And another finish – I’m on a roll

So yesterday I showed the little cardinal I finished and showed the New Years Sampler which I was nearly done with – just a few more white stitches to add.  Well I finished those white stitches on the NYS last night, dated and put my initials in it, but won’t show it again until after I get it framed. My goal was to get it finished before this Christmas and I made it!

So then I decided to pull out The Huntsman which was my Sampler September/Sampler Camp start.   I just had abut 6-7 inches of the border to finish.  That is now complete! But I’ll wait until daylight tomorrow to take a photo of it.  So then what… wasn’t time for me to go to bed, there was some good stitching time left, so I went searching thru my project bags and pulled out Quaker Christmas.  It’s just a small chart – freebie on the Fat Quarter Shop website if I remember correctly,  and made some more progress on that.


I like that it’s not your “usual”  traditional Quaker design sort of colors.  I am using the Aurifil thread pack called for and it’s bright reds and pinky reds and limey greens and that cheddar gold.   The end of the word Christmas is as far as it goes to the right, and  that big motif I’m stitching on is the top of the piece.   Last night I got the big motif I’m work on  started and filled in all the pinky/red in that motif above the angel.   Once this is done I may work on a few small Prairie Schooler Santas from this book.   The picture below is from my St. Nicholas Day stitch last year – I had wanted a design that looked like what I think of when I say St. Nicholas – the “saint” type person with the crook and miter hat – the one in red and gold.   So I stitched that last year (and it’s not fully finshed yet – I will have to rectify that).

st nick

But the other santas in this book are really cute and they are smaller than the yearly PS santas so pretty quick stitches.

And will I be doing a St. Nicholas Day stitch (Dec. 6) this year you ask?   Well I’m glad you asked because yes I will be and will be stitching this Tralala St. Nicholas Christmas Cross Stitch Pattern.


I don’t know that I will finish it in that shape but I think’ it’s adorable with the donkey laden with gifts and love the blue shades of his robes.

A cardinal finish and a nearly finished

Okay – I apologize that these photos aren’t great but…. I hopped out the door before the sun set (okay I can’t call it sun because it has NOT been “sunny” all day)  – before early darkness occurred (I hate it being dark so early) and it was 30 degrees out, snow and a bit of mist was falling, the table outside was dry tho so I snapped a few photos hoping to get a good shot in non-artificial light.  I was not real successful but I didn’t waste a lot of time outside.  I worked from home today, and was lazy and stayed in my pjs and bathrobe and wooly socks so didn’t waste a lot of time in the 30 degree yuck outside. Better fully finished pictures will follow at some time. 🙂


I love this cardinal so much and it was fun to stitch.     After I finished it I picked up my New Years Sampler that Judy and I started last Christmas.   I was adding in a tent stitch (one-half of a full cross stitch) to make those areas pop a bit more.  Not everywhere – but in areas I wanted to show up more.   I need to do a final comparison of chart to stitch to make sure I’m not missing anything and I want to add a tent stitch to the top of Santa’s staff – that starburst-like thing and it will be DONE!!    I enjoyed this stitch so very much.   I’m going to wait until after all the black friday mailing and holiday mailing chaos is done before I order a frame for this and a couple other finishes.  And I likely will leave this one up all year – couldn’t bear to put it away in a closet for most of the year.


Two snowflakes done

Where’s a good hot glue gun when you need one? Definitely not at my house.   I had two little low melt glue guns that I never liked from the first so I have no trashed those.   My ancient – 20 year old or more – lethal hot glue gun didn’t want to heat up anymore and there was only one glue stick left for it so that too went in the trash.   I wanted to use hot glue on one of these – the snowman – because of the thickness of the fabric gathered around the edges on the back but I came up with an alternate plan which I think will hold it all together.

Here’s the first one I finished.snowmanfull

I covered chipboard with a layer of fabric, then put the stitched piece on top of that, put white chenile around the stitched piece, and then blueish/gray mini pom poms around the fabric piece edge.  Circle shapes are definitely more tricky than squares or rectangles.  This snowflake is about 15 or maybe 16″ in diameter if I remember correctly.

