Is it Friday yet???

Things are just crazy busy around here – at work, at home.  Finished writing one quilt pattern last weekend.  Have another I need to figure out the yardage for — don’t actually have to have the pattern written up for another month or so but I tend to figure yardage as I write up the pattern.  But I was busy last night counting pieces and strips and how many pieces I could get out of a strip – you get the idea.  Then I decided – heck I wouldn’t really want to piece it that way – so I may rewrite it a different way. 😉  Need to have yardage figured by Monday so I think there will be some time spent this weekend figuring that out.

I am counting down the days until I take a bit of a vacation!  And I still need to quilt my Camp Loopy 2 project quilt and get it bound before the end of the month – and actually really need to have it done before the end of next week according to my own personal schedule.  But like Scarlett said … Tomorrow is another day!


In the meantime, check out what arrived in my mailbox – advance issues of the September/October issue of Quiltmaker.

The quilt design is mine but I can take no credit for that lovely quilt on the bed which was stitched by Donna Smith – but I love the colors they chose for it.

Another swapper signed up for the Spooktacular Halloween Block Swap so we now have the block patterns listed below spoken for.  I still need to get Sara’s blocks added to our “virtual quilt” on the swap page which, if you aren’t familiar with the block names, gives you a visual of what each block looks like.  The names in the list below correspond from top to bottom with the rows of the quilt.  You don’t need to swap a lot of blocks (1 set minimum which is three blocks) in order to get some of the other block designs.    And just to clarify for anyone new to swapping – if you sign up for one set, you make 3 blocks of the same block pattern.  But you get back three DIFFERENT block patterns, not a SET of three same pattern blocks  made by someone.  So an easy way to get a lot of variety in block pattern, variety in fabrics, to make a fun Halloween themed project.

I also got a question – are paper pieced blocks allowed.  Yes – when I said it needed to be a “pieced block” in my mind, that includes paper pieced (but I neglected to actually type that in the swap rules).  Just carefully remove all the paper on paper pieced blocks before you send  them.


Sara’s blocks aren’t in the virtual quilt yet but I’ll be adding those as soon as I get a few free minutes!  Now to go find some dinner.




Stashbusting Report 8/19/12

Woo hooo  – a whole yard and a half can be added on to the stashbusting report this week. LOL  A bunch of Bloomin’ Basket Swap blocks were made so that’s where that yardage was used.  There was more sewing, but as usual nothing finished for me to count it yet.  One of these days I hope I’ll actually get some of the projects finished so there’s a increase in the stashbusting report.  A girl can dream!

Here’s the Bloomin’ Baskets so far.  The four on the left I made this morning.


And here’s the residual effect on my floor.

  I am definitely NOT a tidy paper piecer so just decided to let all the paper trimmings, fabric trimmings and threads pile up on the floor until I was done.  Next task – to go get rid of that pile.


I also finished off my first toe up sock last night.  And as you can see, made good progress starting on the second one which has a couple inches of the toe done.

I do like the toe up but need to look at some other patterns to see how they are done.  I like the provisional crochet cast on but would prefer stockinette stitch toe rather than garter but not sure that will work with the wrap and turn toe shaping.    This pair has no difference in number of stitches between the main part of the foot and the ankle/cuff area.  The foot is fine since the bottom is stockinette stitch which lets the sock stretch but after the heel is done, it’s all the pattern stitch which has virtually no stretch to it.  Therefore – it’s a bit trickey to slide the cuff area over the heel but I can.   I need a sock that increases in stitches over the ankle/cuff or is more stretchy.  I actually made these a tad bit longer than I needed and the cuff shorter since I knew it wouldn’t be stretchy so easier to get on if it’s shorter.  But they’ll be great for padding around the house in and I’ll be looking at some other toe up socks to get some other ideas on adjustments that can be made.

Know of a good simple toe up sock pattern you care to share — NOT made on circulars?


Indecision, indecision…..

Well this should have posted earlier this afternoon – don’t know what happened to it but I’ll try again. 🙂

 I just can decide what to work on.  So in the meantime cleaned up the kitchen.  Have bindings to hand stitch but that I’ll save for the evenings.  There’s still Louisiana blocks on the design wall but I haven’t figured out my plan of attack for those yet.  Plus I think I’m missing one or two of the blocks I had made so needed to search for those.

Should I layer a quilt? Looked at a few of those but not in the mood.  So decided I’d just pull out the top UFO box and find something in there to work on.  Many choices but I decided to pull out three baggies containing these.

These were left over from a project I made after we did a year long batik fat quarter swap on the The Quilting Post.  Each month had a  different color theme of fqs to swapped and then at the end I gave them a project.  These were used as background blocks of the project. Must have been 2007 I think,  so these extras have been hanging around  for quite a while.  Occasionally a few of them have ended up in other projects but there’s still a stack to use up.

