Are you to blame?

I’ve mentioned Pinterest once before and if you use it and have pinned any of my images, I’d appreciate it if you would read this.  My prior post was musing about how it makes it right to take photos from someone’s blog — photos which are the photo-takers property – and simply pinning them all over Pinterst.  How is that not copyright infringement?  Well clearly it is.  Many people don’t care if their photos are Pinned.  But I do believe that if someone requests you NOT Pin their images, that you be responsible and NOT Pin their images. 

After my last mention of Pinterest, I thought about it a while and then added the text you currently see in the right sidebar under my picture.  However it was not in capital letters until today when I changed it because clearly there are those who are not paying attention to it.  Did they not see it – I think if you are pinning photos that belong to someone else, it’s your responsibility to actually look at their blog to see if they request you don’t pin any or some of their photos.  


Since I do try to get some of these patterns published, I do NOT want them pinned all over the web before they’ve been submitted to a publisher.  I don’t want to have to stop showing images of quilts I’m drawing and tweaking simply because there are people who Pin the images and ignore my request.

I’m not talking about buttons in the sidebars — those you can always snag the image of to add to your blog if you are participating in the project.  I’m talking about my original quilt designs drawn in EQ or actual quilts I am making from those original designs.  Which are original?  I don’t expect you to know that and that is  why my request says not to post  ANY quilt designs/images – all bases are covered then.

So  just as a “for instance” — did you pin any of the Bird designs like Snow Birds?  The request that you NOT pin my quilt images was added to the blog BEFORE I even started drawing the group of bird images yet I found them Pinned in several places on Pinterst. 

I’ve had my say (a/k/a rant).  I know there will always be people who won’t follow such a simple request.  Shame on them.

I’ve turned off the comments on this post — whether you are pro or con Pinterst, agree with me or not, those are your opinions and I have mine and I don’t want a debate started on my blog about this topic.  And please don’t be one of those sneaky people who leaves your comment on this topic on a different blog post.  Yes it does happen LOL.  I don’t ask people to refrain from commenting often but there’s always those tricky ones who just can’t help themselves and must post their comment on a different blog post which just boggles my mind. ROFLOL

See I can laugh about this now that I’ve ranted – I’m not a person to hold a grudge.  I rant and get over it and simply won’t look at Pinterest again to see if people are still Pinning my images.  It would only annoy me all over again and I’ve got so many better things to do —

Like the fact that it’s nearly lunch time and I still haven’t made my Orange Chocolate Chip scones.  I found a new recipe to try – mine weren’t getting “scony dry” enough if you know what I mean.  I’ll let you know if this recipe is the “keeper”.  Of course the dilemma is mini semi sweet chips or giant dark chocolate chips?  Seriously, can you ever go wrong with giant dark chocolate chips???? 😉

Stash Report & Songbirds


Stash enhancement happened.  I had to go to the quilt shop to buy a gift for a friend.  I did buy her gifts but I couldn’t walk out without anything for me! LOL  So these fat quarters came home — you may recognize them as some of the fabrics shown in the various EQ bird images I’ve been drawing.  I love the grays, greens, blues in these shades and lucky for my pocket book they didn’t have any bolts of these left or I probably would have bought more.

So nothing used from the stash  -there’s been no time for sewing – and not toooo much added in. 😉

I no longer really know what my totals are for stashbusting versus purchases — I fell off tracking that a while ago.  I hope to get more things “finished” next year – where it busts stash or entails having to purchase I’m not really concerned.  Finished items is what is utmost in my goals for next year.


Speaking of those birds I’ve been drawing in EQ, I had this idea earlier this week and finally drew it up this a.m.

The “Songbirds.”

Every time I post an image of one of these bird drawings I get lots of emails or comments asking for the pattern.   I’m glad you like them!  I’m having great fun coming up with them.  However, this one, like all the other ones, there are no patterns available for at this time.  I’m still playing with the drawings of all these designs and trying to decide in what form and where I want to make them available.

Did you see the yarn I posted yesterday that I bought at the quilt shop for a cowl.  I decided upon the Honey Cowl which has been sitting in my Ravelry library for a while — super easy.  I’m making this one in one of the smaller sizes since I don’t want to double loop it — I want to be able to pull it up over my head if it’s windy and cold – or at least up over my ears and nose.  So I cast on last night and knit on it a while.  Really really easy pattern.

honeycowl  I like how it’s turning out so far.

