Loopy Academy School Supplies

DSCN3783  My “school supplies” have arrived today – along with the Loopy Academy button which Little Loopy has claimed as his sword – protector of the stash from any rival Academy.  If I see him armed with a double-pointed needle sword, I’ll know we’re in trouble! 🙂

The variegated – Mrs. Crosby Satchel in Toucan for my cowl.

To the right of that, Mrs. Crosby Carpet Bag in  Peacock.  The peacock is darker and more rich looking than in my photo and I might actually wear the hat I am making out of it because the color is so wonderful.

And in the back – Cascade 220 Heathers in 2433 Pacific for the mittens.  I haven’t decided on a mitten pattern for sure yet but I have enough yarn for the mittens that I might try felting them.  I don’t want them real tightly felted because then they get too stiff but a little felting could be a good thing when the below zero wind chills start to blow.

Now to collect the needles I’ll need, get to winding some of this yarn, and maybe start on one of them – there’s all semester to get them done.   Oh dang – now I have to go add this yarn into my “yarn in” numbers on the Knit the Stash tally.  Oh well – at least I know it won’t be too long before I can count it back out again. (Well, except for that extra hank of Toucan I got.)


But it might be a good day to sit out side for an hour or two and knit since after inches and inches of rain in the past week, it’s a lovely day here for a change.  Sunny, low 70s, no humidity, slight breeze — could it please stay this way for another month or two???

All the rain we got, and the heat and dry before that, did not help my garden at all.  Neither did the chipmunks and squirrels who kept taking chomps out of my already pathetic tomatoes and a pepper.    My cucumbers – those were great.  Probably didn’t produce as much as normal due to conditions, but produced plenty for one person to be eating and there’s still a couple more yet growing on the vines.   My red onions – did not get big at all but I’ll pull them eventually and use them.  The rain keeps washing the dirt off the top of them and I keep putting it back around them.    Tomatoes — my five plants did not get much on them at all and what was on them – either green or starting to get ripe, the critters chomped on all except……

one yellow tomato  and these

DSCN3781 Three little tomatoes were all I got!!!!  Dang critters.  But look at that pepper.  It is gorgeous and about 6″ long.  I was afraid to leave it out there to get any redder on the vine because I thought the critters were probably just waiting for the right moment to eat it.  There two or three more like it on that one pepper plant which was the star of my garden which hopefully will make it to fully ripe so that I (not critters) can eat them.  This one is going to be showcased on my dinner plate tomorrow night.  Steak and along with that my favorite salad topping combination — red onions (from my garden), pepper rings, blue cheese crumbles and walnuts.    I was going to have that tonight but had lunch really late so I think  a BLT with some of those tomatoes might be in order.


Camp Loopy 2014 Knitting Project 1 complete

003 004


It’s blocked, the ends are woven it, and it’s ready to go in a drawer until I need to use it.


I love the way it turned out and the Shalimar Breathless yarn is so nice and soft.   I need to stop making purple shawls tho — the TGV shawl I made for a past year’s Camp Loopy project is overall similarly shaped  to this one except for wide ruffle rather than lace and is also purple – but a brighter shade.



An Extra Fun Box of Fun

My Camp Loopy 2 knitting project supplies arrived today along with a great surprise – a Reward Level surprise.

001This so cute canvas type tote bag.  I will definitely be putting this to use!




Along with that a hat pattern, and the yarn and beads to make it.


002It is actually a style of hat I think I would wear -I prefer slouchy so it doesn’t totally smush my already very straight hair to my head.  The beads are gorgeous tho they just look rather blah in my photo.  The fact that it’s brown, as is my fall polar fleece coat – yep I need to make this hat!


Oh and yes

003let’s not forget the yarn I ordered for the Pine Forest Baby Blanket.  I’m all set for Camp Project 2 once I print the pattern and find the needles I need but will just have to try to patiently wait until July 1 to start.


I did just finish the quilting on my Snow on the Lake wall hanging and the binding is attached so I just need to hand stitch the binding to the back while watching tv one night.


On the Needles – Friday May 16, 2014


I’m still wrigglin along on my Wiggle Wrap and enjoying it.  I’m trying to see how far I can get before Camp Loopy starts on June 1 but I’m also itching to start another Customfit pattern.

This time I think it will be  Aislinn.  Tho I plan to make a change or two to it.  I’m not into the ties – they would not look good on me – so I’m going to leave those off.  And I’ll alter the fit just a bit (which is really easy to do with CustomFit)  so the fronts come a bit closer together since I prefer sweaters that look like they could close and not pull open at the hips – at least that’s my plan of the moment.  And I may actually put buttons on it too.  First I have to see how much yarn I need and if I have enough of the yarn I want to use.  I’m ignoring for the moment the other summer sweater I started since I’m not sure I like the fabric the yarn is knitting up in.  I may need to change needle size and restart.

