On the Needles Friday – 7/20 (Rockefeller Spoiler)

Ah – I just popped over to Judy’s blog and realized it’s On the Needles Friday time.¬† I normally have to wait until the end of the day to add my progress but can I say it once again… VACATION!!! ūüôā

What’s on the needles is the Rockefeller KAl.¬† Compared to the photo I posted yesterday,¬†I’m a bit farther along and think I only have about¬†4 or 5 more wedges before I can move on to clue 2, which is printed off and waiting.



Socks and bags and scarfs – knitting central

Finally the last of the Christmas gifts are nearly completion.  About time so I can get a package or two in the mail next week.

Here’s the last pair of socks I had to make.¬† Finished last night.¬† This is one of the pairs I was making for Judy L’s knit along.¬† I really like these so it’s probably a good thing they are a bit too small for me or I might keep them.¬† They are just bright and fun.

Here’s the lastest scarf still in progress.¬† One thing I learned when using the two sock yarns together.¬† Pick a sock yarn that doesn’t have too much of the plain colored yarn you are using for the second strand.¬† This one has a lot of blue and dark brown (along with the pinky red colors) so that it pools more into dark blue splotches.¬† It started out making sort of an X design, which I like but then switch to more square clumps of the pinks and red.¬† However, at the needle edge it looks like its going back to the Xs which is what I’m hping for.¬† No matter how it turns outs, it will be lovely and warm regardless.¬† I’ll just pick my colors to combine a bit more carefully next time to get a more tweedy look.

And here’s a finished Booga Bag.

I really like the way it turned out and hopefully the recipient will too. ūüôā¬† Now to get more grommets to finish off the other one that is a gift and the one for me!

Tomorrow I may actually get some quilting time in – imagine that!¬† But that Christmas tree is also looking naked without any ornaments on it so may have to rectify that.¬† But have the day to myself, until 6 p.m., so plan to hibernate from the forecasted rain turning to snow until it’s time to go out for dinner and then to the Second City Dysfunctional Holiday Review.¬† Should be fun.


Saturday stuff

Well I haven’t gotten to any sewing today – spent the better part of the day on the Ravelry.com site looking at patterns.¬† If you knit or crochet and haven’t checked out their site, check it out.¬† It’s free and there’s all kinds of patterns available for free or to buy the download.¬† Places to add your own project photos, keep track of your yarn stash, create your own library of patterns you want to try rather than have to search them out again … all kinds of great stuff.¬† No affiliation … just great stuff!¬† I’ve found a scarf pattern to get started on later tonight that should be quick to make.¬† The cold weather has definitely put me in a knitting mode.¬† I’m anxiously awaiting a yarn and pattern order for a pullover sweater – well, make that two yarn orders since there’s some sock yarn coming from another place along with some other lovely yarns that clicked their way into my shopping cart.

The last two of my Booga type bags have been felted and are now drying.¬† I crocheted a little flower and then felted it and it turned out very cute.¬† I’ll post photos once everything is all dry.¬† I think it will be an embellishment on something.¬† I knit the leftover wool scraps into a little case for my sunglasses to slip into, which I think felted to the correct size.¬† I crocheted it rather than knit (quicker) but it looks the same felted as the knit items.¬† Another rectangle I knit¬†that I’m going to attempt putting a zipper in and sewing the sides on as a little cosmetic bag to go in my booga bag.

Tho I didn’t get to any sewing, check out what Peggy, a member of The Quilting Post made.¬† It’s my Stacked Spools pattern which you can find in the sidebar.¬† She did it all in flannels – I can just image how snuggly warm it must be.¬† Just lovely, Peggy!¬† thanks for letting me share the photo.

¬† She’s much speedier than I am – mine still needs it’s final plain border.¬† I had run out of fabric but found one that will work so need to get it on and get it quilted.

But for now, time to snuggle under a cozy quilt (dang it’s cold outside) and do some knitting.