My other little gift to myself when I was out shopping yesterday was total impulse purchase and serves no great purpose except it’s so darn cute.

Between the light on in the room and the camera flash, it doesn’t show up well in the photo but it’s a little LED christmas tree that plugs into the USB port on your computer.  It’s one of those things that just makes me smile.  It has a long cord from the USB connection to the tree so I’m going to take it to work and plug it into the hard drive under my desk and the tree will set up on my desk.  It changes colors too.

Now I think I will have to finally get dressed, find some breakfast or lunch, and I think tree decorating will be on this afternoon’s agenda and maybe mixing up some cookies.


Winter Wonderland

snow  Will there or won’t there be a photo attached — wordpress was playing games earlier and I gave up.  I do like their new media upload but it seems to have glitches just like the old one and would not put a photo in my post earlier.

Anyway……..this is what I found when I looked outside this morning.  We’ve had flurry or two previously but this is our first real snowfall.  What you can’t see in the photo is the big fluffy white flakes that continued to fall as I took this photo.  Now, a couple hours later, they are smaller flakes but still falling.  It’s actually not real cold out so it’s a very wet, sticky snowfall but it sure makes the trees look pretty.  I went out and moved the birdfeeders so they hanging protected by the deck above me, rather than getting covered in snow, and filled them up so I’ve had a flurry (no pun intended) of activity as the sparrows and cardinals have come for a snack.

Hmmm… where are those boots???

Yarn – Yes I did mention yarn….

bfsAs  I was trying to show you yesterday, the Black Friday sale yarn shipments, yes shipmentS” have arrived.    I dumped them out of their boxes to bring them home and this is a tall (size of a paper grocery sack except a bit wider) reuseable  grocery tote.  See I got it all in one bag – that can’t be too bad can it??  I’ll dump it out later to show you what’s really in it.

I also loaded a photo yesterday (that one worked) to my ongoing 12 in 2012 page of all the socks finished so far.  I just finished pair 19!!! and I’m thinking I should be able to finish a 20th pair before the end of December (maybe).

Here is pair 19 – looking a bit stretched out since I took the photo after I took them off last night.  This the last pair I had started but didn’t get finished during Socktoberfest — it’s Opal yarn.

pair 19 - opal yarn   I’ve also gotten a bit sidetracked from the socks because I wanted to knit on something other than socks — which is about the only think I’ve knit for a year now!  (I am going to be issuing myself a new knitting challenge in 2013 but it will not only involve socks!)

scarfAnyway, I started working on another “One Row Handspun Scarf” that is super simple and of course mine is not hand spun.  I made a couple of these a few years ago as christmas gifts for the bosses and a friend.  I’m using two different sock yarns held together.  It’s great for those sock yarns that maybe you decided you don’t really like or don’t want to use for socks.  Just find two yarns that sort of coordinate — I usually use a solid or semi sold and then one with lots of different colors in it.   This one is very dark teal solid — that yarn (I lost the label for it) is way skinnier than I like to use for sock yarn) and the colored one is Poems Sock yarn.  Poems yarn is lovely with its long color changes but I personally would never use for socks since I don’t think it will hold up.  But the two of them together in the scarf are gorgeous and a nice weight scarf.

One last photo for now since my coffee break is over and I have to get back to my “tidying” up the apartment.  Here’s part of my tidy….. “… the stockings were hung by the christmas tree with care???”

sockkkk  Well it was the one place they would be out of my way while I was cleaning (and there is a heat vent in the ceiling right above them).  Now back to my cleaning after I finally get dressed and pop some muffins in the oven.


CTS – delayed a couple days and a bunch of other stuff

Sorry but the final installation of CTS will be delayed until Tuesday, Nov. 6.    I’ve  been sick since last weekend so absolutely nothing has gotten done around here and although I wrote a draft of the instructions, it was written under the influence of cold medicine (medicines and I do not get along – I either get the jitters or can’t stay awake  — this time it took turns) so the directions need to be seriously proof read and double checked before it’s safe to release them.  So rather than people having to check back each day, or having people asking each day, my plan is to post them Tuesday Nov. 6 in the evening (remember I have a day job), so please check the CTS page next week.

