Guess what!


Time for a Flash Challenge Adoption.  As always – read the rules for the FCA found at a button at the top of the blog header.   Don’t be that person automatically disqualified for not following the rules – that would be  disheartening if you really want the chart.  And please, only play along if you want to stitch the chart yourself.   This time there are two separate charts (you can only adopt one but you can apply for both if you would be interested in either of them) since I never heard from the prior adoptee of a chart.   These are the two charts up for adoption.  You know what to do. 🙂



Things have been hectic lately but I did finally get Celebrate Harvest and Always Be a Wildflower out in today’s mail to their recipients.

Counting is Hard – completed

I finished off this stitch last night.   I added more pins to my pincushion (I think there were only three in the chart) and instead of a regular cross stitch at the top, I did the pin head as a french knot since I didn’t have any beads the right size or color.   The floss bobbin is interesting because you stitch with normal cross stitches where the “floss color” is but then go back and add in some long stitches across the top of that.  You can’t see it in my photo but it makes it look like thread is truly wrapped around it.

counting is hard

I think I may use the “brick finish” like I have done before but need to see if this will fit the styrofoam brick.   Hmmmm now what do I work on?

Heirloom Tomato?

Hmmm I think my tomato pincushion must be one of those heirloom varieties that may have a bit of an odd outward appearance – you know those ones that aren’t the  “bright red” tomatoes that you normally see in a store.   The floss I used had a bit more variation in shade and when stitching in small sections it sort of got splotchy but I love it anyway.  Last night’s progress.


Counting is REALLY hard sometimes….

Just a quick update – True confession time – as I was stitching on the “Counting is Hard” chart, I counted wrong, left a whole row off my birds head which messed other things up and I had to rip out his whole head!!!  I couldn’t believe it.   I moved on to another section but then came back and added his head in again -correctly this time – and here’s where I left off last night.


And check out those scissors with their metallic blades.   I’m going to use the same color as the bird’s breast for the words.

The floss tags I had made at Vistaprint (business card size with photos of two of my projects on them) arrived today but it’s dark and raining and my photo didn’t turn out.  I’ll show you another day but now I can start punching them and getting the floss organized for a couple upcoming large projects.

Waiting for dinner to cook – it seems like a long time since I made anything good and not just grabbed something quick.  Heck tonight I might actually get all the food groups in.  But I getting very hungry now that I can spell those Baked Crispy Chicken Thighs cooking.  Need to find some veggies.  And bonus – I’ll have some tasty leftovers  for later this week.

Counting Is Hard – color choices

Well you may not find the colors I chose for my Bluebird in nature, but  I think they will be pretty and vibrant.


And as I was looking at these I thought of one other color I might want to try for the bird. – I have one project with Valdani threads and I think the color I had envisioned in my  head might be in that project bag so you never know what might get changed up as I go along.  I have decided my tomato pincushion will be that gold which is Curry,   I’m still undecided if my scissors will be red (Louisiana Hot Sauce)  or black.   Curry and Louisiana Hot Sauce – sounds more like a recipe, especially since the two greens are guacamole and baby spinach. 🙂  It will be stitched on 18 ct Vintage Country Mocha.

Sunday, October 3, 2021

This weekend is just going  by too quickly for me.   But taking a break from a bit of cleaning to share the stitch I started on last night and the one I’ll be pulling floss for later today.

I decided to start a little one color stitch from Modern Folk Embroidery.   There is a flosstube by this name by the designer and his flosstubes are so interesting to watch.   And “little” stitch  definitely describes this one – the stitched area will finish about 4″ x 6″.  I’m stitching it on 16 court PTP Mystic aida.  I started with two strands of floss but that was too thick.  In the dye process aida can shrink up a bit so the holes in the aida are a bit  tighter than non-overdyed aida, so with one strand of Victorian Motto floss I’m getting  good coverage.  The color of the floss is called Granny’s Biscuits.



Super easy to read chart and this is one I wanted to get a start on so that I could put it in my bag and work on it at work during lunch. I got quite a bit accomplished in a short period of time last night and because the holes are slightly tighter and the fabric is dark, I’ll have to wait and decide if it is easy enough to see without a light right over it.

The other chart I want to pull the flosses for is this cute one by Luminous Fiber Arts.

It’s cute as is but I plan to probably change all the colors.   The pastel-ish blues  in the bird – I’m going to change the bird to coloring more similar to a Bluebird with peachy/coral breast and different blue,  the floss on the bobbin will likely be a different color than that used in the bird.  I’m thinking I’ll make the pincushion either a favorite green color or maybe golden – won’t know until I start digging thru the flosses  but I’ll be changing this one up.

Let It Snow – Finished

Whew! I put the final stitch in a few minutes ago – didn’t know if I’d be able to get a photo since it gets dark outside much earlier. I’ll get a better photo once its framed of course.


And in looking at the photo I realized there’s no door knob on the one house – that stitch is supposed to be left unstitched and in my quest to finish, I forgot to do that but I think I’ll just go back in and stitch over it with black. Such a very vintage looking small piece – stitched area is just under 6″ x 8″ – and I can’t wait for the frame to come which is on order. There’s nothing like a Prairie Schooler chart with Santas – I just love them all.

So I’ve been contemplating what to work on next and thought I had made up my mind and then an order arrived late this afternoon that now has me rethinking my plan.

Prairie Schooler – Let It Snow

I’ve made really good progress on this stitch this week.  Here’s where I left off last night.