Saturday Stuff

Ah – a weekend finally where I h ave no place to go and nothing I have to do.¬† It’s been weeks and weeks¬† it seems like since I had truly a free weekend.¬† So now my dilemma is what to do.¬† Sew, knit, clean (no, I think not on that cleaning).¬† It’s a very crisp morning outside – fall is definitely in the air.¬† So now that I’ve had several cups of coffee I think it’s time to get to get busy on something.

Last night I finished off¬† one of the socks I had been working on.¬† I have vowed not to let it linger too long before making it’s mate.¬†¬†








Also finished off this bright pair that I had started on the ride home from the cabin.

Then went digging through the yarn baskets and forgot just how many single socks I had finished over the past months that were waiting for a mate.¬† It’s always so fun to see how new yarns knit up that I kept moving onto a different sock and never finishing the mates.¬† So found one where the first sock was done and just the toe was left on the second.¬† Finished that one off in no time.¬†¬†¬†




Here they are.

I like the shades of blues in this pair.


Pulled out another pair that just need the foot finsihed on the second sock and was about to complete that one when I remembered they are the “BAD” purple socks.¬† The ones where I had to keep restarting on the first sock becuase I kept messing up the design.¬† Then when I finally had it mastered, when I started the second sock I picked up the wrong needles — too big — so that sock is decided larger and has to be ripped back …hmmmm that’s why they were sitting in the basket.¬† They have gone back to the basket to sit a while longer since I don’t feel like dealing with them.¬†¬† But pulled out another sock that needed it’s mate and started on that one.¬† There’s still two other lone socks in that basket that need their mate so if I concentrate on all the ones that need to be finished without starting new ones (a terrible temptation) I’ll have many of my Christmas gifts finished.¬† There’s also one lone mitten in there that I made at the cabin that needs it’s mate made two which is destined for a gift also so need to finish that off.

So now, enough dwaddling – time to get busy.¬† I’ve got Continous Chain pieces sitting on the table to stitch on but think I may start on the Christmas Charm design instead.¬† Don’t forget – I plan to have this pattern available for download for you at Thanksgiving and will post the yardage and cutting instructions ahead of time once I have them completed.






Yes, we actually now have snow on the ground.¬† About 3″ of the fluffy stuff fell Thursday night in very short order and of course during the commute home from work which always makes it oh so fun.¬† It’s very pretty, tho, lining all the tree limbs.¬† But it was 50 one day last week and now about 20 so quilte a temperature change.¬† But all the way through November we really had mild temps so I’m trying to be grateful for hat and ignore the fact that the high temp next Thursday is only 19 degrees!¬† This was taken just as the snow stopped.

I’ve been so derelict in updating the blog but have been busy – socks, many socks, had to be made. Whew – they are done.

Here’s the last two pairs I finished.

And there’s even been a little quilting – just finished off the bindings on these potholders

and I’ve got a holiday wallhanging I quilted last weekend that I just need to cut some binding for and get it sewn on. Oh yes, and four other potholders are waiting their bindings to be sewn down.¬† I might actually get to keep a couple of the potholders for myself this time!¬† And all of them made out of the stash even.

As I was searching for the mittens and scarfs – which I found – but if you find a pair of brown winter boots please let me know.¬† Mine are being very elusive at the moment so I need to mount a search!¬† Anyway, while pulling out the scarfs I came upon this shawl which I had totally forgotten about.¬† I had finished it right before the weather was nice enough to pack away the winter stuff so it’s never been used.

It’s lovely warm and cozy and perfect to wrap around my shoulders if I’m sitting and stitching, knitting or reading.¬† It will keep me toasty this winter.¬† But that fringe – I think it’s going to have to go.¬† The uncut edges of the yarn pull apart just like pulling on cotton candy.¬† After using it for just a few hours this evening, it has “shed” all over the chair.




And finally, here’s the pair of socks I started for me.¬† I really like the way the yarn is knitting up and the pattern stitch.

Stash Report, Socktoberfest and Stuff

I had to think really hard to remember what quilting I had done since last week Рit seems so long ago.  But I did use a pittance of fabric  making a snow lady wallhanging last Sunday and adding a hanging sleeve to my most favorite seasonal wallhanging yesterday.

So for the stash report — used this week 1.5 yds; purchased y-t-d 142 yds; used y-t-d 202.5….. 60.5 yds net used… can’t complain about that.