In the meantime, be sure to stop by on Monday, which is my day on the Quiltmaker 100 Blocks Blog tour.  If you’ve done the blog tours before, you know there just might be a chance or two to win your own free copy of the magazine. 🙂  (yet another thing I need to do – write blog tour post since it goes live 12:01 a.m. Monday morning.   A hint as to what my block is?? well I’ll only tell you that it’s appliqued and it’s connected to my childhood……hmmmmmmmmmmmm

Time for more cough medicine and my blankie (just so you know – knitting under the influence of medicine is not a good thing either — I have a sock that I think I have to rip the toe out on and add a few more rows — I decreased it too soon.) LOL

Also – final Socktoberfest report is coming soon — along with how you can be entered to win your own opal yarn, as promised if you participated in the Socktoberfest Opal Challenge.

On the needles & The Socktoberfest Sock Challenge

First – the socks that are just about ready to come off the needles so I can cast on the second one tonight —  I just need to kitchner stitch the toes and bury ends.

Notice it did some wacky pooling on the foot but I don’t care.

Have you read dear friend Judy’s blog post on our email exchange regarding the Socktoberfest Sock Challenge I issued?

You can read it here .  I’ve been laughing all afternoon about her comments in response to my email.  I’m not saying they aren’t true – but it’s so funny because after I meet someone in person, when I read their emails, I hear their voice in my head as I read them (hmmm….. that doesn’t sound quite sane does it, but you know what I mean) so I can hear her sweet southern accent so innocently trying to convince you that she ONLY bought yarn for my benefit to keep me happy.   🙂  And I do believe her first response was “you are bad”).

So here is what my email to her said — you’ll have to go to her blog to see her interpretation of a response to it but I’ve added my commentary below in red. LOL

Subject: I’ve been hatching a plan
I’ve had another insane brain storm – several different ideas melded together.  You know this is not going to be good (but it could be far worse).

See — I did admit it was insane – she knows me well enough that when she saw “I’ve been hatching a plan” she should have know to just walk away from the computer.  They never learn so I keep coming up with them. VBG  And honestly I could have come up with a much worse plan (yes, remember the part of the 12 in 2012 challenge about no yarn shopping…. I’m just sayin… things could be much worse).

1) Socktoberfest is approaching 

2) the birthstone for October is an Opal

3) Opal makes me think of Opal yarn  (actually I believe I thought about the Opal yarn first and then realized it is an October birthstone)

Items 2 and 3 do show my amazing ability to find an obscure item that I can some how  link to the need to buy yarn – I readily admit it.   I think it is a gift!! 😉

4) Opal yarn made me think of the recent flyer that Simply Socks still has a bunch on sale (I did briefly think of the stuff I bought on sale from them last time  and haven’t used yet but then quickly dismissed that from my mind)

(you can see where this is headed can’t you) 😉   

Again – she had to know where I was going with this – that it would involve the need to buy yarn (even though she could have used what’s in her stash) – I blatantly admit I had no intention of using what was in my stash for this.  Like her – I put yarn in the cart yesterday and talked myself out of it (and dang! one of them was no longer there today) but at the same time was forming this plan so I waited a whole day to spring it on her!

5) opal yarn on sale has now been purchased from Simply Socks today

well, obviously, did I mention it was on sale for a really good price?  Judy had been having trouble with her internet – she might have missed the sale flyer announcement so yes, it was a public service! (which we are now passing on to all of you )

6) see how many pairs of Opal yarn socks I can make during Socktoberfest.

Does the fact that I bought 7 mean I’ll make 7 pairs in October — not on your life.  But I think I will post a little challenge on the blog tonight and whoever makes at least one pair of Opal socks in October can be eligible for a drawing for one of the balls of Opal I bought.  Are you up for the challenge?

I don’t know how many pairs I’m going to get done but I’m going to give it a good shot!

 NOW ON REBUTTAL (yep – working in a law firm makes you talk that way sometimes):  Judy’s statement that Vince allegedly (another good legal word) believes the extra on the credit card is all my fault  for making her buy yarn — I believe I can prove reasonable doubt on that issue simply by doing this — if we compare Judy’s  stash before I met Judy to the yarn stash after I met Judy, I think you will find the better part of it was purchased before we had even met, hence a pattern of yarn buy has been readily established without any provocation from me — as Perry Mason would say, I rest my case your honor!  (Besides all I have to do is go visit Judy, ask Vince if I can spend the day shopping with him at oh say Home Depot, Walmart or some of this other favorite stores and I’ll be in his good graces!) ROFLOL

So if you’ve stuck with me this far the challenge is this:

Make as many pairs of socks as you can during Socktoberfest out of Opal brand yarn.  You cannot count socks already in progress or already finished or made of yarns other than Opal.  If you have Opal in your stash, you can use it; you don’t have to buy new (but heck there’s a sale — and neither Judy nor I are affiliated with Simply Socks other than as happy shoppers).  You can use any pattern you want.  This is a challenge to yourself – you are not trying to make more socks than me, I am not trying to make more socks than Judy — how many socks do you think you can make and then see if you really can.  You cannot start knitting until October 1, 2012 at 12:01 a.m. in whatever time zone you are in  and the end date is October 31, 2012 at 11:59 p.m. in your time zone. 