But seriously I should NOT be starting a new sweater since Camp Loopy is not far away and not only am I doing “knitting” Camp but also “fabric” Camp.  See the cute buttons in the sidebar – if you want to join in those will take you to the information about both Camps.  It’s not too late to join in the fun. One of the fun things about Camp – you are assigned a Glamper (glammed up retro camper) group (I’m in Glamper 4 for knitting and all fabric projects are in #6) and in the Ravelry Loopy Groupies group there’s all kinds of chatter and showing of yarn (or fabric) that will be used and what patterns will be used.  I find so many fun patterns I had never noticed before during Camp to add to my “want to make list” (maybe that’s a bad thing about Camp come to think of it –more projects on the want to make list than any human being could possibly finish!)  But it’s all good fun.


Speaking of fun – if you are doing the Head to Toe – A Knitter’s Gifts BOM, I’ve loaded this month’s block early since I’m headed out early tomorrow for breakfast and a stop at the Garden Center to pick up some plants and do some other shopping with a friend so don’t know when I’ll be back — is it a good thing that our favorite bakery is right across the street from the garden center? Yummmmmmm

Camp Loopy Project 1 – What Movie was it???

Okay – if you read my previous Camp Loopy 1 post I gave three clues (albeit not really good clues but I didn’t want to make it easy) for you go try to guess what movie trilogy is my all time favorite which I will be basing my first Camp project on..  No one guessed the correct movie so if you left a comment on my prior post here and met the other criteria of the giveaway rules, you were included in the random draw for a winner.

So to recap – for the first  Camp Loopy project you need to knit something that reminds you of your favorite book, movie or tv show and you get to interpret “how” it relates to that book,  movie or tv show — whether it’s based on a character, scenes, colors, names – open to so many possibilities.    You also need to use at least 400 yards of yarn.  And the first projected is started and finished in June.

Go to Sheri’s blog for the complete list of all rules/procedures/how it works info – it’s not too late to decide to come to Camp since we don’t start until June 1 and Camp 20% discount week runs another couple of days (or knit from your stash and just join in the fun – again all the info on the options to participate are on Sheri’s blog) and see what fun drawings or prizes you could win/earn.

So back to those three clues:

  •    Clue 1:    there are three movies total to the series  — Anne of Green Gables, Anne of Green Gables, The Sequel (aka Anne of Avonlea on my old vhs tapes) and Anne of Green Gables, The Continuing Story.

  •    Clue 2:  the movie was adapted from a book(s) (there are many books to the series but I’ve never read a one of them – I may have to do that one of these days)

  •     Clue 3:   I was in my mid 20s when I saw the first movie.  (first movie came out in 1985 – I was 25)

20140510_1 All  three movies with Megan Follows and Colleen Dewhurst.  I’ve seen other versions with other actors but no – those just aren’t right for me.   These actors, the music (wonderful) , the scenery, the story line – I love it all.  The third VHS tape is here somewhere but that was taped off the tv, not purchased.    However, I just ordered a new box set of DVDs – it’s one of those movies (and there are very few of them) that I will watch over and over – a favorite to pop in as I’m knitting or sewing and since the VCR only works on the old tv in my sewing room, and since I planned to do a bit of straightening up in the sewing room while I wait for something else I ordered to be delivered later this afternoon so I can finish my current quilting project, I just might have to pop these in as I clean since I haven’t watched them in quite a while.

Now finally on to the drawing winner…… Oh no wait LOL I forgot to tell you what I’ll be knitting based on these movies.  Marilla Cuthbert (Colleen Dewhurst) and her brother Matthew live very simple lives without lots of frills.  So I’m knitting a very simple shawl of the type Marilla would approve of – no frills – just some simple texture and very useful and utilitarian.  So I’ll be making this shawl.   I thought about making it green but seriously I’ve made several green things lately and tho it’s my favorite color – I need to do something else.  Marilla would make it in some very neutral brown, tan, black or grey in a sturdy wool that would go with everything and not a frivolous color.  But as my nod to Matthew, who liked to buy a few frivolous (pretty) things for Anne much to Marilla’s exasperation, I think he would choose this Wisteria yarn with a bit of silk and cashmere – as Anne grows up her hair turns from “carrot” red to a “nice auburn” and I think the color would have looked lovely on her.

So now the winner….yes… finally — there were only 7 guesses (pretty good odds for those ladies) and random generator picked #1 so the winner is Mel Meister.   Congrats Mel! Please email your mailing address (my email is under my photo in the blog sidebar).

Mandarin Duck

No, that’s not what’s on the dinner menu (nothing that exciting for dinner here).

But remember this photo of a Mandarin Duck I posted before the end of the year?

canard-mandarin-620x295  I had made it to the Loopy Legend status at The Loopy Ewe and needed to send them an inspiration photo to have my Loopy Legend yarn  dyed after.


I got an email from friend Judy today that said “Is that you? The Mandarin Duck??”

Is she calling me a duck?? LOL – but I knew exactly what she was talking about because right below her email was the Loopy Groupie advance notice of today’s yarny updates at the shop.

