2020 – Knitting, Quilting, Weaving – Finishes All


This will be the page where I post all the finished projects for 2020.  I plan to get back into my sewing room – I’ve got quilts I want to work on – along with some different weaving techniques I want to try and of course there are knitting projects planned and to be finished.

I will also be keeping a tally of finished yardage so it will be the total for the project no matter when I started it.  It’s just fun to see how I do compared to past years I have tracked.  In 2019, in knitting and weaving I used a total of 19,000 yards.  That’s a lot and I doubt I shall get close to that in 2020 but I’m  not racing to use lots of yardage, I’m just making pretty things I want to work on – some to keep for myself, some to gift, some to sell, some to donate – but it’s all about the process and the enjoyment I get out of that along the way.

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