And here’s the second one I finished – I just love this one.  I have one more like it – same chart but stitched on different fabric – to fully finish. This is about a 10″ diameter snowflake because the foam core I used to mount this piece on was cut 2″ x 8″.

sled full

Right before got started on finishing it I went back in and backstitched Santa’s face/beard and hat bring because they weren’t standing out well.  This has the same blueish-gray pom poms around the edges as the other one.


A finish and a start – 11-13-22

I saw my first snowflakes of the season yesterday – huge fluffy flakes for about 5 minutes.  I just happened to look out the door that the right time or would have missed it.  I’m glad that’s all it was – I am not wanting snow yet!!

I finished Penny Autumn last night.  I decided I liked it with just the single border line and m not going to add the pennies on the other three sides.  I am going to extend the ends of the side borders down a few stitches, so they look like a continuation of the bottom border and aren’t one stitch outside of that.  It’s just a bit too big (top to bottom) to fit into the frame I had been thinkiing of in my stash so I haven’t decided how I’ll finish it.  It’s about 5.5″ x 4.75″ on the fabric I stitched it on and I think it is just so cute.


I finished this about   11pm last night and was still wide away so hmmmm what to work on next.    Earlier in the day I had pulled out two of the big wooden snowflakes that I plan to mount a holiday stitch on.   You might remember when I bought these last year.  Here’s one of them and I need to get that stitching fully finished onto the ornament as it will be a gift.   I like the color/grain of the wood and didn’t want to paint it so I decided to just rub on a coat of wax.  So got two of them waxed and set aside to dry so I can work on getting the stitching attached this week.

wooden ornament center

Well I was still wide awake so pulled out a chart for a little cardinal that I might want to give as a gift.  The chart came with the hand painted fabric to match what is shown in the chart image.


That fabric is so very pretty but it’s 28 count linen and I will never be a linen stitcher so I pulled a scrap of aida out of my stash


I’m using 20 count Fiber on a Whim and the color is Milk and Honey with all the called for floss – 3 Weeks and the rest DMC – so got the DMC on floss tags, found a good movie, and started stitching on it.  I finally made myself put it down about 3AM.

You know I love greens – Weeks Dye Works Bayberry is another fantastic green.  Check out all the shading you get in that floss color.


Yesterday I got my 12 Days of  Christmas box from The Colorado Crossstitcher shop.   It has 12 little packages you can open – allegedly the first 12 days of  December – or any day you want – or well you can open them all at once for instant gratification the moment you receive it.   I chose the latter. 🙂  I won’t show you what was in it because I don’t want to ruin the surprises for anyone else who ordered it but it was a fun package with lots of stitching goodness.

November 12, 2022 – the end of summer

Yes, I think summer has official ended – we had three days in the upper 70s the first week of November; two days in the low 70s this week; and right now, its 32.  It’s going to be in 30s most of this coming week and then Friday thru weekend only in the 20s with our first nighttime temps in the teens – or at least that’s the forecast now with a few flurries making an appearance during this week.   The warm fall temps were definitely nice while they lasted.   This morning when I opened the door to take a photo of my stitching in natural light, it is definitely a crispy fall day but overcast.  I could hear a woodpecker rat-a-tat-tatting on one of the trees on the hill outside my door and as I was looking for him (I saw him but he flew away before I could get a photo), I spied this bit of bright red not far from me.  There was another cardinal farther back in the trees too.


I’ve been working on Penny Autumn all week and nearly have all except three sides of the border done.   I changed up some colors from the called for, changed up some color placement in certain areas, and made mine a bit more colorful, adding purple and green to the border and other spots.  I just have that bit of the house to finish before tackling the rest of the borders.


