ReCap of My Loopy Academy Semester

Whew!  I have finished all my homework for Loopy Academy.

Freshman Semester 1 Fabric projects all had to use a minimum of 1.5 yards of fabric each and the homework was

Make four placemats (with or without quilting – mine were quilted as I added the strips)


And drawstring bag(s) – I made two – one for my loom supplies and the other my hand knit sock laundry bag.  Both bags are fully lined and the sock bag should hold at least a month’s worth of socks (since I usually only wash them once a month and all at once).









and a seasonal wall hanging that had to include some quilting.  I made Winter Wonderland.  The kit was just the top section with the embroidery and mini quilt but I added blocks to the bottom from a coordinating panel to make it larger – it should be the perfect size for the small half wall on the side of my desk at the office.

LA project seasonal wallhaning  And the Sophomore year, semester 1 knitting projects:

Something with cables – the cowl my friend stole was gifted.

Something with texture – the baby sweater

and a pillow – different designs on both sides of the round pillow.

So now on to some quilting and knitting and weaving projects that have no real deadline – well I do have a two quilts to finish before Christmas – good thing all my homework is done!  It was all great fun and I’m looking forward to seeing what project assignments there are for next semester to decide if I’m going to continue or take a break from “school”.  Hmmm… does TLE offer a semester abroad Academy?



Loopy Legend – Denise’s Gannets

gannet-bird-1366x768  My Loopy Legend yarn has arrived at The Loopy Ewe!

What’s a Loopy Legend – someone who has purchased many many hanks of lovely yarn and reached the award level where you send in an inspiration photo and they have a yarn dyed based on that photo in your name and you get a free hank of it.

Here’s the photo I sent in of a Gannet – I love the shades of yellow and gold on his head and the blue/gray of his beak.

And here’s what Lorna’s Laces did with the dying of the yarn.



I absolutely love it!!  Yes, more yarn had to be ordered  and is on its way to me. I think I will be making a sweater out of this.  I will need to do some swatch to see how it looks knit up – will it pool or not – then again I may just wing it and if it pools so what.  But I absolutely love all the colors in it.

Do you need some Gannet yarn – check out The Loopy Ewe to get your own.

A project in the planning…

Not only were there Boxes (yes plural) of Fun coming this week with yarn (Wollmeise update) and then yes, tho I wasn’t gonna do any Black Friday shopping at TLE, I couldn’t pass up some Cascade sport weight yarn which was on sale – two shades of blue which will make a lovely sweater – and at the price, especially on sale, it was a bargain for a SQ since it takes a whole lot of yarn.  But then, after cleaning up the sewing room, I had an idea stirring for a new project.  So, off to find the fabrics I wanted to use for it (no not in my neat and now tidy stash – but at TLE).  So one more Box of Fun will be arriving.  Now to finalize my  plan for these fabrics so I can get started on it over the weekend.

Have you checked out The Loopy Ewe’s Project Planner feature they added not long ago.  It’s  great – you can add yarn or fabric to them –  have several different projects planning at the same time – and see things side by side without hopping back and forth to check out color combinations, etc.

While the fabric I ordered was all from the same collection – Merriment – so I knew the colors were going to go together, it’s still nice to see the ones I ordered all together.

loopyfab  I love these fabrics because they “could” be Christmas fabrics but then again, not strictly so.

So what to do with them…. what to do……


And did you see friend Judy’s new Loopy Legend yarn??  Crawfish anyone? 🙂   Pretty shades of orange.  My Loopy Legend yarn (yes, I know, we were supposed to be knitting from the stash yet somehow we both got Loopy Legend status again) will be coming in the next batch from the dyer sometime early next year — which isn’t too dang far away anymore!


Just when I was breathing a sigh of relief……. along comes Loopy Academy!

Rah rah sis boom bah — Sheri and the elves at The Loopy Ewe clearly do not want me wandering aimlessly with nothing to do. 🙂  No I was never a cheerleader but I’m thinking my L’il Loopy might need his own pom poms and perhaps a megaphone.

After managing to get three sewing and three knitting projects for the three months of Camp Loopy done,  (and I think there are still scraps of those projects tossed around that need to be cleaned up and put away!) rather than quarterly challenges, it’s back to school with The Loopy Academy.   Follow the link and you can read all about their open enrollment program. 🙂  4-hootNo busing involved (except for the knitting I’ll be doing on my bus ride to work).


