Design Wall Monday

Here’s what’s on the design wall today – excuse the blurry photo.  All the wedding quilt blocks are sewn together.  Now I’ve got to pull out the batik leftovers and start cutting pieces for borders.  Those little melon shapes fit together very nicely so you don’t even notice they are seamed down the middle.  I was afraid they might prove difficult but not at all. Whew!

 Here’s the general idea of how I will finish it off with borders.

Since I was working mostly with FQs of the batiks, I’m just going to cut strips , whatever length I get, and stitch them all together for the middle border so they’ll be just sort of random.  And maybe do the same thing for the binding.

The two quilts for the Komen fund raiser golf outing auction are ready for delivery as soon as they come out of the dryer.  Here’s what the labels look like – found the perfect image (I always forget about the clip art images that came with the computer but found this one).  Woman golfer in a pink shirt no less – could be more perfect.









The shawl is coming along nicely – so far so good.  Except I was working on it during my lunch hour and got to the point where I needed stitch markers.  Drat didn’t bring them with me but office supplies to the rescue!  You know those little adhesive circles that protect the holes of hole-punched documents so the holes down rip out — well I stuck to of them to each other and then stuck the two pairs together so they’re four layers thick and they are the perfect thing! See below.

The little plastic ones I am always losing or they go flying out of my fingers across the room so buying a package of these will give me many to use (and lose)  much more cheaply!

The Wedding Quilt revisted

I’m still debating how I want to finish off those wedding quilt blocks.  I’m thinking I may add a thin sashing of the background fabric between each block.  The quilt needs to be a bit larger and that will help accomplish that along with adding the final border.  Here’s sort of what it would look like.  But I’m still debating how I want to finish it off.

Design Wall Monday

Here’s what is on the design wall today.  My niece’s wedding quilt blocks are back up.  I was going to set it on point but don’t think there’s enough background fabric left so will take the safe patch and lay it out hoizontally (and the somewhat lazy path since I won’t have to add in all those setting triangles.) 🙂

  So it’s up on the design wall so I can switch around blocks until I get the colors disbursed the way I want – shifting a block or two every time I walk by till I get it the way I like.

There’s also these – that haven’t made it to the design wall yet – the stacks of HSTs for the baby quilt that need to be squared up yet.

Sunday, May 9

First things first:

 Speaking of EQ – okay we weren’t yet but I was thinking about it  – this is another fun use of EQ.   I use it to make my own epostcards by adding lettering over a design.  This is the one I sent to my Mom this morning.  Actually I’ve used it to make real fabric postcards too – just print the designs on Printed Treasures (or your favorite printable fabric – that just happens to  be mine) and finish off into your postcard.

Now on to the stashbusting report – pretty darn good this week if I do say so myself.

Used this week:  10 yards (backing and cut baby quilt); purchased this week – zip, zero, nada

Used year to date:  139.5 yards ; purchased year to date 66  (Net used of 73.5)

Finally finished the binding on my niece’s graduation quilt



One graduation quilt down and the other to finish.  So off to do some pin basting.


Saturday Sewing

So far no sewing has been accomplished but other quilty things have.  Pattern instructions I needed to finish have had their final proof so I can email them off and cross that project off my list.  In the meantime I opened EQ and have still been thinking on the baby quit I need to make.  There is a group of baby quilt fqs in the stash that I remembered last night which I may use so was trying to come up with something I could make the most of them since there’s a pictorial sort of print that looks best not chopped up too much.  But here’s the general idea I’ve come up with.

The largest print would go in the center of the squares.  Now I need to print out yardage and do some figuring to see if the fat quarters will work where I want and if there’s anything in the stash that will work where I need larger yardage amounts. 

If I can find the right fabrics in the stash I’d like to get started on this this weekend and I’ve got the defrag quilt to get layered and start quilting on also.


Tuesday Progress

My test block of Crocus Clusters is done. I appliqued the leaves last night and decided to add in a third green on my version rather than just the two in the original drawing.  This went together so quickly and easily and now I can get on to cutting out the rest and starting to write up the instructions for the quilt.

And lest you think I’ve only been quilting and playing in EQ – which I have done a lot of lately –  I’ve finished another sock and started it’s mate.

Here’s the latest sock

Just my favorite simple little pattern in a self patterning yarn.  It will go in the Christmas gift pile.  This yarn comes with a matching dyed reinforcing thread which I actually remembered to add this time when I got to the heel – usually I’m halfway through the heel before I rememer that particular yarn came with the reinforcing thread.  Adds just a little thickness to heel and should help it wear a bit better and keep its shape.

