Satin stitched

I have now remembered why I don’t particularly like satin stitching.  My machine is never very cooperative with how wide I want it and  how dense I want it.

20140309_4 I’m not too sure whether he looks like he’s winking or he’s drunk LOL but either way he’s stitched down so now I have to think where I go from here.


But enough sewing for one day.  I spent all day yesterday and pretty much all day today sewing and it was great but I need to clear away some of this mess – plus I can feel yesterday’s marathon quilting session in my shoulders today but not as still as I thought I’d be.  Need to figure out what quilt to get layered up to start quilting on next.

Dinner is cooking – steak, asparagus and baked potatoe – given choice of anything – this would be the meal I choose every time – my favorite and my “reward” – 50 lbs lost as of today, on to the next 50. 🙂