More progress

It’s been a busy week so I haven’t been on the computer but tonight I finally had time to get a little sewing done and got another round of blocks added to the top I have been working on.  I had to turn it sideways on the design wall so I had room to work.  Here it is with it’s latest addition.
I’m hoping to get the whole top together this weekend but we’ll see.
In the meantime, I started another sock – no I didn’t stick to my resolve to make the mates to the other two single socks I’ve got.  I had a lovely new yarn I wanted to try.  But I’ll start on one of the mates this weekend on the extra set of needles so can leave one in my bag to work on while going to and from work, and the other I’ll work on at home.
Here’s the latest one I’m working on with ribbed top – I just love the colors in it- it’s Mini Mochi color 103  – and with the merino wool in it, is lovely and soft.
It’s been raining off and on for days – but my little garden pots are doing well.  There’s a least 15 little bell peppers now and I keep finding a few more baby tomatoes have sprouted every day. I’m anxiously awaiting the first ripe ones.

What’s on the Design Wall this Monday?

Well, there’s a whole lot on the design wall.  This is what it looked like earlier in the week.
There’s 90+ blocks on that wall.  All 6.5″.  They are from two rounds of a block swap of 30’s repros.  Plus a few blocks pulled from other swaps that were the same size block and it just so happened someone used 30’s fabric.  There’s also a group of blocks made to go with them from a BOM I’m working on.   I’m taking the easy way out for the BOM – using the layout for it but since it’s also made up of 6.5″ blocks, instead of making new blocks and multiples of  15 or 16 different designs, using these will help clear a couple more baggies out of those swap block boxes and I’ll have even more block variety in the quilt.
Here’s what the layout will look like generally:
95X107repros  It was designed in EQ by my cohort Susan  and I for The Quilting Posts BOM.
Here’s what the design wall looks like today – after working on this project for a while yesterday.
I’m running out of room!  I have the center area pieced with spool blocks and 9 patches.  None of the other blocks are in any particular order – I just keep shifting them to the side when I need more room for the center.  But before going farther I have to figure out the place of blocks for the first round of those 6.5″ blocks,  along wth a whole stack that isn’t on the wall yet.  I may regret using the orange print I used for the HSTs border in my rendition since the quilt is busy to start with but I love that print.  The thin plain borders will be various 30’s solids.  But it may take a few days of shifting blocks around to figure out the final location for each block.
Today was a banner mail day at the office … some new clothes I had ordered arrived,  also an early birthday box from a friend, and then my yarn order arrived.  Truly speedy!  Look at these lovely colors.
I shall refrain from making anything with these until I finish the others in progress…. really I will… well maybe I will. 😉

Heat wave a comin!!

Well the weatherman says a heat wave is headed this way. 🙂 Tomorrow is supposed to be 20 degrees warmer than today – that is a heat wave considering it’s currently 9 degrees and headed to zero tonight. The other thing I noticed this week is it is no longer already dark when I walk out of the office, and there’s even a hit of setting sun as I get off the bus at night, along with a bit of daylight in the morning when I leave. All signs that the worst of the winter is past? Maybe, maybe not, but it’s nice to be able to see a bit of daylight other than just on the weekends.

Here’s six of the Star of the Alamo blocks I’ve got finished for the BOM so far.  I’ve got one more of them to make.  They are paperpieced – not my favorite thing to do – but these weren’t bad.  I decided to use different fabric combinations in these rather than making them all the same since the whole quilt will be scrappy anyway.