Dog Pound Pals Adoption Society (DPPAS)

dppasbuttonfinalSign ups for this project are officially slated to start Dec. 1 but you can start signing up now.  BEFORE you  email me to sign up– be sure you have read the information about this applique project and understand how it will work.    Click that cute dog button in the sidebar to find out what you need to know about this project and what you need TO DO before emailing me ( to sign up.

So sign ups are open — you must sign up between now and January 25, 2015.  Sign ups will close that date and no one else will be able to join the group after that date.

We’ll begin actual work on this project the first Saturday in February, continuing each first Saturday of each month thereafter. 





Quiltmaker 100 Blocks Blog Tour – November 12, 2013

Welcome to the Quiltmaker Blog Tour for the Winter 2013 – Volume 8 issue of 100 Blocks.  Visit the Quilty Pleasures blog for the list of blogs to visit each day, giveaways and other information.

First I’d like to thank Quiltmaker for including another one of my blocks in an issue of 100 Blocks.  I am very honored and thrilled to see it there and be a part of such a great collection of blocks.

So on to my block – which is called  SPLASH.

s-2  It’s applique – and mine is done with hand applique (of course it is, my friends who personally know me are saying! – they know I love hand applique) 🙂  I use the freezer paper on the bottom method of hand applique.  I love that method because I can achieve smooth curves, circles and good points more easily than with any of the other applique methods I’ve tried.

The fabric used for the applique is all from one fabric piece – a ombre fabric designed by McKenna Ryan for her Sand in my Shoes fabric collection.  It’s one that I’ve had in my stash for a few years, courtesy of Hoffman California Fabrics.  But any ombre fabric is perfect to get all the different shades used out of one piece of fabric and there are many styles of them on the market.  It could also be done in all one color and still look great or graduated shades of hand dyed fabric would  be equally lovely.  Or rounds of rainbow colors – wouldn’t that make a bright and happy quilt.

How did I come up with the block design?  I was working on a block collection for EQ Boutique, Miss Daisy’s Garden, and it was initially a block drawing that was going to be included in that collection.  But I decided to leave it out of the collection since the rest were all clearly flowers and this one, not.   However, I think  it looks great as an alternate block set with some of the Miss Daisy’s blocks as shown in the quilt image below.

You may notice that the Splash block shown in the quilt layout does not have the little circles on the outer edges.  Well, let me share a secret just between you and me — the original block did not have those little “drops” around the outside initially.  But as I was picking up my little scissors, which was  on top of the block, the tip of the scissors closed and slipped my background fabric.  Oh yes, you can image that many bad words were being said right about then.  I didn’t have time to remake the block before the deadline so nearly tossed it aside and wasn’t going to send it in.  But then I came up with the little circle drips idea and quickly added those – one is covering the snip – so that’s how the circles came to be added. Now remember, you have been sworn to secrecy.


Quiltmaker has graciously offered one free issue of this volume of Quiltmaker 100 Blocks to be given away through my blog and I personally have an extra copy to give away.  So in order to be eligible for the drawing, please leave a comment on this blog post.  Simple as that!

Leave your comment on this blog post before 12:00 p.m.  midnight – got my time messed up — central time on November 12, 2013, to be included in the drawing.  One entry per person only.  If you have never commented on my blog before, your post will be held in moderation until I get a chance to approve it.  Never fear – I will approve all comments that have come in timely before doing the random drawings.  Winners will be announced tomorrow, Nov. 13, here on the blog and and I will email the winners.  I must receive a response from the winners  to my email with their mailing address by November 15 or a new winner(s) will be chosen.

Good luck! Thanks for visiting and enjoy the rest of the blog hop!

If you enjoy applique, be sure to check out the new project to be presented on my blog in 2014 – the Dog Pound Pals Adoption Society.

dppasbuttonfinalYou can find information on that project by clicking the button in the right sidebar for that project that looks like this. 🙂


Design Wall Monday

  CTS blocks are still up on design wall 1  — waiting for those two missing house blocks before I can start on the sashing.  I also can’t start on the sashing yet because I ordered a new fabric to possibly use for it.  Something with a little more color than the navy tone on tone I originally bought.  The new stuff may be a bit too pastel but it’s hard to tell from just the online swatch.  But in any event it’s a lovely batik so will get used even if it doesn’t work for this project.

Design wall 2 still has the stained glass runner stuck on it tho it is now quilted and binding pinned for final hand stitching.  But heck I’ve been too busy knitting to do that hand stitching on the runner or the butterfly wallhanging that just needs the binding done.

Here’s how far I am on the first sock of my third party of Opal Socktoberfest challenge socks – down to the straight-away of the foot.  I like how the pattern on the leg broke up the stripes a bit and then the sole shows the stripes.  I just happened  to have some brown solid Opal that matched the stripey yarn perfect so decided I’d do the heel flap and toes in the brown.  I’m always so paranoid I’ll run out of yarn so nothing to worry about when mixing in the solid.

  And don’t miss out on the sale at EQ Boutique — they have extended it a day or two.  The code for the percentage off is in one of my blog posts from the weekend or on the Eq Boutique site.

Summer Sale at EQ Boutique!!!!

