Loopy Academy Mittens

Things are going much better now that I have the needles I wanted and found a pattern I like — despite the fact that there are cable stitches in it.  :-)

Actually, the cable area knits up quickly and it’s fun to see those ridges appear and merge.  I didn’t make my cuff as long as the pattern called for — I think it said to make it seven inches long, mine’s a couple of inches shorter — but the fit around my hand is absolutely perfect.


Camp Loopy 2 finished

Here it is – my Camp Loopy 2 project all finished.  It’s the Infinitude Scarf by Jeni Chase on Ravelry.  I added about 80 more stitches to the lenght of it and made it wider so I can wrap it around my neck at least twice and pull it up in the back like a hood if the weather is really cold. It’s a bit bulky because of the worsted yarn I used but it will be oh so warm on those wickedly windy and cold Wisconsin winter days.  The bottom photo  actually shows the yarn color much more true – a really pretty red with some darker shading – Lipstick Lava.

Friday the 13th – What’s on the needles?

I just realized it was Friday the 13th.  Hmmm.. and it was a very good day but them I’m not superstitious anyway.

So  Judy’s question is what’s on the needles.  You can see what others are knitting on too at that link.   I’ve still got a multitude of socks on needles but since I finished my Camp Loopy 2 project (I still need to take a photo) I went back to my Harvest Dew socks  and just started the heel flap on the first sock. I love all the texture in these socks and the heel has a bit different texture too than the norm which makes the fun to make (but I’m too lazy to take a photo at the moment).

The yarn arrived for my Camp Loopy 3 project today (I just ordered it on Wed.)!along with another fun Camp Loopy goodie – a retractable measuring tape with the Camp Loopy 2012 logo on it.  I’ll be doing Scalene by Carina Spencer.  I’m going to do the striped version.

This yarn is Three Irish Girls Glenhaven Cashmerino and is oh so very soft with that cashmere in it and the colors are so rich.  The photo does show them quite right – the darker color is more rich dark aqua than the blue it shows up as.  The green has just a hint of shading sort of as if someone took a very dry paint brush with the darker color over portions of the green  – very neat looking –  leaning toward that aqua color so I think they’ll be wonderful together.  Now I just have to wait until the 27th to cast on that project.

The dark aqua colorway  name is “Moon for the Misbegotten” and the green is “Riley.”

You just want to pet this yarn it feels so good.

But today the Stephen West Mystery KAL started on Ravelry.  So the knitting clue was posted and when I came home, I went digging through the stash to find something to use with my Zauberball Crazy Socks.  I original bought the Zauberball to make another Spectra scarf (another Stephen West design) but decided to use it for the KAL and found some Everlasting to go with it.

I’ve already cast on and gotten started but since it’s a mystery KAL – you’ll just have to wait until the last clues have been posted before you get to see anymore of this project.

But quality stitching and knitting time is soon headed my way!  I decided I needed to give myself a vacation so the week after next (my birthday week!) I’ll be on vacation all week with no plans but to do whatever I want whenever I want.  There’s lots of knitting and sewing projects just waiting for me to work on them. :-)


Knitting Insanity

You know it’s Judy’s fault — somehow it usually is.  I was minding my own business, ignoring the Stephen West KAL (knit along) Mystery that was coming up on Ravelry.  I thought about joining it, looked at the dates it starts – right in the middle of Camp Loopy where I already have 800 yards to knit in a month.  Sanity said – nope, don’t sign up.  Wait until the pattern comes out and then decide if you really want to buy it and make it later.   Yes that was the plan.

But of course every time I look at Ravelry I see that KAL at the top of the list.  No must resist.  Then I saw this  on Judy’s blog.  Yep – she’s insane also and is doing the KAL.   I emailed her telling her I had contemplated it but was resisting.  Her response:   So what yarn are you going to use?? ROFLOL  Yep – she knew I’d succumb and I did and I’m signed up. This weekend I’ll be digging through the stash to see what I will use for this.    I do love his designs and have several sitting in my Ravelry library.  The Spectra scarf was one and Scalene is another that I’m anxious to try.

So I’m committed (or should be) but I just realized that Camp Loopy 2 starts tonight –well at 12:01 Wed. a.m. really — so I hope to cast on and get a few rows started before I have to go fall into bed but we’ll see.  You know what I’ll be knitting on on my bus ride to work tomorrow tho! :-)  There’s a whole lot ‘o yarn to be knit in to that Camp Loopy 2 project!

Camp Loopy 2

I woke up way earlier than normal — which turned out to be a good thing since I never set the alarm when I went to bed last night. Yikes!  But since I was up, I had a sneaking suspicion that if I checked Sheri’s blog the information for the next Camp Loopy project just might be listed there. Yes indeed it was. So I got busy finding my pattern and what yarn I wanted to order for it.

The second project (in keeping with the Olympics theme) must use at least 800 yards of yarn and must be made in at least one color of your country’s flag.  Well white is out because I’m way too messy to make anything white.  So red or blue it would be — and it didn’t necessarily have to be the same shade of the color in your flag — but that just made the color choices harder.  Light blue, denim blue, navy or anything in between.  Then I found a very pretty little shawl pattern that I thought would look good wrapped our the next of my red winter coat next year.  And I found a very pretty red yarn  – Dream in Color, Classy, Lipstick Lava — is that not a great name – Lipstick Lava.   I ordered three hanks of yarn and I was all set….. until later in the day when I read Judy’s blog – yes you know who I’m talking about — anyway I got to the end of her first paragraph where it says 800 yards.   Shoot and dang … I know I did not order 800 yards of yarn!

