Today’s Quilting Project

  Here’s a corner of the quit top I pulled out of the crate to work on today.  This is just a largish lap quilt size that will be a charitable donation quilt.  It is made from fabrics that were swapped while attending a Romp in Texas Hill Country – a TQP retreat at the T Bar M Ranch, New Braunfels, Texas.  One of the swapw we did there was a fat quarter swap of Texas and western themed fabrics so I cut them up to make this scrappy quilt.  I pulled together a couple pieces of blue fabrics to make the backing – one being the horeshoe and flower print used in the quilt blocks – and pieced a backing for it and got it layered this morning. 

I’ve now got about a quarter of the center of the top quilted and the gold border stitched in the ditch.  The center is just quilted with meandering loops and stars in a gold thread.  Hmmm… can I get this one all quilted and binding attached so I can hand stitch on it tonight?  Maybe, I don’t know for certain…. but I do know for certain that it’s way past lunch time and I’m hungry so time for a break!

Bloomin Basket Block Swap

Updated 8/28/2012 – DO NOT mail your swap package to me with any delivery signature requirement – no signature upon delivery, no return reciept, not certified, etc. – you get the idea.   

 Swap packages are starting to arrive – I haven’t opened any of them yet, I’d be oohing and aahing over blocks and  I still need to get the rest of my own blocks finished.  Below is the list of packages I have received so far.  I’ll update it every other day or so  – so if you have mailed a package and it doesn’t show up here yet, check back in a day or two. 

So far I have received packages from: (list below updated 9/13/12)

Vida in Van Couver, WA   /    MiMi in Holden, ME   / Michele in Stonington, CT  /  Nancy in Surprise, AZ   /  Dana in New Iberia, LA  / Bettie in Tutwiler, MS /  Sue in Sandwich, IL  / Gladys in Colonial Heights, VA  / Martin in Springfield, OH  / Terry in Canada  / Heidi in Ferndale, WA  / Janet in Beatrice, NE /  Karen in Boise, ID  /  Peggy in Valley Center, KS  / Ruth in Logwood, FL / Jo Anne in Hebron, MD / Scarlett in Novinger, MO / Deli Marbun in Indonesia / Edie in Medicine Hat AB Canada


Interested in a block swap?  I’m hosting a block swap on The Quilting Post and if any blog readers want to join in, the more the merrier.  We’ll be swapping Bloomin Basket blocks – they are paper pieced and very easy to do especially since there are no separate sections to join together – it’s paper pieced all as one section.

   You can find all the swap rules HERE  If, after reading them you want to sign up, just email me your name, email address, and guestimate at now many blocks you think you will make since you don’t have access to our database.  I’ll add you to my list of swappers and let you know on June 1, or the next day or two, if we have met our minimum number of swappers and if so, at that time I will email you the pattern pdf to use for the blocks.  To sign up — emai me at

Please sign up only if you truly plan to follow through with the swap — the last swap I opened up to include blog readers also – nearly all the bloggers didn’t send in any blocks or let me know they were dropping out.  You can’t have a good swap if there’s no commitment to follow through and you lose a number of participants.  🙂  And I love all the variety of blocks you can get from a good swap!

Indecision, indecision…..

Well this should have posted earlier this afternoon – don’t know what happened to it but I’ll try again. 🙂

 I just can decide what to work on.  So in the meantime cleaned up the kitchen.  Have bindings to hand stitch but that I’ll save for the evenings.  There’s still Louisiana blocks on the design wall but I haven’t figured out my plan of attack for those yet.  Plus I think I’m missing one or two of the blocks I had made so needed to search for those.

Should I layer a quilt? Looked at a few of those but not in the mood.  So decided I’d just pull out the top UFO box and find something in there to work on.  Many choices but I decided to pull out three baggies containing these.

These were left over from a project I made after we did a year long batik fat quarter swap on the The Quilting Post.  Each month had a  different color theme of fqs to swapped and then at the end I gave them a project.  These were used as background blocks of the project. Must have been 2007 I think,  so these extras have been hanging around  for quite a while.  Occasionally a few of them have ended up in other projects but there’s still a stack to use up.

  This is the project the framed bricks were originally created for.  The daisy would have looked better if it were black like a silouhette but you know what they say about hindsight. 🙂

About the same time, since I liked the framed bricks, I decided to try framed triangles.  There is a baggie of these left over from that project.