I’m debating on the penny border.    Will it make it look too busy with the colors I have added to it if I do it all the way around the same.  Should I do the other sides with just the brown/rust colors and leave out the purple/green.  I would just leave it as is – sort of looks like everything is standing on a table with a penny rug tablecloth right now, but I need to add at least a single line border around the other three sides since partial motifs are anchored to the border.    I also think I might have a frame here that will fit this but need to find the one I’m thinking of to see if it really is similar in size.   But my plan is to stitch in the black single line on the other three sides (which is the start of the penny border section anyway) and see if it looks okay with just that.

So Saturday chores are underway, my grocery order is to be delivered soon and I’m most happy because they did have the cornish hens I wanted in stock and on sale even.  I usually make cornish hen for Thanksgiving for me and the last two years I had trouble getting them.   So I will have all the staples of my Thanksgiving dinner here ahead of time and not trying to find them at the last minute.  And butter was on sale at a price I never thought I’d see again.  I don’t use a lot of it but some holiday treats I usually make for friends at Christmas definitely need it, so I will have a bit of it in the freezer anyway.

Happy Saturday!

As Promised – Turkey Love is Finished

I said I would finish Turkey Love before starting a new project and I actually did!  This is a not-so-great indoor photo – its dark, pouring rain, and really windy.   We timed our breakfast out (a friend and I) just right because it was only misting when she picked me up, rained while we were in the restaurant, but stopped until about 10 minutes after I got home and then just down poured.  Hence, the floss colors are a bit duller looking in my photo.  I went looking for this frame last night and could not find it but I KNEW I had a rust or reddish color one and after looking again this morning found it.  It’s just a standard Mill Hill 6″ square frame, available at a lot of stitching shops, and it will be the perfect fit for this.  Mill Hill frames come with a little wooden peg you can stick in a hole in the aback of the frame so it can stand up on its own, or you can hang on a wall.   I like the versatility of these little frames.  I’ll set aside for now and maybe get it actually framed next weekend.  I did miscount and made the year box two stitches to short from top to bottom but was able to adjust the charted numbers to fit within that box.  A very fun and quick project to stitch.

turkeyllove-finish 11-4-22

penny autumn

Then of course I still had a couple hours to stitch last night so I started on this chart I had shown yesterday.  Another Plum Street Samplers chart called Penny Autumn.   This was a chart from 2016 but I had not seen it before and instantly fell in love.    But I am going to change up some of the colors.   Like in the penny border, one rust color is used for the inner circles and then they alternate two different colors for the outer circle of each penny.   I decided I wanted to pull some dark purple and my new favorite green DMC (730) so I’m going to alternate the rust pennies with some purple/green pennies.   The yellow flowers are too light for me so they will be a darker gold color and there’s some sort of taupe-ish star points that are too blah so I’ll likely use the purple there too.   Here’s how far I got last night.   I started bottom center, did the black outline sections around the pennies to the left corner and then started to fill in the pennies.  That border is going to be so easy to do and fun – and it’s all about the fun for me.

penny autumn

These colors look true and my favorite green I mentioned above – it’s that one on the bottom. It’s just a little bit darker/richer looking in real life so goes with the fall colors well.  That light yellow is the one I’ll be replacing with a richer gold.  The to Dye For Fabrics is 18 ct  and even the color name fits with this project – Acorn Top.  It has great shading/mottling in it.

So close to a finish on Turkey Love

I didn’t take a new photo of Turkey Love to post here because I will have a finished photo to show you tomorrow. But as I was stitching on it a lunch today knowing I could finish it tonight, I had to start planning my next project, right?

So here is Penny Autumn. It’s a small chart – a small chart with lots of stitches – but the stitched area will only be about 6.5″ x 5″.

penny autumn

Isn’t that cute.  I love Fall colors and these are just beautiful and such a fun design.  I may change a few colors but we shall see and I’ll likely do it on a bit darker fabric.  But after eat some dinner, I’m going to pull the called for flosses (Classic Colorworks) that I have.  I know from recognizing the names of them that I likely have quite a few and pull some fabric so I have it ready.  First I WILL finish Turkey Love, and then I will think about starting this. 