I knew the requirement was 800 yards when I started looking at patterns but somewhere along the way changed my brain into thinking it was only 600 yards.  The project I picked was just over 600 yards and I ordered enough yarn to make it but not 800 yards worth!  I blame it on getting up too early and not having any coffee — never operate a computer if you are NOT under the influence of caffine!! ;-)

So first things first — go back to my pending order at the Loopy Ewe and send the Loopy Elves a message on my order asking if they can add another hank of yarn or if I need to order it separately (and hope they had not yet run out of it since I’m sure there was a lot of red yarn being ordered today).   Next wait – keeping my fingers crossed they will have the yarn.

So later this afternoon I checked and yipee!!!  – there was a message from Sheri that my discount had been taken off the order (heck I had forgotten about the Camp discount) and there in the receipt of my order was listed 4 hanks rather than three.  Seriously, they are the fastest shipping and best service yarn shop I have ever dealt with.  With Camp Loopy it may slow down shipment a little due to the huge volume of orders and they have to go in an add the discount to each individual order to process it but under normal circumstances I can order one day, have confirmation later that day and two days later the package arrives like clockwork.  Can’t sing their praises enough.

So tonight I’ll be perusing a bunch of pattern printouts to see if there’s anything in there that uses at least 800 yards but less than less than 1,000, uses worsted weight yarn and is something I can knit or crochet in a month.  Don’t know what that will be but I’ve got a while to figure it out.

And don’t tell Judy …..we tend to think very much alike sometimes and it scares both of us alot!!! ROFLOL  But on her blog post she shows several patterns she was considering.  In my folder of patterns I want to make I have two of the same ones she has laid out there  — SPOOKY! aren’t we!  The red sweater in the upper left corner of her photo has a lovely lace bottom and would be really pretty in my red yarn but I don’t want to make that for Camp Loopy since I don’t think I’ll have enough time (and didn’t order enough yarn for that one) and she also has the Milkweed cape which is so very very pretty.  I just love that design.

Some would say great minds just think alike but we think it’s just plain scarey! ;-)


Stashbusting and Camp Loopy Project 1 Completed

Alas — there is nothing new to report on the Stashbusting front.  I’m still quilting on the four patch stacked posey I was quitling on last weekend but I’m moving along.  Need to get off the computer and get back to work on that!

My Spectra scarf is done, blocked and ready to wear!  Camp Loopy project 1 finished June 9 – way ahead of the June 27 deadline date so I’m happy about that.  Now of course I’m anxious to see what’s next at Camp Loopy.

Camp Loopy Project

Well my scarf is nearly the length it needs to be – just goes around the neck – so I made great progress last night.  I decided to stop and do the ruffly flower that will get attached to the front of it.  Holy smokes – talk about ruffly — too ruffly. It absolutely curls up into a ball.

See that pink ball curly ball – looks nothing like a flower. :-)  It goes from 9 stitches to over 200 in just less than 10 rows so that’s a whole lot ‘o stitches curled up in there.  The original scarf on the pattern was made in a much softer drapier yarn so their flower looks lovely and you can actually see the center of it.  They even suggest steaming it a bit if it’s laying too flat – I certainly don’t have that issue. LOL

 Then there’s the colors I chose – my computer monitor made them look a bit closer in shade so I’m not thrilled with them but decided to soldier on anyway.   I wanted to knit with a color I don’t usually do — when I quilt, I don’t like pink and there’s never any of it in my stash except when I make quilts for Komen Fund raisers.  I don’t wear pink.    I don’t mind the scarf color – it leans toward the more coral shades of pink but that flower is definitely pink.  Note to self – you hate pink, don’t use it for anything. :-)

When the scarf is done it gets a crocheted edging  to stabalize it – which it definitely needs since the fisherman’s rib is so stretchy – and that I will do in the pink.  Then I think I will ditch that ruffly so called flower mess I made and crochet  a flower instead where I can control how full it gets  using the two yarns together.  And probably crochet, rather than knit, the ball button that goes through the center of the flower and holds the scarf together.  It will me much easier to crochet than knit.

I hate it when things don’t turn out the way I think they should but I’m definitely not enamoured with this project — but it’s due to   bad choices on my part — hopefully they won’t send me to remedial Camp Loopy. :-)   Let’s hope I get it together better for projects 2 and 3! But I’ll get it done – someone in the family will lay claim to it and it will have a good home.  Just don’t look for me to be wearing pink!


Camp Loopy

Today is the first day of Camp Loopy.  So on the way to work I cast on my first project – Flower Scarf .    Between the bus ride to work, my lunch hour, and the ride home – several inches are done.  Took a bit to figure out the fisherman’s rib – just didn’t seem right to be dropping off stitches and of course I was reading the pattern wrong the first two tries but finally got it right.  Now I’m rolling along and hope to make good progress tonight.