Continuous Chain BOM – another EQ project

The new BOM starting in July has a name.  Thank you to all who came up with name suggestions.  A name suddenly came to me as I was working on revising that one block that was turned the wrong way.  So it will be known as the Continuous Chain BOM.  Now friend Janet will find that funny because when I announced when the Crocus Clusters project would be posted, she asked what was up with the double C names.  We’ve got the Crop Cirlces BOM, Crocus Clusters project and now .. well Continuous Chain.  But if you look at the design and start at the upper left corner and follow the dark brown chain through the design, you will see it’s like one of those maze games.  You can follow the path through the entire quilt and it ends at the upper left corner – hence Continous Chain.  Plus it really made me laugh when I realized it was another “CC” name.  🙂

Look for a link to appear in the left sidebar soon.  I’ll get the yardage requirements posted in the next week or so.  You can see other fabric combinations for this quilt, designed in EQ of course, in past posts.


My best stash report so far!

It’s a banner stashbusting report day!  At least for me.    As I was tallying up what I had used, I realized I forgot to add the backing in on one quilt that was finished in February and then there is all the fabric for a BOM I’ve been working on which I was waiting to tally at the end.  I just cut the last border sections for it yesterday so those too really topped off my stash useage this week! Plus there’s the backing for the quilt I’m currently layering to start quilting on.  Got to love those backings when you can add them to the stash report.

Drum roll please…..

No fabrics purchased this week.  But 25 yards added to the used column  this week for a net Y-T-D  of 63.5.  Since I’ve purchased 66 yards so far this year, my net used is nearly equal to the purchase amount but the number I like best is that in four months I’ve used a total of 129.5 yards – not bad.

As for my revised stashbusting goals of for every new project started, I (1) quilt a top from the stash and(2)work on a project from the swap boxes,  the Tulip quilt I recently quilted was a top from the stash (plus I quilted my niece’s graduation quilt and the Komen quilt although those two never really made it to the top stash), the potholders I made for Mom for Mother’s day were from the swap box from a fabric swap.  So, so far so good but then I only came up with this new plan last month. 🙂  We’ll see if I can keep it up.

So the quilting plans for May: (1) new project  – I want to get started on my Crocus Clusters.  (2) I need to pull the blocks I made for my niece’s wedding quilt back out of the stash and decide how I want to lay them out – on point or not – and decide on borders, etc. and get that top done and start quilting it (3) find something in the swap boxes to at least get to the top stage since there’s many groups of swap blocks in there to choose from.  And there’s the Defrag quilt to finish layering an quilt which is top of the list.  Gosh, I’m tired already!

All of this would be accomplished much more easily if I wouldn’t turn on the computer and open EQ.  I’ve been plahing with a lot of designs lately – several old ones I had never finished and sometimes coming back to them later you look at them a bit differently and they are easier to finish off.  Here’s one I finished off this morning – it had no borders on it.  Reminds me of an argle sweater.

Check out yesterday’s posts too – new free projects coming to the blog – Crocus Clusters and a new BOM when Crop Circles is finished but the BOM needs a name so please give me your name suggestions for that design. 🙂

Crop Circles May Installment now available!

It’s been a very busy day.  I just finished loading the May installment of Crop Circles  – less then 2 hours to spare but managed to get it posted on the proper day. 🙂


I also got some sewing done today among many other things.  Here’s the Defrag quilt all sewn together.  I think I’m just going to quilt it and bind it – no borders.  Now to plop in a comfy chair after sitting at the computer or sewing machine most of the day!

Name that Quilt

Rather than doing a whole list of other things I should, I’ve been playing with an EQ design I started a while ago.  I will get the May Crop Circles written up soon.. really I will…and it will stay up a full month’s time so you have plenty of time to download it, but in thinking about that, I realized we’ll soon be drawing to a close on Crop Circles.  I think there’s just May and June and it will be finished off.  So what to work on after that?  I decided to offer this pattern  below as a block of the month to finish out  the year.  But alas, it has no name!  and I am always stuck trying to come up with names for quilts.  So what do you think it should be called?  Post a comment with your suggestion of what I should call it and you could name this next BOM.   I’ll begin posting the monthly sewing instuctions starting the first Saturday in July.  There will be a page set up in the right sidebar where you can get the links to the pdf files.  Once it has a name I’ll also post the yardage requirements and other pertinent info by June 1 so be sure to check back.

My first coloring was the purple and green (I seem to be stuck on purple lately) but I randomly colored it in with some other color combinations to show you what it could look like in a few different colorways.  I’m really liking the brown and pinkish combination – even tho pink is not a favorite color of mine so go figure! 

So, what name should it have?