  This is the project the framed bricks were originally created for.  The daisy would have looked better if it were black like a silouhette but you know what they say about hindsight. 🙂

About the same time, since I liked the framed bricks, I decided to try framed triangles.  There is a baggie of these left over from that project.

I also drew up at that time a quilt using framed hexagons — thank goodness I haven’t made any of those yet or I’d have more to try to use up!  But they are still on my lisgt of things to do since I have a quilt drawn out some where for them.

Here’s what the triangles are left over from — Triangulated Tulip. (Good grief – even years ago I was naming things with words that started with the case letters.) LOL

This is one of my favorites.  Love the irregular shape – wasn’t sure it would work and not droop and binding the inny and outie corners was interesting but it all worked out perfectly.  My parents have this one now I think.

And then I also pulled out these.  Kitties from a series of Kats swaps on TQP.  These of course were the batik and Kona black round.  There are eighteen Kats — some face right and some face left.   And tho they are a bit shorter in length, they are the same width as the framed bricks.

So now to come up with something.

Later….. well I got sidetracked before finishing this post.  I’ve now been to the grocery store and had some lunch (belated breakfast really) and got back to the sewing room.

I’ve laid out all the kats in rows.  I may still move one or two around – and some of the bricks laid out.  I’m going to stitch rows first and then decide where I go from there.

Oh, and what else did I find in that UFO box — this little strawberry that should have been in the Louisiana swap block group – it’s  one I made.  So I have to make sure I don’t have any other strays that are hiding somewhere.


Snowglobes and stuff

We did a snowglobe block swap over a year ago on The Quilting Post.  My blocks are still sitting and need to be set together, as are a few other swappers, and I always thought it would be neat to make a giant snowglobe for the center and then put the plainer snowglobe blocks around it.   So  I took the snowglobe design I showed in a previous post and expanded it with some borders until it was the right size to add the swap blocks into the mix.  Here’s what I ‘ve come up with.  The orginal 50″ square or so wallhanging design  has now become a 102″ quilt design!

I alternated the smaller snowglobes with some little leaning trees I had drawn for a different project.  The snowglobes all have the same print in them just because I didn’t feel like coloring them all in with different fabrics. 

The fabrics we used for the swap were all pictoral so they would look somewhat realistic like what the inside of a snowglobe would look like.  And we didn’t stick to just winter scenes – there were all kinds.  You can see some of the blocks I swapped in this post.

If I were making this quilt I think I’d maybe want it done with a limited number of prints in the snowglobes -but that’s just me because I don’t do scrappy a lot.  But I think it would also look neat with all the fabrics sort of scrappy so all those swap blocks would fit in well.  I shall have to ponder this.

Here’s another design I’ve been playing with. Super simple – to use up some of those larger christmas/winter prints in my stash.  I love those types of prints and so many I have are large prints that just wouldn’t look good cut up in pieced blocks so these larger pieces would work really well for them.  Another project to add to my list for vacation!

Today was my first foray into the stores during the holiday season.  I’m not particularly fond of shopping – especially crowded shopping – but I must admit they kept the lines moving smoothly at the stores I was in so it wasn’t so bad.

The only thing I truly needed, other than groceries, were grommets to finish the last Booga Bag I need to get in the mail on Monday.  So stopped at JoAnn’s for those.  The grommets are easy to put into the felted yarn bag but there’s just one downside.  You have to put them on cement in order to hammer them in.  The cutting board on top of my counter isn’t firm enough – yes I tried.  So the only cement is outside the apartment door — keep in mind it’s only about 20 degrees out there!  The last one I did I knelt by the door, put the grommet in place, opened the door, put it on the cement and pounded it in place, closed the door, set the next grommet in place and repeated.  It gets dang chilly putting those 8 grommets in a bag and makes me wish I still had an attached garage!  Hope now neighbors walk by as I’m opening and closing the door and hammering!  🙂

Then it was on to the quilt shop – I haven’t been in there in ages and they of course were happy to see me.  So I picked out fabrics for a NYE mystery quilt one of our Quilting Post members will be presenting and picked up some other neutral backings since I never seem to have enough of them in the stash when I want to start a project.  Oh yes, this yarn came home from JoAnn’s with me.  I love  the way it patterns in socks – I’ve made two pairs from other colorways as gifts and was wishing I had made those socks large enough for me so I could keep them so this yarn will be for a pair for me.

The shades of teal and gray and a very light celery green are really pretty.  It took a lot of will power to avoid the yarn area at Stitcher’s Crossing (the quilt shop I was in) because they have such beautiful yarns I knew I would have to bring some home.  But since I have an order from Loopy Ewe coming, I perservered and didn’t even look at aht area — today anyway.  Doesn’t mean there won’t be another trip back to check out the yarn.