Socktoberfest time¬†is dwindling but I’m still knitting.¬† Here’s the latest sock I’m working on – it’s going to be more of an ankle sock style and is from Plymouth’s Sockotta — 45% cotton, 40% superwash wool and 15%nylon.¬† I was looking for a yarn with more cotton than wool since these¬† will go to my Mom in Arizona.¬† I also solved (or will once I go shopping) the dilemma of the purple socks that I was running out of yarn on. Although I just managed to squeeze one sock out of hank, they just don’t seem long enough.¬† They are for a gift and I’m guessing at size but I’m sure they’ve go to be too short.¬† So rather than order another hank of yarn on line (if it’s even still available and hope the dye batch is the same) I’ll just find another solid purple locally and make solid colored toes — why the heck didn’t I think of that sooner? One of those truly DUH! moments.¬†

As for that favorite seasonal quilt¬† “Fall Bounty” which was designed in EQ – I’ve shown it before I think,¬†but I just pulled it out to hang and I so love it.¬† I generally do not make scrappy quilts but this one I just pulled a huge stack of fall fabrics/scraps and picked at random.¬† It used to hang on a different hanging system so didn’t


have a hanging sleeve on it –¬† but now I needed one so I could hang it in my living room.¬† The hangers – which are chopped off¬† in the photo are metal sculpture hooks (like to hang a coat or towel on with just a decorative rod.¬† I have several large wallhangings I switch seasonally to hangin this spot but they’re all just a little different in size.¬† This way I can just use the same rod and not make more holes in the wall.

I hate sewing on hanging sleeves more than anything else.¬† The method I originally had learned was to whip stitch the top of the hanging sleeve, then create about a half inch pleat (to help accommodate rod) and stitch botton in place.¬† It just never seemed to work right – something always ended up a little crooked.¬† Then I found this on the AQS blog.¬† It’s incredibly easy to do and no messing with pressing in a pleat.¬† Now Thankful Bounty hangs very nicely with its new hanging sleeve that took no time at all.¬† I won’t mind sewing hanging sleeves any more.


And here’s yesterday’s baking – pumpkin chocolate chip bread which I’m currently enjoying a slab of right now.¬† It’s delicious and moist – a slab (you just can’t cut a skinny slice cause of those chocolate chips – it falls apart) so a slab and a cup of coffee – perfect for a crispy fall morning.¬† I was going to take one loaf in to work but may just put it in the freezer and keep it all for me!

Now off to get busy – there’s knitting, sewing, and some cross stitch to be done.¬† While cleaning yesterday I came across some cross stitch magazines I had forgotten about – holiday issues.¬† I had decided the three bosses may get home made christmas ornament collections this year so found some cross stitch ones in there to make for them.

What’s on the Design Wall this Monday?

Well, there’s a whole lot on the design wall.¬† This is what it looked like earlier in the week.
There’s 90+ blocks on that wall.¬† All 6.5″.¬† They are from two rounds of a block swap of 30’s repros.¬† Plus a few blocks pulled from other swaps that were the same size block and it just so happened someone used 30’s fabric.¬† There’s also a group of blocks made to go with them from a BOM I’m working on.¬†¬† I’m taking the easy way out for the BOM – using the layout for it but since it’s also made up of 6.5″ blocks, instead of making new blocks and multiples of¬† 15¬†or 16 different¬†designs,¬†using these will help clear a couple more baggies out of those swap block boxes¬†and I’ll have even more block¬†variety in the quilt.
Here’s what the layout will look like generally:
95X107repros  It was designed in EQ by my cohort Susan  and I for The Quilting Posts BOM.
Here’s what the design wall looks like today – after working on this project for a while yesterday.
I’m running out of room!¬† I have the center area pieced with spool blocks and 9 patches.¬† None of the other blocks are in any particular order – I just keep shifting them to the side when I need more room for the center.¬† But¬†before going farther I have to figure out the place of blocks for the first¬†round of those 6.5″ blocks, ¬†along wth a whole stack that isn’t on the wall yet.¬† I may regret using the orange print I used for the HSTs border in my rendition since the quilt is busy to start with but I love that print.¬† The thin plain borders will be various 30’s solids.¬† But it may take a few days of shifting blocks around to figure out the final location for each block.
Today was a banner mail day at the office … some new clothes I had ordered arrived,¬† also an early birthday box from a friend, and then¬†my yarn order arrived.¬† Truly speedy!¬† Look at these lovely colors.
I shall refrain from making anything with these until I finish the others in progress…. really I will… well maybe I will. ūüėČ

