Autumn Ripple and Fern Garden Patterns now available



Autumn Ripples and Fern Garden patterns have been added to the page for my Hoffman California Fabrics patterns that have been retired on their pattern download page so you can now get them on my blog.

Autumn ripples – don’t let the curved piecing scare you.  It’s a gentle curve and I didn’t even have to pin it.  I made a larger version of this quilt and a smaller one with the actual fabrics form this fabric line.  You can see those at the end of this post.  The two I made I set the blocks square, rather than on point as in the original design.


Fern Garden is definitely a super simple beginner  pattern — perfect for those large prints you want to showcase and not really cut up much.  And one of my favorite things about it is the way the sashing stairsteps diagonally alternating colors across the quilt.


Autumn Ripples Revisited – 4/4/15


Just Flutterin’ and Woven Ribbons

Two more patterns that were on the Hoffman California Fabrics website that are now back out of retirement and the patterns are available in my free pattern pages…

Just Flutterin 58 x 67


Woven Ribbons - Sand In My Shoes Collection

Woven Ribbons – Sand In My Shoes Collection

and here’s the version of Woven Ribbons that I made from these fabrics

wovenribbonsAs I was looking for the pattern instructions above, one of the other things I’m finding are other potential quilt designs that I did for the same fabric lines but were not selected as the final quilt design to use.    I had forgotten about this one, which I called low tide, and was one of the potential designs for the Sand in My Shoes fabric collection.  It reminds me of a beach where the tide has gone out and left that bit of blue water running diagonally through the design in  low spots on the beach.  I still have fabrics from that  collection in my stash so I may have to see if I have enough to make this quilt.

LOW TIDE Now that I’ve dithered away the better part of the day looking through old files, paying a few bills on line, and ordering some new clothes — I think I’ll actually get to sewing on my Camp Loopy project border blocks.

Snowglobes Revisited

SNOWGLOBE300DPIOut of retirement next is the Snowglobes wall hanging.  This was the very first design I ever did for Hoffman California Fabrics and is still probably my most favorite. It was also kitted and sold through Keepsake Quilting and was so exciting to see it in their catalog.  Hmmm that was back in 2010 – I think I really should get my own sewn up.  I think most of the blocks are appliqued so I may have to put it on my list to get finished before the season rolls around again.  As with the other patterns coming out of “retirement,”  near bottom of sidebar – click the Hoffman Retired Patterns page to get to the downloads.


Retired Hoffman California Patterns

I’ve located some of the discs containing my older designs for Hoffman California Fabrics.  So the first one has now been added.  You can find these patterns by scrolling nearly to the bottom of the PAGES listing in the right blog sidebar.  Near the bottom of that list you’ll see this:  Capture retired

The first entry shows images of all the designs I’ve done for Hoffman California fabrics.

The second one that says “Retired Patterns” is where you’ll find the downloads.  Just click that link and it will take you to the correct page.

Today’s addition, Paradise Blooms

Paadise Blooms Collection:  Iris colorway

Paadise Blooms Collection: Iris colorway

Off on Safari….. and update on Hoffman Fabrics Pattern Designs

DSCN4313 It’s the start of Camp Loopy Safari today — I woke up way too early this a.m. so decided to make the most of it.  This neat pile of fabrics – they all got cut up and sliced into the pieces I needed before even going to work this morning.  Tonight I managed to get two of the three main sections of the large wall hanging stitched so I’m off to a great start.


And as for the update on my designs for Hoffman Fabrics — you can see the quilt patterns I’ve designed for them if you click the Hoffman Fabrics button in the blog’s right sidebar.    I’ve received several requests recently regarding patterns shown there that are no longer available on the Hoffman Fabrics website pattern download page.  They’ve updated things and removed many of the older patterns.   I am happy to report that I do have permission to add those pattern instructions to my blog for the ones that have been removed from the Hoffman Fabrics website.  So, as I have time, I will be adding them into the Free pattern Downloads Pages.  Everything below the fall table runners will eventually be added (if I can find them all) but it will be a work in progress since those pattern instructions are no longer on my computer, and I will have to pull them from various CDs or thumb drives.  So I will begin adding them as I have time to look for them and get them uploaded.

A finish!

DSCN4207  Quilted and bound and done!  all in one day.  I took the border fabric that I had cut off it and cut it into binding and it almost looks like a stripe around the edge.  This one measures about 47″ x 36″.   It’s called Autumn Ripples Revisited.


