Just in the nick of time…


Yes – just in the nick of time it’s finished!  I fell asleep while hand stitching binding last night so didn’t get it done.  So tonight – first thing – finished the little over a long side of binding to hand stitch, took this photo and then into the washer it went to remove a few markings.  It’s now in the dryer and tomorrow it goes to the office.  Thursday is the women’s golf outing where it will be in the silent auction to raise money for the Komen Fund.

WHEW!!!!!  and bonus — it’s another Quilt from the Crate top that has now been finished.  Somehow that stack of quilt tops in the crate do not seem to be going down very fast. ;-(

Stashbusting Report

It’s been a busy week and I’ve sort of neglected the blog.  Stashbusting …hmm…this is just not going as planned. LOL  There was another trip to the quilt shop for my Crocus quilt – no purples in my stash.  Unlike pink – a color I don’t care for which I never have in my stash – I like purple so don’t know why my stash is lacking in it.  But got purples and yellows and greens and background fabric for that quilt plus a couple other background fabrics to add to the stash. (you can see all those lovelies in a separate post later today).  So  20 yards added to the stash – 25, I’m not really sure.  But I’ve decided I’m more concerned about all those tops waiting to be quilted rather than how much fabric I buy.  Especially since I just moved one of the tubs, dropped it and cracked the little bugger in half so it’s useless. LOL

Here’s a photo from a stashbusting report a little over a year ago showing the storage tubs of quilt tops – some have been finished from there since then and some have been added of course. Most are quilts I plan to donate to charity and they’re doing no one any good sitting in those tubs.   So my plan for stashbusting has changed a bit…I’ll still keep track of fabric being used because I’m still amazed by the amount of fabric I use in a year, especially considering I’m mainly a “weekend quilter.” As long as there’s room to put fabric  on the fabric shelves in the closet – then I’m more or less under control. ; -)  If it doesn’t fit on the shelves – then I’ll need to take drastic measures.   I actually do “shop” the shelves first when thinking about starting a new project rather than heading straight to the store so that’s an improvement.  So my plan for whittling down all the tops in the stash is: (1) for every “new” project started, one top from the stash gets quilted; (2) any new project, when completed, doesn’t go to the top stash – they get quilted before another new project is started (3) and for every new project started, some progress has to be made on one of the many baggies of swap blocks and other projects stashed in the closet. Time will tell how well I do on this endeavor and how well my wrists will hold up manuevering all those tops on my sewing machine but I want to make a huge dent in that top stash.

In any event – there was somewhere between 20-30 yards of fabric added this week (making it an excellent time to change my plan of attack) 🙂  and a mere 1/2 yard used this week on binding to finish the tulip wallhanging below. 

But I have finished both the Komen fundraiser quilts for the women’s golf outing silent auction.

Well, nearly finished. This one still has the pins in the binding since I’m still hand stitching on it so it’s hanging a little wonky due to that.  It’s been in the stash forever and removing the final border I had added to it originally was a great improvement.

And here’s the second one with the pink ribbon background fabric – about 80″ square.  Just needs a label added so I’m done nearly 2 months ahead of schedule – miraculous!