The edges look uneven but it’s just wrinkly because I took it out of the hoop for the photo.  Let’s see – I’ve got a few stitches left to put in his beard, – add eyes and backstitch nose., add bag over his shoulder and add that second house.  Can I get it done tonight – maybe but I once again was an insomniac last night so may end up falling asleep mid-stitching tonight.    I was playing some serious floss-chicken tho.  The green I’m using was not a new skein and it’s a good thing I decided to change the snowman color from green and not put all the single stitch green specks (which I think are supposed to look like snowflakes) around the houses because when I finished the smoke for the house on the left, I had exactly 4″ of floss left.

Of course while I work on completing this one tonight, I’ll be thinking about just what do I want to stitch next……

Another unexpected stitching day – 9-27-21

I’ve got another day all to myself and so far have accomplished very little.   I restitched the area of green on the right side that I had gotten off on to correct that.   I also decided (since I want to be like friend Judy) 🙂  that I needed to order some fun floss tags to one of these days get all my DMC floss on rather than just having all the hanks tossed in a container to root thru.  When I do pull them for a project, I do (most times) get them on a floss drop right away.  Maybe fun floss tags will help me to sit down and do a bunch all at one time.  So I can show you my progress on Let it Snow and the photo I used for one of my sets of floss tags all in one – here it is

floss tag 1   I had lied in my prior blog post – I thought I had finished the black line border all the way around the piece (I didn’t have it in front of me) – but no I had only done the left side and top because I wanted to start on the pine bow section at the top.

I have now finished that black border all around and have all thre green from the left corner mid right side done.  I’m jumping around to put in all the green (working on fence line at the bottom this afternoon) because I didn’t have a full skein of the color I’m using for that and want to see if I need to order another or if I’ve got enough.  I do really like this color green so I will definitely replenish it on some future floss order.

I changed the color of the sledding child’s  scarf and pompom on the stocking cap to red rather than black.   That little sledding part would make such a cute ornament all on its own.


Then because two is always better than one (at least in this case), I created a second floss tag with the Berry Bird in the tart tin which I just love.

floss tag 2I was going to start winding and putting the DMC for the Lincoln Sampler on tags but think I will have to wait to use these.   I’m not starting that project until November – anyone else starting on the Lincoln Sampler anytime soon?

And here’s the other charts that arrived last week that I hadn’t shown yet.


The women’s expression seems be be “take the photo quick – these pumpkins are heavy!”. They are too funny.

vignette shrine  The next two charts I got with this in mind.  Back last winter when I was on the hunt for sleds, I cane across this vignette shrine box and thought it would be great as a manger with a cross stitch creche scene inside it.  I’ve also seen it painted with a Santa standing inside like it was a house. I bought one and have it safely hidden away somewhere.

I previously got a pdf chart that I thought would look good in it but I’m not sure I am loving the stained glass style of it.

stained glass

These are the other two contenders but I need to sit down with all of them and figure out if I can make them fit into the space.   Mother and Child I saw stitched up on a floss tube and it was so gorgeous.  Lots of backstitching in the background but such a lovely design.  I’m actually thinking I may need to stitch that and not put it in the shrine.


The other chart is one that I could stitch the full version of the stitch (shown in the frame) to use in the shrine but it may be too small.  But I did get this chart because it will also work for stitching and putting on the sleds.  Sorry for the blurry photo – it was taken thru the plastic and I didn’t feel like going outside to take another shot of it.


October Sampler Finished

I thought I’d never get those vines stitched in October Sampler.  I had said I would get it finished last night and after I put in the last stitch and looked at the clock, it was exactly 12 AM. Whew just made it!   I can’t believe September is nearly over and it  is soon be October.

october sampler

And since I happen to have written all this info on my chart here’s the scoop:  Chart is October Sampler by Threadwork Primitives.  Fabric is from ToDyeForFabrics (Etsy shop and their fabrics are probably my favorite), it is 14 court, and it is a OOAK color so only is identified as #1.   I used none of the called for floss (and I changed color placement around a bit) since I used all Victorian Motto flosses from their Autumn in Vermont collection.   The stitched area of this piece measures about 12″ x 6″.   I thought I had a frame to fit but it’s about an inch too small – darn – will have to order one.  I added an extra color to the mix – the dark burgundy  – and used that for the alphabet letters for my initials, the year and in two of the divider borders in the middle.  And may I say it one last time (well not one last time because I will probably say it when I show the final finished (framed) piece — I LOVE everything about this stich – the chart, the colors I used and the fabric I chose.

So I was still wide awake at midnight when I put the last stitch above so decided to grab a couple flosses, and a piece of fabric and start on The Prairie Schooler “Let It Snow” which had been calling to me all day. So just a bit of a start – the border is done all the way around and got a few pine boughs in.

let it snow

This fabric is another OOAK color identified as #2 from ToDyeForFabrics and I decided to use 14 count which will make this design about 5″ x 8″.  I just pulled colors I liked – DMC310 (black), Weeks: Monkey Grass (green) and the other two are Gentle Arts: Chalk and Buckeye Scarlet.   And since I have to order frames, I’ll order one for this as well.

I’ll be doing some more stitching on this this afternoon but I have one heck of a mess of new charts and flosses and who knows what buried underneath on my stitching chair table that I will clear off into a box and deal with organizing it later this week or next weekend – just not in the mood at the moment – since I need to get a few other tasks done today.