You can see Denise’s Mandarin Duck  at that link.  I need to ask Sheri if I can post a copy of their photo of the yarn – but I had the photo side by side with the duck on my screen and Lorna’s Laces, who does the dying, did a great job matching up the colors.

So after seeing Judy’s email, I  HAD to go and quickly order 1 or 2 or 5 hanks of it for my stash. 🙂   Hmmmm wonder what that Mandarin Duck yarn wants to become……


Swatching and Blocking

My swatch is finished and is now drying – the photo on the angle shows the stitch pattern a little better than a straight on one. Now I just have to decide what color I want to make my sweater.


I was trying to figure out why it was so chilly in here – could be because I can feel the draft of the fan from the sewing room that is blowing on my sweater pieces I have laid out in there blocking.



Fronts and backs are blocking and I’ve got the sleeves to work on.  Also did a quick review of the Craftsy Seaming Handknits class this afternoon so I can get busy and seam my sister’s top.

Knitting and Stitching Progress

Last night I finished the back on my sweater.


That tiny little ball of yarn by the right armhole is all that was left of the first hank of yarn.  No ends to weave in mid sweater which is also one of the reasons I like Wollmeise yarn – lots more yardage on a hank of it so fewer ends to bury at the end.  I was too lazy to go get the next hank and wind it at nearly midnight so switched gears.

20140323_4I pulled the second stocking hat block for A Knitter’s Gifts that  I needed to applique one hat on – the dark blue one – and that is now done and I just need to square the block up to size.  That BOM I’m caught up on now but I need to get some dog blocks made since I haven’t started the March blocks yet.  The blocks being uploaded to the Flickr group are just wonderful and there’s lots of Knitter’s Gifts and DPPAS blocks loaded — so much creativity in fabrics and embellishments.

And early this morning, while I was waiting snug and warm in bed, watching a movie and waiting for the coffee maker to finish – I picked up my sister’s top and knit a few more rows on that so I’ve done the initial armhole bind off stitches on the front now.


I decided this morning to put the bed back on the frame for the time being.  I have no plans to venture out today in search of more bed risers so put it all back together until after the new bed arrives so I can continue with my furniture moving.

The next task is to clear off this bookshelf – tho I haven’t quite decided where some of that stuff that’s on it will end up.  The quilts will stay stored on it and there’s some others to join  them but the rest is either knitting related stuff or giveaway stuff for the BOMS so you know it’s all going to end up on the table in the sewing room and be more stuff I’ll have to deal with when I clean that room – which is definitely going to be a shore since I’ve been moving extra stuff into that room to deal with later.

Fortification is needed – first some brunch/lunch, and I want to start a pot of French onion soup since I finally remembered to pick up some wine so I could make it, and then back to the taming of the dust bunnies.


Sunny Days top progress

I’ve been knitting knitting knitting (well I did a lot of quilting in between too) but here’s the Sunny Days top so far

20140313_3  The back is done and I just finished the patterned section of the front so now its just mindless stockinette until I get to start the armhole shaping.  I’m so keeping my fingers crossed that this will fit my sister since I’m just guessing. LOL  But is a simple and quick knit so I can always redo it if I need to.

If the shoulders and bust fit and don’t swim on her, life will be good.  The bottom is supposed to be a bit swingy so I’m not too concerned about that.

I’m thinking I would love to use this pattern stitch on a summer cardigan for me – maybe elbow length sleeves. I may have to see what I can come up with in Customfit.


And yes, the Wollmeise orders placed last week arrived earlier this week. 🙂  I haven’t tallied the yardage I need to add to my Knit the Stash intake – it will be  laughable because these hanks have lots of yardage on them compared to other yarns.

But look at my lovelies I got


The larger hanks on the left are DK weight for a sweater – and actually I forgot about the additional yardage on each one so it’s more than a sweater’s worth.  The others are Pure which is fingering weight and I think they will be used together in a sweater and shell with some color blocking tho I keep switching colors around with some in the stash and haven’t decided on a combination yet — I will likely use the two neutrals together but need to figure out what other colors I want with them to give the pop of color.  More stash diving is in order.

Swing Cowl number two


Since I finished off my sweater and probably won’t get around to blocking it till the weekend, I needed to find something else to work on (because you know I just don’t  have any half finished projects around here!) 🙂  I did work on a pair of socks for a while but they weren’t holding my interest, I pulled out my Art Deco but I was watching  a good movie so didn’t want to have to pay as much attention to reading the pattern while watching the  movie so set that aside.

I had been wanting to make another  Swing Cowl, ever since I finished my first one, using my left over Mini Mochi yarn that I used in Dreambird.  So went looking in the stash for something to go with it.  I found some Cephalopod Skinny Buggga in Dragonfly Tattoo colorway.  The flash lightened the colors in it but it’s gray and has just the palest green, blue, pinkish and purple colors in it – very subtle – but they pick up the colors in the Mini Mochi.

I started last night, worked on it during my bus rides today and this is how far I’ve gotten.   Moving right along.

And miracle of miracles — these yarns actually came out of the stash!!! and not out of a recently ordered Box of Fun! LOL