Swap Blocks in the making

I’ve been busy making swap blocks the past two evenings off and on.¬† I now have three sets done and will get a few more finished later in the weekend.¬† I forgot until today that there’s a three day weekend coming up. ūüôā Most of that will be spent getting the ribbon butterfly layered and quilted – hopefully.

Here’s the three diffent swap sets I have done so far.


And the sock I’m working on is coming along nicely.¬† I really love this particular yarn and have to pick up the pace since I think they may be a birthday present for a friend.

1001090005  Course that means another deadline to meet! I need to quit doing that.  Course they could always wait and be her Christmas gift instead.  Will have to see how the next few weeks go.

A coworker asked me if I actually wear the socks I make — well I would, if I ever actually finish a whole pair.¬† Need to get going on those second socks to the two single ones I have done.

Stashbusting Project ala Judy

Finally got to some sewing this afternoon.¬† A stash quilt pattern from Judy.¬† I’ve got the first instructions done and here are my large flying geese.


Just need to trim some dog ears off them and they’re all set to go.¬† Since I have lots of civil war repos, I pulled a different fabric for each of the 48 squares I needed for the flying geese blocks so each fabric is used twice.¬† That’s probably the part I dislike most about scrappy quilts – having to pull all those fabrics to cut just one piece – but I wanted to use as many different fabrics from that grouping as possible.¬† So I set aside all the fabrics I cut from this time and in subsequent instructions will pull from the fabrics I haven’t used yet to incorporate as many different prints as possible.

But that’s all the sewing for today.¬† Have chicken in the oven baking and think I’ll go knit on that sock for a while. I’ve gotten about 4″ knit since starting on it last night.

Visit with the Family

Had a lovely few days visit with my parents.¬† They were here in cold Wisconsin having arrived from sunny Arizona.¬† Not so sure they will appreciate the snow we got today. ūüôā¬† Enough snow to coat most of the ground a little but it pretty much disappeared by the time I headed home for work.¬†It was pretty while it was falling tho.

After my parents picked me up, wWe headed to my Aunt’s house and spent a few days with her which was nice.¬† While there, I worked on some of my christmas presents.¬† Rather than all quilted items, some of gifts this year will be knit and/or crocheted this year.

Slippers, slippers and more slippers I’ve been making.¬† Perfect for running around the house and keeping your tootsies warm at the same time.¬† And hey – if you’ve got wood floors, they work as a dust mop at the same time. ūüôā¬† Usually when I’m looking for a pattern, I find only one in a whole book¬†of patterns that I really¬†like. Not this time – I came across a book at the local craft store that has¬†10 different slipper patterns and there’s really only one that I probably don’t see myself ever making.¬† The book is by Annie’s Attic and you can see¬†it here on their website.


I’m making several different styles of slippers and testing out the sizes, hoping they will fit someone when I get them done.¬† So far so good on most of them.

The first photo below¬†was the first pair I made and for some reason each slipper is a different size.¬† I believe it is due to “operator error” ūüôā¬† I made a pair of knit mittens in between making¬†the first and second¬†slipper and I think I grabbed a different size hook when I went to make the second one.¬† Will probably keep this pair for myself and fix one of them later so they are the correct size.¬† I love the little crocheted baubles on the ends of the ties.

The second and third photo are the same pattern except I added a lacy look edging to the top of the pair in the second photo Рthat last one is my favorite so far Рlove the finished look and the yarns and super easy to make. 

I need to make a trip to the store for more yarn but that could be bad – it’s also located in my favorite local quilt store, Stitchers Crossing, which means the fabric stash, as well as the yarn stash could be enhanced!