I also drew up at that time a quilt using framed hexagons — thank goodness I haven’t made any of those yet or I’d have more to try to use up!  But they are still on my lisgt of things to do since I have a quilt drawn out some where for them.

Here’s what the triangles are left over from — Triangulated Tulip. (Good grief – even years ago I was naming things with words that started with the case letters.) LOL

This is one of my favorites.  Love the irregular shape – wasn’t sure it would work and not droop and binding the inny and outie corners was interesting but it all worked out perfectly.  My parents have this one now I think.

And then I also pulled out these.  Kitties from a series of Kats swaps on TQP.  These of course were the batik and Kona black round.  There are eighteen Kats — some face right and some face left.   And tho they are a bit shorter in length, they are the same width as the framed bricks.

So now to come up with something.

Later….. well I got sidetracked before finishing this post.  I’ve now been to the grocery store and had some lunch (belated breakfast really) and got back to the sewing room.

I’ve laid out all the kats in rows.  I may still move one or two around – and some of the bricks laid out.  I’m going to stitch rows first and then decide where I go from there.

Oh, and what else did I find in that UFO box — this little strawberry that should have been in the Louisiana swap block group – it’s  one I made.  So I have to make sure I don’t have any other strays that are hiding somewhere.


Saturday stuff

Well I haven’t gotten to any sewing today – spent the better part of the day on the site looking at patterns.  If you knit or crochet and haven’t checked out their site, check it out.  It’s free and there’s all kinds of patterns available for free or to buy the download.  Places to add your own project photos, keep track of your yarn stash, create your own library of patterns you want to try rather than have to search them out again … all kinds of great stuff.  No affiliation … just great stuff!  I’ve found a scarf pattern to get started on later tonight that should be quick to make.  The cold weather has definitely put me in a knitting mode.  I’m anxiously awaiting a yarn and pattern order for a pullover sweater – well, make that two yarn orders since there’s some sock yarn coming from another place along with some other lovely yarns that clicked their way into my shopping cart.

The last two of my Booga type bags have been felted and are now drying.  I crocheted a little flower and then felted it and it turned out very cute.  I’ll post photos once everything is all dry.  I think it will be an embellishment on something.  I knit the leftover wool scraps into a little case for my sunglasses to slip into, which I think felted to the correct size.  I crocheted it rather than knit (quicker) but it looks the same felted as the knit items.  Another rectangle I knit that I’m going to attempt putting a zipper in and sewing the sides on as a little cosmetic bag to go in my booga bag.

Tho I didn’t get to any sewing, check out what Peggy, a member of The Quilting Post made.  It’s my Stacked Spools pattern which you can find in the sidebar.  She did it all in flannels – I can just image how snuggly warm it must be.  Just lovely, Peggy!  thanks for letting me share the photo.

  She’s much speedier than I am – mine still needs it’s final plain border.  I had run out of fabric but found one that will work so need to get it on and get it quilted.

But for now, time to snuggle under a cozy quilt (dang it’s cold outside) and do some knitting.


Stashbusting Report

Well I’ve had really nothing to report on the stashbusting report in over a month.  Lots of quilt designing, some sewing on projects already in the works where fabric had already been counted, but truly very little sewing done in the past month.  It’s been a hectic summer.  So I do have something to report – I may not have had much time to sew but I did go to the quilt shop and purchased! LOL

So 3.5 yds added to the stash this week.  196 yards used, 79.75 purchased for a net used YTD of 116.25.  Now I just need to get sewing.

I did play in EQ for a while last night to come up with a design for the christmas charm pack I bought yesterday.  Here’s what I came up with.  It’s nothing fancy or difficult – but will be a great way to use that charm pack and I like the way the border sets it off and adds a bit of movement.   The fabrics are just representational – not the actual ones I’ll be using.  The charm pack I got is called Fruitcake by Moda.

  Tho in my opinion – not a true “charm” pack since there are some duplicates.  It as 42 squares and this design will use 40 of them.  It finishes 60″ square – the size that will fit the quilt hanging in my living room but it would also look very festive draped across a couch or gracing a holiday table.   It could also have easily been made from the stash but I don’t like having to cut just one square from all those fabrics – too putzy – so love the precut charm packs for that.  We usually do a Thanksgiving weekend project for our online quilting group The Quilting Post so if there’s enough interest in making it I may write up the directions for that.  If I do, I’ll post it here as well.  Post a comment if you are interested in making it.  Hmm.. .I may have to check to see if I took off the day after vacation so I can have a long quilting weekend!

