun waiting for me when I got to the office on Monday from TLE.  They did some yarn colors based on Camp Loopy and one of them was “Sunrise” –you can probably figure out which one has the sunrise colors in it.  The other two are Skein Top Drawer Sock – one of my top three favorite types of yarn.

Camp Loopy 2 finished

Here it is – my Camp Loopy 2 project all finished.  It’s the Infinitude Scarf by Jeni Chase on Ravelry.  I added about 80 more stitches to the lenght of it and made it wider so I can wrap it around my neck at least twice and pull it up in the back like a hood if the weather is really cold. It’s a bit bulky because of the worsted yarn I used but it will be oh so warm on those wickedly windy and cold Wisconsin winter days.  The bottom photo  actually shows the yarn color much more true – a really pretty red with some darker shading – Lipstick Lava.

A Loopy Day

Yep — this yarn arrived from the Loopy Ewe for my Camp Loopy 2 project – Greta.

I’ll have to get a better photo in daylight – the yarns not quite that dark but it’s a pretty red.   And whats in that little package that’s on top of the yarn – glaring from the camera flash so you can’t really see it — it’s a suprise Camp Loopy logo temporary tatoo!  Too funny!Can’t cast on until the 27th but that will give me time to find the right size needles and do a gauge swatch.

And here’s where I am now with the Harvest Dew (Raverly) sock pattern.  Restarted and this yarn shows the texture much better.

 Tho you know my aversion to pinkish things – this yarn I just love.

Nothing to show on the design wall today – the quilt I was quilting on yesterday is still spread over the table waiting for me to make the binding.



Camp Loopy 2

I woke up way earlier than normal — which turned out to be a good thing since I never set the alarm when I went to bed last night. Yikes!  But since I was up, I had a sneaking suspicion that if I checked Sheri’s blog the information for the next Camp Loopy project just might be listed there. Yes indeed it was. So I got busy finding my pattern and what yarn I wanted to order for it.

The second project (in keeping with the Olympics theme) must use at least 800 yards of yarn and must be made in at least one color of your country’s flag.  Well white is out because I’m way too messy to make anything white.  So red or blue it would be — and it didn’t necessarily have to be the same shade of the color in your flag — but that just made the color choices harder.  Light blue, denim blue, navy or anything in between.  Then I found a very pretty little shawl pattern that I thought would look good wrapped our the next of my red winter coat next year.  And I found a very pretty red yarn  – Dream in Color, Classy, Lipstick Lava — is that not a great name – Lipstick Lava.   I ordered three hanks of yarn and I was all set….. until later in the day when I read Judy’s blog – yes you know who I’m talking about — anyway I got to the end of her first paragraph where it says 800 yards.   Shoot and dang … I know I did not order 800 yards of yarn!

I knew the requirement was 800 yards when I started looking at patterns but somewhere along the way changed my brain into thinking it was only 600 yards.  The project I picked was just over 600 yards and I ordered enough yarn to make it but not 800 yards worth!  I blame it on getting up too early and not having any coffee — never operate a computer if you are NOT under the influence of caffine!! ;-)

So first things first — go back to my pending order at the Loopy Ewe and send the Loopy Elves a message on my order asking if they can add another hank of yarn or if I need to order it separately (and hope they had not yet run out of it since I’m sure there was a lot of red yarn being ordered today).   Next wait – keeping my fingers crossed they will have the yarn.

So later this afternoon I checked and yipee!!!  – there was a message from Sheri that my discount had been taken off the order (heck I had forgotten about the Camp discount) and there in the receipt of my order was listed 4 hanks rather than three.  Seriously, they are the fastest shipping and best service yarn shop I have ever dealt with.  With Camp Loopy it may slow down shipment a little due to the huge volume of orders and they have to go in an add the discount to each individual order to process it but under normal circumstances I can order one day, have confirmation later that day and two days later the package arrives like clockwork.  Can’t sing their praises enough.