Turkey Love progress 11-3-22

Well if I hadn’t fallen asleep early last night I’d have more progress.  But other than one leaf cluster in the upper right corner, I just have the grassy expanse to go which should be easy stitching tv viewing tonight. I did grab the wrong color in one of the motifs but as I was changing up colors in other ones, it doesn’t really matter.  Definitely a fun stitch and I love those turkeys long legs and knobby knees.

11-3-22 progress

Cathy H is the FCA recipient so Peppermint Bark chart will be headed to her next week.  Congratulations Cathy.

Loving Turkey Love

This is my progress and where I will pick up on it tonight.  For once the colors and fabric all look true.

progress 11-1-22

I did have to substitute a few colors and I have changed a location of a color here and there but mostly following the chart.  I had fleetingly thought about joining in the Black Sampler November SAL that is starting today after I saw several flosstubers talking about it (stitch a sampler during November all in black floss) but I’m having way too much fun stitching on this one at the moment and I can’t think of anything I had planned to stitch as a one-color sampler anyway (well there is one chart but I don’t want it in black) so I shall carry on with this.  I’m hoping to finish it by maybe Thursday night.  Although I was watching way too interesting a movie last night and got very little stitching done.  I’ll have to watch something I don’t really need to pay attention to – I make better progress that way! 🙂   And I can hear the dinner delivery guy leaving my dinner on the table outside my door (lots of crackling leaves on the sidewalk) so I must go get it while its hot and  I’ll let the FCA go until next time I post, so there’s still time if you are interested.

Turkey Love start


My start last night on Turkey Love.  I had some but not all of the DMC so had to substitute a few colors.   The fabric is 18 count Buckskin from To Dye For Fabrics.     As I was stitching this I was thinking about some of my upcoming planned starts and other projects I want to start on.

One of them I’d really like to start on (which is a chart I’ve recently ordered by haven’t received yet) is Grateful, Thankful and Blessed.   Depending on my fabric, I will be changing the color floss of the thread for the words – so many people I’ve seen stitching on that those letters are really ghosty and you know how I feel about stitching something you can’t really see.  I also think I may remove the word “Harvest” from the bottom and put my last name in there.  It has the same amount of letters and all the letters in Russart are already in the chart so just need to do a bit of math to figure out the spacing.   Anyone else stitching on this one?  Or want to start along with me?  I had chosen a different chart for my Thanksgiving start, but I plan to do this one instead.  I’m planning to just pull threads from my stash for this since I couldn’t find all of the called for at any one shop and I may change a few of them anyway.


The other thing I’ve had the charts for about two years now and really want to get started on is the series, Hometown Holiday from Little House Needleworks.  They can be stitched individually but I’ve posted before about Deb from County Stitchers and saw that she was stitching groups of them into a long row which I loved the moment I saw it.  You can find the link to the flosstube where she shows it on this prior blog post where I liked the flosstube episode and talked about the 10 x 34″ cuts of fabric I had gotten for it.    This will be a long-term project.  My plans (which you know are ever changing) is to get one group of buildings done a year from when I start it.   Deb calls hers “Phases” – and she has done them in three separate long sections (last I saw she was working on the third and final phase of her village.)

I think there are 22 separate charts in all – and there’s some other Little House Needleworks charts for ornaments or other “villages” that are of similar size so you could mix and match and make a whole darn city.  But I’m thinking of changing the chart I had planned to start on Christmas Eve Eve and getting this project started then with the church and creche.   In the meantime, I think I had made a list of all the floss colors somewhere (or I need to make one) and start pulling them to put on a ring.  This is a project I could easily substitute colors in (and like will some) but I want to put together a ring of all the colors that I actually do have as a starting point.  Or I may start it sooner depending on when I get everything gathered together, but I’ll save the floss gathering for some other weekend.

pbchartLast but not least (because I need to go mix up some bagel spread for my lunch and  and then mix up a meatloaf that will be for dinner and stop thinking up more projects I want to start), since this chart was passed on to me and I’m done with it, it is up for Flash Chart Adoption (read FCA rules at top of blog button if you don’t know how this works and want to play along).