One prolific quilting friend, Janet P, who is always ready for a new project has pointed out that I seem to be stuck on quilt names that have a double “C” and she appears to be correct — there’s been Crop Circles, Continuous Chain, and Crocus Clusters.  So in keeping with that – I’ve named this one Christmas Charm. 🙂

And a further “check it out”….

Here’s Janet Parde’s completed Crop Circles top.  She done good! 🙂  It turned out stunning Janet.  Thanks for letting us see it.

If you have a photo of a project from one of my designs, please be sure to send me a photo so I can share it here. 🙂




And thank you for all the name suggestions for this design – so many good ones that fit it well!

I had been trying to come up with a name using the word “prism”.  Why prism? Well, I have a prism on one of my eyeglass lenses to correct a vision problem (amazing what a little grooved piece of plasticy stuff can do) and when the sun catches it at a particular angle, I see little bursts of rainbow colors which is what this design reminded me of.  However, I just couldn’t think of anything.  Then when I saw Janet T’s suggestion of “reflections” I knew that was what I was missing.  So, it is now christened “Prism Reflections”.  Thank you Janet.  I may have to hire her as my official quilt namer.  A few years back on The Quilting Post we were using another of my designs as a BOM.  This quilt needed a name.

  So I asked the TQP ladies to help name it and Janet T’s suggestion was the keeper – Ode to Spring.   Fit it perfectly.  Wonder how much you have to pay a person to be your official quilt namer – she’s got the knack! 🙂

Stacked Spools – Block Style 3 – Mini Border Spools

The third installment for the mini border spools is posted now.  I’ll post the final installment later this evening. Correction – thank you Janet P for your eagle eye.  There’s a typo in the directions and I’ll load a revised file. If you are making the project in the size I posted, you need only 84 mini spool blocks. I had a typo and then forgot I turned the corners of the borders into plain blocks so the alternating block number turned out even.  So write this change on your copy if you’ve already printed.   If you mastered the Empty Spools, the minis will look familiar – just a smaller version of the same block.

I’m moving along and some of the members of The Quilting Post online group are doing this project today also. Here’s my Empty Spools blocks up stuck up on the deisgn wall.

Here’s a photo of one of Janet P’s Empty Spools blocks.

Looking good Janet! I like the print of that fabric.





My Log Cabin spools are about half done but time for a lunch break before continuing.

Mystery Quilt Revealed

Camera battery has recharged so here’s the photo of  the New Year’s Eve Mystery Quilt designed by Ann Smith and presented to The Quilting Post yahoo group.  It turned out really cute and tho I originally planned to give it as a baby quilt to a friend who’s expecting, these colors would really look good in my living room as a winter wallhanging.  Will have to decide if I make a new baby quilt or actually give this one.  I still need to figure out what to do about borders but Ann gave us a great fun design and like a good mystery, I didn’t know exactly were headed until the final clues.



Have you downloaded the January block for Crop Circles BOM?  My fabrics are in the dryer so I can get started stitching on mine.  Click on the BOM page at the top of the screen to get the information.

The Best Way to Start the New Year

Quilting of course!  I finally got to quilt today and was playing catch up on a mystery quilt Ann Smith presented to The Quilting Post on New Year’s Eve day.  I got too busy with other things to get to sewing but made up for it today and have my top finally done.  It’s just baby size – will be a gift for a coworker who is expecting. I still need to snap a photo of it in the light of day.  Ann always does a great job giving us a fun mystery to work on and this one was no exception. I love the way mine turned out and am contemplating making another in a larger size.

There was also quite a bit of time spent playing with EQ – a new year means new designs calling to be made.  I also spent some time playing with Print Shop Pro – a new purchase I made.  Which makes getting fabric scans into EQ oh so easy.

And if you plan to join in on my Crop Circles Block of the Month, I just posted the January block to get you started! Enjoy!

Tomorrow’s plans – well there’s that mini quilt swap that needs to be mailed out in a few weeks and I haven’t started — but I do have a plan and know what fabrics I want to use — so that may be on the agenda next.

Snowglobes block swap

I’ve been busy working on more snowglobe swap blocks.  Yahoogroups photos are having issues loading so I’m loading the photos here for our members (and everyone else) to see.  If you click on the thumbprint, it should open a larger photo.  Some pictured are actually stitched, others are just laid on the background waiting to be made.  Plus there’s a photo of 4 new fabrics I found today that at least three will make great snowglobes – not sure about that reindeer print but it was too cute to pass up.  The blocks are so fun and quick to make.