So tonight I’ll be perusing a bunch of pattern printouts to see if there’s anything in there that uses at least 800 yards but less than less than 1,000, uses worsted weight yarn and is something I can knit or crochet in a month.  Don’t know what that will be but I’ve got a while to figure it out.

And don’t tell Judy …..we tend to think very much alike sometimes and it scares both of us alot!!! ROFLOL  But on her blog post she shows several patterns she was considering.  In my folder of patterns I want to make I have two of the same ones she has laid out there  — SPOOKY! aren’t we!  The red sweater in the upper left corner of her photo has a lovely lace bottom and would be really pretty in my red yarn but I don’t want to make that for Camp Loopy since I don’t think I’ll have enough time (and didn’t order enough yarn for that one) and she also has the Milkweed cape which is so very very pretty.  I just love that design.

Some would say great minds just think alike but we think it’s just plain scarey! ;-)


Stashbusting and Camp Loopy Project 1 Completed

Alas — there is nothing new to report on the Stashbusting front.  I’m still quilting on the four patch stacked posey I was quitling on last weekend but I’m moving along.  Need to get off the computer and get back to work on that!

My Spectra scarf is done, blocked and ready to wear!  Camp Loopy project 1 finished June 9 – way ahead of the June 27 deadline date so I’m happy about that.  Now of course I’m anxious to see what’s next at Camp Loopy.

Busy Afternoon of Loopy Flowers

I’m now free of the extra table that was in my living room.  The sewing room has been rearranged for it to hold the printer and tv and then I started cleaning out the bookcase shelves to make room for quilt magazines that were cluttering up other places.  Well I kept going and cleaned out the various baskets and containers on those shelves when had become catchalls for all kinds of stuff.  Knitting, thread, quilt projects and left over pieces for the scrap basket.  All is neat and tidy and when they come to fix where there was a leak through my ceiling, I can just throw drop clothes over the shelves and table to keep the dust and mess off.

While cleaning, I found several of these.

 When ordering yarn from The Loopy Ewe  they include them – samples of yarns just to tempt me into buying more. :-)  But I can’t just throw them away  – those little yarns are so pretty.  So I was trying to thing of a way to use them.  A plain colored scarf with a fringe out of all those colorful bits would be pretty but I don’t have enough for that.  There’s about a yard of yarn wound on them and I came up with a plan.

 I made little berries or yo yos out of them.  I can see them along the bottom of a knit or crocheted scarf, a hat, or maybe a wool fabric scarf or tablerunner, embellishment on a felted purse, etc.  Here they are just laying on a piece of hand dyed wool — maybe a little candle mat with them around the edges.

To make them I used a  3.75 mm crochet hook, chained on three, joined into circle, chained two and then made as many double crochets into the circle as the length of yarn allowed – 10 to 12 – slip stitched to join into beginning and finished off.  Then I remembered all those left over little balls of sock yarn I had laying around and in no time at all I had all these. 

For the larger, more lacy ones, made from the sock leftovers, I started out the same as above making 12 double crochets in circle, joined with a slip stitch to first one, chained three (or four for some of the largest ones), single crochet in next stitch, chain 3, repeat single crochet  and chaining all the way around and then join and finish off.  You could embellish by attaching with a button or bead in the center as shown in the photograph or layer the little berries in the center of a lacy one like this. 

I don’t know for sure what I’ll do with them — I may have to go shopping now and find some plain yarn to make a scarf out of add them to. ;-)  or I’ve got an idea for a little pincushion made with a flower pot base and these attached to the top like little flowers.  Or sew all those squares of hand dyed wool fabric together into a little tote bag to embellish with them to use to carry my socks I knit on the bus ride to and from work in.  In the meantime, they are safely stashed away in a little jar so I can add more as I make them and come up with a plan.  Inspiration can come from all kinds of places  and in this case, just some little cards with a free yarn sample has set the creative juices flowing….