Yes that’s right – a weekend sale.  If you haven’t tried EQ Boutique – why the heck not. LOL  Seriously, there are lots of great block collections and quilt patterns by lots of great designers (and I’m not saying that just because I’m one of them). 🙂  And heck – they have free block collections to try out too.  And if you missed out on Quiltmaker 100 Blocks early magazine editions – they have the first two editions now available which means you can print any of the 100 quilt blocks in any size you like, not just in the 12″ block size that was available in the magazine. Think of the possibilities.  And a designer by the name of Denise Russart has a couple really cute designs for sale there too. 😉  (hey, a little self-marketing is a good thing).  Like the Dog Pound Pals – probably one of my most favorite block collections so far.   But….. back to the sale… it’s just for the weekend and the code you need to enter is below and I’ve listed the link to the website too.  Happy shopping!


Today’s plan

There’s some cleaning to be done  – I may or may not get to that.  More importantly, I’ve got Judy’s CTS block to make, Sheryl’s to get the applique ready and I pulled out another applique project that has been lingering in the sewing room – the Child’s Play quilt.

It’s been waiting for me to finish the applique.  I think all the individual blocks are done except for the train at the top.  It needs it’s caboose and wheels and maybe another little piece or two and then I can finish setting it all together.  So I’ve pulled out the train, found it’s pieces, and hopefully by the end of the day will have it completed.

 So that’s today’s stitching agenda.  I also need to do some searching through some EQ files I have saved and never done anything with.  My birthday is coming up (July 28) and historically I’ve made a new free project available in connection with my birthday (clearly a glutton for punishment) so I may have to see if any of the designs I’ve  been playing with I want to use for that.  Haven’t decided if it will be a mystery project or not yet but will have to see what I can come up with.

And for you EQ users – an added bonus on my birthday – there will be a giveaway of “Stash Fall 2011”.  When I bought the latest Spring Stash, they had a too good to pass up deal to include the prior Fall Stash with it so I bought it to use as a give away.  More fabrics to play with in EQ!  So stay tuned for more upcoming fun.


Design Wall Monday and in the Dog Pound

What’s on the design wall — dogs.  I have one single dog block as a wallhanging (that one was in Quiltmaker 100 Blocks) -and his sidekick there was in Quiltmaker Magazine as a sneak peak photo of a design.  The block was returned and I think it’s time it was made into a little wallhanging of his own too.  So it’s up on the design wall while I try to figure out what sort of borders to use with it.

They are also up on the wall because they are very excited that their buddies, the Dog Pound Pals just put in their appearance today at EQ Boutique   – I know I’m biased but I just love these dogs.  I’ve actually only stitched the two above so my goal is to make all of them and make a quilt all for me.  So for all of you who have been asking when they will be available — they have arrived so that you can adopt them for yourself! 🙂


EQ Boutique …. Exciting News and a Give Away

Have you noticed the EQ Boutique button on the side bar of my blog? Have you clicked it to check it out? Do you know what EQ Boutique is? 

Announcements have been appearing in magazines and on the web that it was coming and it was launched today.  Below you will find some info on just what it is and links to the website so you can check it out.

I’m very excited about this because I’m honored to have been invited to be one of the EQ Boutique designers.  None of my designs appear yet but they are in the works and will be added shortly.

Some of them are brand new  block collections  and some  quilt patterns are revivals of old favorites …. like did you miss last year’s BOM on my blog, Crop Circles?  Well you’ll have your chance to get the pattern for it when it’s added to EQ Boutique.

Another reason I’m excited, I’ve got  a $10 gift certificate to be used at EQ Boutique for one of my lucky blog readers.  So check out all the information below on how you can enter  to win.  Make sure you read all of it so you are eligible and know how to find out if you won and respond before the time limit expires.

Here’s what you need to do to enter:
• Visit     Check it out,see what it’s all about, you don’t need to own EQ software to use EQ Boutique blocks / patterns.  No  more having to enlarge applique designs on a photocopy machine to print them the size you want or figure the match to enlarge pieced blocks.
• Browse the website, patterns, and current designers.
Create an account and sign up for the My EQ Boutique Newsletter. You’ll get announcements of new additions, other giveaways etc.

IMPORTANT: Once you’ve had time to check out the site, in order to be eligible to win you must leave a comment on this post  answering one or both of the questions below:

1.  What designers would you like to find on My EQ Boutique?
 2. Which best describes your quilt taste?

    • Modern & clean-lined
    • Love traditional pieced blocks
    • Adore antique appliqué
    • Primarily foundations
    • Anything challenging
    • Other?

One winner will be randomly chosen from ALL the comments appearing on my blog by 6 p.m. CST on September 12.  One entry per person.  If you are new to my blog and your comment is stuck in moderation, I will approve them all before I use the random number generator to pick a winner.  The winner will be announced in a blog post as soon as they are chosen on September 12.  The Winner must email me privately ( by 6 p.m. on September 13 with their full name, mailing address and phone number.  If I do not receive their  info by 6 p.m. on September 14, I will be forced to choose a different random winner and the first winner selectied is no longer valid so be sure to check back on September 13 if you enter so you know if you win.  I have a deadline to turn the winner info in so don’t miss out by not responding.

Want more chances to win collections from Visit the Boutique
Contest Page.

Denise ~ Justquiltin