The New Yarn….and other stuff

I got the bag delivered today from the friend who’s car I forgot it in so here’s the new sock yarn I bought – along with a couple extra sets of the needles I use the most so I don’t go grabbing the wrong ones and can leave one set in my desk drawer at work with a sock to work on during my lunch hour and not have to drag it back and forth from home.




And here’s what’s currently on the design wall – some of my Crop Circle Blocks.  I have almost all of the small and medium sized ones done so just need to finish the last 4 or so large blocks with the petals in them.  I’m liking the way the colors look together.









And lastly, I needed to test a block pattern to see how difficult it would be to piece – I’m not a fan of curved seams but this one was surprisingly easy to piece and I killed two birds with one stone.  I need a winter themed potholder for swap so once I trim this block down to size it will be my winter potholder.









and why is it a winter theme – well look at the close up of the background fabric — crazy little kitties sittin in trees during a snow storm. 🙂

Sock Woes

Remember this pair of socks – well they’ve been nothing but trouble.  First I kept messing up the lacy design. Finally got the pattern down and knew I would run out of yarn.  Found a similar one to use for the toes – they’re just for me so I don’t care that the toes a different.  They got put aside while I finished Christmas socks and I finally got back to making the mate. I’m three quarters done with it and just discovered I grabbed the wrong size needles. Arghhhhhh!  It’s about 1/2″ wider than the other sock.  Drat and darnation!  They are now sitting in a time out in the knitting basket until I feel like ripping it out.  Think I’ll work on a different pair while they think about all the trouble they have cause me. :-)!

On a happier note, I cut out last night and nearly finished appliquing the first of my January blocks for the Crop Circles BOM.  Cut the next out so there will be more stitching tonight.  I’ll post photos when I get all of this month’s blocks made.

Snowglobes and Crop Circles

I must be stuck in a circular mode with crop circles and snowglobes.  But then some days it does seem like I’m just running arund in circles and getting no where.
Here’s one of the other colorings of crop circles.  Instead of the muticolored outer border, this one is all one color. It reminds me of lace, sort of, around the edges
I’ve added a new page to the blog – you’ll see it at the top near the EQ downloads page.  If you want to join in making this block of the month beginning January 2010, that’s where the blocks and other information will be posted.  Yardage requirements will be posted later this month.
Right now I’m busy making snowglobe blocks for a swap.  It’s another EQ  pattern I drew and oh so simple to applique.  The fabrics do the work for you to get the snow globe look.
1005250002 1005250001
1005250004Course now I’ve had the brilliant idea that a snowglobe  quilt would look great with one giant snowglobe in the middle that I applique all the pieces for the scene inside and then surround it with the swap blocks and maybe some mini snowglobes.   Yet another project to draw up! but I really like the idea.


Denise ~ Justquiltin

Stashbusting, Design Wall Monday, Crop Circles and other things

I’m behind again so time to play catch up.  Stashbusting report – no quilting last week at all so no fabric used and no fabric gained, zip nada nothing sewn at all. 

Of course you realize that means for Design Wall Monday – zip nada nothing new on the design wall either.

I have been busy play with EQ and you may wonder what Crop Circles (from the title of this post) have to do with anything.  No aliens have not landed outside my door (wait, I’d better go check!).

It is actually the name of a new Block of the Month I’ve spend most of my spare quilting time this week designing and tweaking in EQ6.  It will be presented next year to the online quilt group I belong to and I will also be posting the monthly instructions  at the same time on a page here on my blog.   There will be more info about it – yardage, etc. – posted closer to the New Year.  So if you’re interested in making it, be sure to check back.  It’s super simple applique shapes, with large shapes with easy curves (no points!)  — which would look equally good in needleturn, machine applique (satin stitch or buttonhole) or even raw edge applique.  So here’s a look at what it looks like……. introducing Crop Circles. 🙂

CROPCI~1 (2)













I have been busy knitting.  Finished off the mates for two pairs of socks! and it isn’t even officially Socktoberfest yet but the camera is currently charging so can show a photo yet.  I’ve started on a new sock and have started over twice simply because I seem to have been counting impaired when I started.   But I think I’ve got it now!