I’ll see if Judy will add a linky to her blog after Oct. 31 so we can post links to the photos of the  socks we’ve made (Mr. Linky won’t work on my blog).  We’ll work that all out later but there will be a random drawing  from among challenge participants who finish at least one pair to win some yarn — what kind – Opal of course  !

So how many pairs of socks do you think you will challenge yourself to  make?  I’m thinking I can finish 4 pair.  Time will tell! And bonus – if you are doing my 12 in 2012 challenge — these socks can count towards that total so it’s a win win!

What should really scare Judy is I’ve already got an idea for a sock challenge for 2013 next year (no it does not involve abstaining from buying yarn). 🙂

Happy Saturday

Whew! I was able to throw open the windows and turn off the air conditioning which has been running nonstop for more days than I can remember.  It’s a lovely, sunny, NOT HUMID, currently 72 degree day and we’re only supposed to get another 7 or so degrees warmer.  What a difference not to be 90 or above with 60% humidity or more.

So after sipping some coffee and knitting a little while on the Mystery KAL – which is no longer a mystery since all clues have been given but I’m a bit behind. I’ve got just a row or two left on the third clue and then the fourth and final clue to do.  I need to order some more yarn since I’m pretty darn sure I’m going to run out of the zauberball I’m using so need to remember to do that today — oh the hardship to have to order more yarn! LOL  Speaking of which, I was in the Sow’s Ear last night and of course came home with a “bit” of yarn.  A ball of Opal and then two other hanks of sock yarn made by Holiday Yarns. I’ve never heard of them or tried them before but two hanks caught my eye.  It’s a superwash/nylon blend, one color called Embers – you can probably figure out which one from the photo – had lovely shades of gray and rust in it and the red/white/blue (it’s color name is “Dave”) don’t know who Dave is but it will be interesting to see if it stripes or how it looks with those three colors.

Okay – the batteries in my mouse have died and I’ve searched all the battery hiding places to find nothing but dead batteries so I’m going end this since I simply can’t operate with the mouse. LOL  Why couldn’t that have happened earlier this morning BEFORE I ran to the store?

Sewing mess conquered

While cleaning the sewing room, I pulled the stained glass table runner out to finish since it just needed the circles appliqued.  They’re all attached now so I can add it to the “to be quilted” pile which is every growing.

I nearly have the sewing room back in order.  Did a bit more straightening this morning and have a few more things to find a home for but overall, things are much tidier and looking good.

 I think that wall behind the tv is in need of a quilt and I’ve got a wooden shelf with a quilt rod on it in the back of the closet so will have to pull that out and put it up.   The treadmill still needs to be moved out but of course I need to rearrange some furniture in another room for it’s new home and I’m not to sure I’m in the mood to work that hard today. 🙂

Speaking of the “to be quilted pile” most people have a coat closet — mine, while it does have a coat or two in it — does double duty.  Doesn’t everyone have a “Quilt Closet”??

Of the four storage tubs, two are completely filled with tops that are just waiting to be quilted in addition to the tops in the Quilts from the Crate and those that are hanging on hangers in the closet.

The other two containers  might have  a top or two in them but mostly they are swap blocks (a whole lot of swap blocks on various themes) and a few other projects in the progress.  The dark tote on the top has fabric in it – yep a bunch of civil war repos I forgot I had and never made it to the stash since they are fat quaters or less that I’ve been trying to use up in various projects.  I need to dig through those and straighten them up but not today.   I need to do some serious machine quilting!

Less is more….

At least as far as the border for this quilt is concerned.  I’m calling it done – this one is perfect – restful after all that busy-ness in the center and a great place for stitching feathers.


 Hmmm… I definitely see some fabric shopping coming up some time in the future for this quilt — a LOT of fabric shopping since this is one very large quilt — at least for the background fabrics and the taupy/brown shades.  The “colors” I can probably find in the stash since they need so little.

But off to do a bit of straightening up and find some lunch.