Copyright/Use of My Patterns


  • All patterns for my projects, whether I share them for free or they are purchased from Electric Quilt – EQ Boutique, are copyrighted by me.

  • All Copyrighted patterns are for your own personal useYou may not share, sell, email, or distribute the copyrighted patterns / instructions in any way without my specific permission.

  • Projects made from FREE patterns may be donated to charitable causes.  You may also sell items you make from my FREE designs but no mass producing.

  • Items made from PURCHASED patterns (from EQ Boutique) may be donated to charitable causes.  They may NOT be made for sale.

  • I try to stick to the schedule I set for each project but there are times when I need to alter dates — some may be delayed or bonus! some may be posted earlier so they are available longer.  Your patience is appreciated in those circumstances where something is delayed — if I say it will be offered as a free pattern, it will be  –just maybe not on the original date I had planned but normally within two months of that date at the latest.

  • BOM  type projects/ patterns offered on my blog  also follow the same rules as above with the addition of the following non-negotiable rules:  If you do not agree with my rules, then please don’t join in the project.

    • You are responsible for timely (and correctly) collecting the patterns each month if you wish to participate.

    • When a new block is made available, the prior month’s block is removed and is no longer  available.   There are a few instances where I leave all the blocks up until the project is finished but this is not the norm and it will be stated how each particular project will be handled.

  • I use Box.Net to save my pdf files.  The links will take you to the website.  When you click on the link it will show you a “preview screen.”  This is just a “preview image” of the pdf file not the actual file- if you right click to save it or send it to your computer, it will not save the actual file just that preview screen image and that IS NOT what you want. If you are saving the files to do at a later time, you need to DOWNLOAD the pdf file,  (download button is at the top of the preview page), then do a “save as” to save it to your computer and give it a name you will recognize later. Or to be really safe – print them (print button is at the top of the page next to the download button) and keep them somewhere. If you see gobbledegook on the screen rather than readable text, that is because you are still on a preview page.  Download the file and the text will be readable when you open it.

  • When I deactivate a specific file, if you have only save the link name or the preview page, you will not be able to access that file at a later time.

  • Most importantly —  I do not UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE email patterns out individually no matter what the reason is you need it.    It’s simply too time consuming — you may think you are just one person asking for a pattern, but during the pendency of the 2013 BOM projects I received over 300 emails asking for the patterns for one reason or another  Multiple those 300 emails by the 2 minutes (probably more) or so it might take me to reply to your email, find the correct pattern file and attach it and resend it, 600 minutes would be 10 hours of my time wasted in just forwarding files.   As I said – it’s non-negotiable  – my free time is limited and precious to me; please respect my time and my decision on how I handle my free patterns which I share on my blog and do not send me one of those emails that says “I know you said you don’t email out patterns, but…..”.   More than likely you will not even get a reply from me to that type of email.   My suggestion — print out the pattern  in addition to saving it rather than solely depending on a copy saved to your computer which could crash at anytime, use a remote source to save it to or invest in a ten buck jump drive or burn it to a disk as backup.

Thank you for respecting copyright and the rules I use to try to keep these projects from taking over every minute of my so-called “free” time, which in turn allows me more time to be able to present you with free projects/patterns throughout the year and to actually work on some of my own projects. 🙂 Some past (expired) projects are being added back into the free patterns as I have time.  You can find them listed in the sidebar under the free pattern pages. 


14 comments on “Copyright/Use of My Patterns

  1. Dear Denise,
    I saw your pattern, “Emerald City” in Quiltmaker magazine. I want to make it for my queen size bed as a duvet cover. I believe if I leave out the large boarder and one of the smaller ones it will leave me with the 96 inches I need. Is this the easiest way to reduce the size? It is such a beautiful quilt, you have a wonderful gift of design. I am a novice quilter, this would be my 4th quilt. Finally one for me!
    Thank you,

    • I don’t have that pattern in front of me so I’m not really sure which borders you are referring to leaving out. However, if you look at the measurements in the final border assembly instructions you should be able to figure out how much you need to add in borders around the center blocks to get the size you need. In this particular instance for this quilt, the shortest length that border 1 measures will equal the size of the center of the quilt. For example if it says cut that border strip 90.5″ (this is only an example since I don’t have the actual measurement in front of me) that means the center of your quilt is 90.5″ square (since this particular quilt is square and not rectangular). So you’d need to add 6″ in finished border to get to 96 (6″ divided by two borders each side equals 3.5″ strips for each border — if you were doing just one single border strip).

  2. I really love your dog patterns. And am desperate to make a quilt with your twelve puppies on it. But I don’t have EQ and can’t fidpgure out how I can get this pattern for my personal use. Please can you advise me? I’m happy to purchase the patterns. Just can’t figure out how to do any of this. Many thanks, Kathryn Zhailey, Canberra Australia.

  3. Your designs are amazing! Does your statement “PURCHASED patterns (from EQ Boutique) may be donated to charitable causes. They may NOT be made for sale,” mean that purchased patterns may not be reproduced (as in downloaded, printed on paper and sold as a pattern), or that items made from your purchased patterns may not be sold. I am looking at them today on EQ, and want to be sure there is a meeting of my mind and your policy. Thanks!

    • None of my “Patterns/instructions,” whether free or purchased through EQ Boutique can be printed and shared or sold to others. If you purchase the pattern, those instructions are for your own, individual use only. Items made from my EQ Boutique designs cannot be made for sale. Thanks.

  4. Hi miss Russart. Am try to make one of your quilts from a book.its called quiltmaker
    March /April 2018. The quilt is called Spinners. I not sure what am doing wrong
    When I make the blocks one side is bigger then the other and my points will not match up. Please let me know what am doing wrong. Thank u Evelyn

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