Here’s the last scarf that I had finished for a gift – I was seeing the friend it was going to today so last night quickly put on the fringe.

  It’s made like the others with two strands of sock yarns and it’s hard to tell from the photo but one was navy and the other a navy, red and pinkish hand dyed.  She got this scarf and a couple pairs of socks and was so pleased.  I had made her socks in the past which she loved but when she saw the scarfs I was making she said she was really hoping she’d get one of those. So she was doubly pleased to get both. 🙂

So it was a busy day and now that the groceries are put away, think I’ll finally get those christmas decorations back in the closet rather than cluttering my living room.   One last photo, isn’t this gorgeous fabric!  It’s a sheer but a heavy weight one.  I bought it as a remnant. It has thread embroidery the same color as the gold background with emgroidered red flowers and green leaves.  Like many quilters, all the christmas tree skirts I’ve ever made have been gifts for others -never for myself so this gorgeous piece of fabric will be draped around the tree stand as my tree skirt.  It will be lovely.


Wednesday Happenings

My last day of vacation – until the three day weekend – and I’m pretty much hopping from item to time but may settle down to one task soon.  Got the slate table legs back on so dragged that out to the patio along with the two chairs ande cushions so decided I needed to christen it with a cup of coffee this morning and flipping though a couple quilt magazines while listening to the wrens who have moved into my birdhouse screech at me.  I also took this photo of Crop Circles outside (getting tired of seeing this quilt?) 🙂  – the colors still look off but it’s such a pretty backdrop with the flowers which are no longer overpoweringly sweet smelling — the close up shows the true colors somewhat better.  The yellow always looks glaringly bright for some reason when I take the whole quilt photo but as you can see in the close up, it’s a much softer color.  That’s the last time you should have to see this project until I get it all finished.  But for now  it’s going to get put on the shelf for a little while so I can finish the quilting on some other projects before I get around to quilting this one.

The I turned on the computer and opened EQ – bad move as I’ve spent a while playing there instead of doing the other things I wanted to get started on.  But then it’s vacation so I don’t really care about what I don’t get done. 🙂

I love the look of basket quilts – pieced baskets, appliqued baskets, empty baskets, full baskets, on point baskets – doesn’t matter what kind they are I just love them for some reason.  Here’s a simple basket project I was playing with today in EQ.

I’ve been thinking about using this basket block for a block swap – a quick little paperpieced block but will need to see how much interest there is and sew a few to see if I like them as much sewn up.  Just plain little brown baskets – there’s something sort of soothing about the simplicity of it all.

It’s 1:45 p.m. – the quilting elves never came to bring me breakfast or lunch!  So guess I’ll have to go find something myself, drat them!


Design Wall Monday

Friend Judy wants to know what’s on the design wall, well there’s bunches of stuff.  I think I need more design wall since more seems to be going up than coming down.

But new stuff has gone up this weekend.  First there’s these four blocks, the center of the Komen Fund auction quilt.

I’m acutally rethinking this design because I like how the four blocks look right next to each other with the sashing that goes between and round them all.  So will have to stare at it a bit longer and decide what I want to do with it.  Bought the fabrics on Saturday and by Sunday night had these four done – big blocks!





These will be used for the second Komen fundraiser quilt.  A Nancy Halvorsen panel that I chopped apart.  I started bordering the blocks and have a couple more to do  and then will decide how to set them all together.  I’ve got about 25 coordinate FQs from this line to work with and it will make a sweet looking lap quilt.  And those purple tulip shaped blotches – just sticky notes with block measurements on them. 🙂

The far end of the design wall still has snowglobe blocks and swim blocks from niece’s graduation quilt on it so I need to get busy and finish a few of these things.




And lastly – finally remembered to take a photo of the cute little winter themed mini quilt I received from the Quilting Gallery seasonal mini quit swap.  A cute little snowman.  I now have mini quilts from all four seasonal swaps.  Thank you Ellen C. for my snowman!

Stashbusting Report

Good news on the stashbusting front finally.  Fabric used and none purchased this week – even tho I had the opportunity to stop at the quilt shop yesterday but turned it down. 

Fabric in this week: 0 Fabric out: 7.5 YTD Used: <1.5>

Yes, I’m still in the red but not as deep. 🙂  Here’s what some of that fabric went to.

 This is for the Quilting Gallery’s Winter Mini Swap.  It still needs a little of the binding sewn down but it will be on it’s way to it’s recipient in tomorrow’s mail.  I love these little tobaggoners.  I have a whole quilt top full of similar blocks except there are three on the tabaggon.

And then I also started on my niece’s graduation quilt.  Have everything except borders cut and have started sewing blocks – here’s one of them.