It’s been a good number of years since I was in school- – and as long as there’s no Chemistry class involved I think I can handle it (it’s very embarrassing to nearly flunk out of chemistry class when your Dad is the teacher — no reflection on him – I simply didn’t get it.  I skipped straight to chemistry rather than taking biology first because the biology teacher was a family friend and my good friend’s dad — he teased his students a lot, teased me when I was at their house, and I know what it would have been like if I’d been in his class 🙂  so I  avoided it but I barely made it thru chemistry. However, when I’m doing the daily crossword puzzles, I have managed to be able to answer some of the questions relating to the periodic table so something stuck  LOL- but I digress)  back to Loopy Academy……

So does going back to school mean I get a new backpack — oh wait, I have the “Camp’s a Hoot” backpack.

  Maybe a new lunch bag and notebook to keep my School assignments in —

 20140301_6oh I’ve got that covered.   The tote bag and blank notebooks I had printed as giveaways for the Head to Toe – A Knitter’s Gifts quilting BOM project are perfect with it’s knitting themed design on the front!

Okay – I just need to figure out what to make for my class assignments and then order my “school supplies”.  How great to have to buy yarn as school supplies!  I wonder if friend Judy is going to school????  I call dibs for a seat next to her! 🙂   (Sheri would probably have to separate us for being disruptive in class.)

Here’s the first semester assignment  – all things a gal in Wisconsin can definitely make use of.   



loopy assignment


 The tough part – decided what to make for each class project.

I think I have made a couple decisions tho

1.  Cowl — Slipstream cowl – I love this one and picked out some gorgeous yarn.

2.  For my hat I’ll be making (okay you know how I change my mind but I think I will stick to this one) Greyson Hat.  I like it because it is slouchy (and my hair needs no more flattening than it’s natural flat self) and the cables are mock cables so no cable needle involved, and it’s seamed.  I sooo hate knitting hats in the round.

3.   Mittens – I always need mittens.  Hmmm…. extra credit? — I may need to try a new cast on.  Think there’s extra credit if I actually make felted mittens?   I’ve been wanting to make a pair — double extra credit if I make them stranded and felted??? 🙂  Okay, maybe plain on the first felted pair to make sure I get the size the way I want before going crazy with stranding them.

You’ll just have to wait to see what my “school supplies” look like when they arrive.

Are you going to enroll in The Loopy Academy?   Be sure to get all the information at Sheri’s blog post linked above.





Top Done!

Two long days of cutting and sewing and making a mess all over my sewing room but look what I’ve got to show for it.  My quilt top for Camp Loopy Project 2 is done!  (I’m going to have to come up with a better name for it than “Camp Loopy Project 2”) 🙂  Just finished pressing the final borders.

DSCN3602I had planned to use the dark blue that is the sashing squares for the binding  which would have tied that darker color in a bit more but just remembered what that dark fabric is left over from – and its a project that is not yet finished so I’d  better save it rather than use it for binding.

So tomorrow I’ll make some binding and see if the backing fabric I bought is large enough.  I think I’ll probably have to add to it since this project turned out larger than what my original quilt plan was.

And, if I’m really good and clean up the sewing room, I might even get the table cleared off so I can start layering this one …. but as for tonight – I’ve got no interested in cleaning the sewing room and think perhaps a bowl of popcorn and then may be some knitting are a much better way to spend my time.

A plan

campimagAfter a while playing in EQ, I’ve come up with my plan for the second Camp Loopy fabric project.  I need a baby quilt for a coworker so might as well tackle that one.

Again, here’s the fabrics I chose. And then I wasn’t sure I had enough yardage and ordered a yellow tone on tone check  and more of two of the fabrics in the Short Stack.  Somehow I’ll make it all work.

crssingpths I’ll work on figuring out what fabrics go where once I get them all in and can see them in person.

Just a simple design since I didn’t want to really cut the daisy prints up much.

And I also came across in EQ an old design I had been drawing on but  hadn’t finished – it had no borders – but inspiration struck and I rather like it now.  Maybe I’ll actually get around to making this one after Camp Loopy has concluded and I’m not knitting a project and sewing a project each month in addition to everything else I’m working on! LOL




Camp Loopy 2014 Knitting Project 1 complete

003 004


It’s blocked, the ends are woven it, and it’s ready to go in a drawer until I need to use it.


