Monday’s Quilting Progress

I didn’t realize it was already approaching 9 p.m. and no one has made me dinner yet!  I really need to hire me a cook for when I’m on vacation since I tend not to want to stop what I’m doing to bother to cook. LOL  I think its popcorn for dinner tonight.

Today I pulled out the Just Butterflies quilt top, pieced the backing and started quilting on it.  I would probably have it all quilted by now and be working on the binding except for the storms this afternoon.  The golf ball size hail missed us as did the 70 mph winds.  But there was lots of ugly sky and lots of lightening so I unplugged my machine for a couple hours while the storms went through.  We ended up with a nice rain – a bit heavy for a little while but not bad and none of the damages that other areas not far away were getting.

So tomorrow, hopefully, I’ll get the quilting finished on that quilt and get the binding attached.  Which will mean another Quilt from the Crate is out of the crate and this one was also one of the past month’s UFO challenge quilts that I didn’t previously get finished so I’ll be one step closer to gettting caught up on the UFO challenge project finishes.

Here’s one corner of the quilt.   There’s a feather design in the outer border.  The sashing, cornerstones, and then the framing around each butterfly are all stitched in the ditch and then there’s some antennae and just some meandering around the butterflies.  It will be another quilt to add to the donation pile.

During the storms I also got about half the binding hand sewn down on the western quilt  – lest you think I was just fritterin away the time. 🙂