Tracking Bear – continued

Are you Justquiltin this weekend?  My errands are done so I’m gathering the necessary supplies (like just started a pot of coffee and found a few good movies to watch) so I can begin stitching.  I posted last night the first two sets of instructions for Tracking Bear.  And am going to post the next two in a few minutes which will give you everything except the borders, which I’ll add tomorrow morning.  I have decided my version of Tracking Bear will not be a graduation quilt but stay here for me to use or maybe be a charity quilt  (new plan I like better for the graduation gift).   Here’s my pieces of Tracking Bear that are done so far – just need to cut the strip sections that go in the missing places yet and I’ll be ready to sew rows together.  I’m not overly thrilled with the red/bright blue combination sections but don’t know that I hate them enough to bother changing them.  Will have to stare at those a while longer to decide if there’s something else I’d rather substitute.

In the meantime, I’ve decided not to hand applique the giant “M” on my other nephew’s graduation quilt.  It’s just too unwieldly a size to do that with so am going to change it and satin stitch it in place so want to get that done so I can start setting that one together.  There’s also one other project I want to get started on so don’t know what I’ll work on first but whatever it is, this weekend is dedicated to Justquiltin. 🙂

Also finished the last of my snowglobe swap blocks last night so just need to get those squared up this weekend and also get the binding stitched down on a winter themed potholder for a swap. Oh yes, and there’s a winter themed mini quilt that needs to be made but decided it’s going to be made from some of my other snowglobe blocks so half the work is done already.  Just need to figure out how to set them.  Hmmm… how many days are there in a weekend? I may need an extra day or two for all I want to accomplish!  Here’s the last of my snowglobes

The Three S’s – Stashbusting, Snowglobes and Socks

There was a bit of shopping yesterday but more was used than purchased for the week so that’s a good thing.

So 3 yds purchased and 7 yds used.  Totals year to date 201 purchased 142 used.

I’ve been working on yet more snowglobe swap blocks.  These three are from the fabrics I found yesterday.  The snowman one is probably my favorite – the overall print of the fabric is a circular shape so perfect for the globes.  The cabins in the woods have little touches of silver so it looks like sparkling show.  The covered bridges look like a snowglobe you might find as a souvenir on a trip to Amish Country.  They are so cute and quick to make I can see them becoming addictive.



1005280002 1005280003

In the meantime, I’ve been knitting my way to my Socktoberfest goals set here.  Goal number 1 has been accomplished, which was to finish the mate to both these pairs of socks and here they are done.


They were the first two pairs I made so now the oldest socks are done.  While there’s still one – or maybe two – lone socks that need mates, I’ve moved on to my other Socktober goals instead for the time being. Those lone socks will get finished maybe next month.

I did alter goal #2.  The pattern I was going to use for the new sock just wasn’t showing up well with the yarn I was using so I started over with this pattern instead.   Here’s a photo of what I’ve got so far


It makes sort of a baset weave look and it’s one of those patterns you don’t have to think hard about to remember which makes it a great project to carry with me on the bus.  I love the feel of this yarn – a friend bought it for me for my birthday. Note the little spool next to it.  I discovered that inside the ball of yarn when I was trying to find the end inside the skein.  It’s  a little spool of the same yarn, but a thinner ply, for darning. It’s just too cute and so handy.  The flash is washing the color out a little  – it’s a bit more celery green/yellowy looking.

Of course when I stopped at Hobby Lobby and found the snowglobe fabrics above, I happened to walk by where they had sock yarns on sale…..these came home and have been tossed in the sock basket.


From blocks to rows

Most of the Moon over the Mountain blocks that were on the design wall yesterday are now sewn into long rows.  Once again I’ve changed my mind on how to set them together and I think they will be offset as they look on the design wall, with the top and bottom filled in with that purple fabric between the blocks.
I was too lazy to move the ironing board but the botom is offset like the top too.  I’ve got one more row to finish joining that goes on the right side.
Oh it’s stashbusting reporting day – well, I’ve been shopping again – had to buy the fabrics for the sashing and framing on this quilt, and some other fabrics hopped into my bag this weekend – to sash and border a wallhanging.  But I’ve sort of fallen off the wagon (perhaps I need to call a stashbusting sponsor for a pep talk) :-)as far as keeping track on my chart as to fabrics in and fabric used – so I’ll have to play catch up with my little spreadsheet but that’s too much hard thinking for tonight since I have to figure out what I used on a couple projects.  At least the fabrics I bought for sashing, framing and borders won’t end up in the stash since I’ve nearly got them all sewn into their projects already.
And look what I picked froom my garden pots yesterday …
The biggest one was nearly 5″ long – nice big one which was delicious on the salad I had with dinner that night.
There was also some baking going on today.  I love the mixmaster for making bread – it’s my new best friend.  Mixes it up so quickly and no more sore wrists from kneading dough.  Made a loaf of bread and the rest of the dough made into a pan of raisin cinnamon rolls. Yummy!