I love the way it turned out and the Shalimar Breathless yarn is so nice and soft.   I need to stop making purple shawls tho — the TGV shawl I made for a past year’s Camp Loopy project is overall similarly shaped  to this one except for wide ruffle rather than lace and is also purple – but a brighter shade.



Camp Loopy 2014

Yeah – Camp Loopy  time is nearly upon us (or me, at least).  If you knit (or crochet) I suggest you join in cause it is such fun!  You can see all the info on  Sheri’s blog post on Camp Loopy Glamping for this year – no tents, no treehouses, no cabins this year but retro campers instead.  She comes up with such fun ideas for the virtual camp.

It’s currently camp shopping week and I am all set.  I’ve ordered my camp t-shirt with this year’s “glamping” logo on it, I’ve ordered my camp “mason jar” logo’d drinking glass – must keep hydrated while sitting near the bonfire knitting right? Even if it is a virtual bonfire.

The first project is at least 400 yards and you pick your project based on your favorite book, tv show or movie – pertaining to a scene, character…. lots of ways to interpret the theme of this project so check out all the rules and join in.  You can even knit from your stash if you want in order to play along (again check the rules), but you can also get a discount on your yarn during camp shopping week so why knit from the stash. 🙂

It was super easy to figure out my most favorite movie ever which I have loved ever since I first saw it, and I knew the type of project I wanted to make, but it took a bit of Ravelry searching to find exactly what I had in mind.  But I found the absolute perfect thing.

So heck – let’s have a giveaway of one of the  blank Crafty Ideas Notebooks show in the photo in honor of Camp Loopy coming soon  – since the notebook has my knitting themed BOM project, From Head to Toe – A Knitter’s Gifts”  shown on the front, it’s a perfect place to keep your knitting or crocheting notes, lists of way too much yarn you have purchased at The Loopy Ewe,   or yarns you want to purchase  ideas for gifts you need to make, etc.

20140301_6So to enter the giveaway, just leave a comment on this blog post (one comment only per person) as to what you think my favorite movie might be.  I will give a few hints – which may help but will likely merely serve to confuse –

  •    Clue 1:    there are three movies total to the series

  •    Clue 2:  the movie was adapted from a book(s)

  •     Clue 3:   I was in my mid 20s when I saw the first movie.

  •     (I still have them on vhs – I really need to replace them with DVDs) LOL

   The names of all who guess correctly, will be put in the hat for a random pick; if no one guesses correctly, a random drawing will be held of all entries.

 Unfortunately (for anyone not in the United States) you must live in the United States to be eligible for this particular drawing.  I’ve discovered it costs twice the cost of the notebook simply to mail it outside the US, plus an hour of my time to walk over to the post office and stand in line on my lunch hour – their busiest time of course –  which is just silly to pay that much in postage for a couple dollar book to start out with.   I’ll pick a winner sometime on Saturday.   Winner selected 5/10/14.  If you leave a comment and it doesn’t show up, that probably means you’ve never commented on my blog before so it’s held in moderation until I approve it.


He turned out pretty cute.  I think I’ll maybe used a dark thread to satin stitch around it so it looks more like a coloring book page and the fabric edges stand out more.

20140309_3 The red fabric I had received in a prior TLE order – fabrics I’m going to use for a Komen Fund Raiser quilt – but it was just perfect with these fabrics so I snipped a bit off that stack of fabrics.

He’s all fused in place and there’s Décor Bond fused to the back so once I pull out the other sewing machine (which I just put away yesterday after mending something) I may see if I can get him stitched down and contemplate the rest of my bag.  I’m going to have to make a little shopping list I think.  Since I don’t sew clothes anymore, my supply of more clothing type notions — like elastic which I want for something — are pretty much nonexistent.   So will have to figure out what else I might want..

Who’s Knittin’ Bag

That’s what I’m going to call my Loopy Ewe Challenge Bag.    When I chose the fabrics I wanted for this challenge project, once I saw the owl print I was thinking I wanted to use my applique owl block design from the Too Tired to Give a Hoot  wall hanging  (which I did for the first Loopy Fabric Challenge)  as the flap of the bag. But today in looking at this fabric I decided I wanted to change my owl to look sort of like the red headed winking owl.  I think he’s so cute.

20140309_2 So I pulled up my file in EQ7 and made a few changes to my owl design.  It’s not an exact duplicate but close enough.


Here’s what  my owl on the front flap will look like – not in these colors – but the general look of it.  Where I’ll go from there, I haven’t totally decided yet but I’ll start with the flap.