My original Autumn Ripples quilt design which I did for this fabric line (Indian Summer by Hoffman California Fabrics) several years ago shown below had the blocks turned on point but in the one above (the revisited version) the blocks are set straight since I had a very limited amount of fabric (the sample headers – tho that may not be their technical name – but it is pieces of the fabric used to sell at market etc and they range in size from about fat quarter at the largest and go down in size so I had to be careful  not to waste much).

autumn-ripples-indian-summer-collection  It’s about time this one finally got finished since it’s been aging in the closet of tops waiting its turn to be quilted.



Foggy Saturday

It has been a foggy week most of this week and today is no exception.  I can barely see the top of the hill outside my door.  A good day to stay inside and knit? or quilt? or decorate the Christmas tree?

I actually did take the tree out of the box last night.  It’s definitely skinny – hopefully still enough tree to hold my many ornaments.  I haven’t done the “fluffing” of the branches yet but I do like the fact that it will fit about anywhere.

As for knitting today – I’ll save that for later tho I did finally finish off the fronts of my CustomFit Featherweight Cardigan.  So just finished winding another cake of yarn so I can start on the sleeves.  I’m a little concerned that I’ll be really close on yarn since it has a wide edging on the sweater fronts (I made some changes to the pattern after I started which used more yarn) so I may have to order another hank just to be sure since I know its in stock and hope Cascade colors don’t vary much from batch to batch.

Quilting – that’s what I hope to get started on first (since I’m ignoring the cleaning in the living room that should occur).   Need to cut some borders and get them on the wedding quilt.

And speaking of the wedding quilt, the pattern I used (tho I didn’t add the applique to mine – shocker, I know, but I liked the fabrics just as they were) is now available for download at    It’s called Kotori Fans.


This morning I’m really wishing there was a restaurant nearby that delivered breakfast!  But guess I’ll have to wander into the kitchen and find something myself.  I’m thinking perhaps as a tasty treat some cinnamon raisin biscuits.

Then I can ponder my dilemma — I’m trying to decide what sweater I want to start once my Featherweight is done (yep planning ahead).     It will be a CustomFit version of whatever sweater I make and incorporate the lacy or other stitch pattern used in the original sweater.

I’m thinking about  Oceanna Cardigan

or Ivar

or Unbalanced

or Mork

or Pecten

or Cinnamon  (which I love in that cinnamon color)

okay – after mentioning Cinnamon several times I really do need raisin cinnamon biscuits – off to the kitchen! 🙂

Cleaning cleaning cleaning – well mostly cleaning

It was a busy day yesterday.  Winter sweaters located, summer stuff packed away, bag of clothes to get rid of…. space bags all resealed and stored back in the closet which was rearranged.  A job well done – not quite finished but nearly.  If only the space  bags didn’t crease everything so bad that you have to rewash perfectly clean items just to get the creases out. LOL But several loads  of laundry later, I have a couple stacks of sweaters ready to wear and  nearly all the regular laundry done.

As usual I would get sidetracked from time to time — wanted to make some gingerbread cake and went looking for the recipe and that one page was missing from my cook book (okay it’s an old loose-left version of Betty Crocker and there are probably more pages missing than just that one) but this led to having to clean out the cabinet above the fridge where all the cook books  and a large stack of Taste of Home magazines were out of control.  There really are only about 3 cookbooks I use — all the rest have been piled I a bag to get rid of.  No reason they need to take up storage space when I never use them so won’t miss them.

Never did find the missing cook book page, but a little search on line and I found this gingerbread cake recipe.    It is delicious – I highly recommend it.

Hopefully today the wet on the sidewalk is really just wet and not ice so I can make it to the dumpsters and mailbox.  Oh good grief – I just looked at the weather on my homepage and it says it’s 49 degrees outside – heat wave and not ice out here.  Gray and foggy and gloomy but I don’t mind that.  Maybe just maybe I’ll get the outside holiday lights up.  But now that I know it’s warm out – time to get dressed and load up my garbage/recycling bags and head out.

I’ve received inquiries about the pattern I’m using for the Asian print fabrics I’m stitching on.  My fabrics are just from the stash but that pattern was design for a new collection of fabrics from Hoffman California Fabrics called Kotori.   You’ll have to check Hoffman’s website – the pattern isn’t listed among their free patterns yet but it will be once the fabric line it is designed for starts shipping out to shops.  The actual pattern has a bit of applique on it which I didn’t include on mine due to the fabrics I was using.  Here’s what Kotori Fans looks like.  My friends know I’m not fond of pinkish colors but this first colorway – Petal Silver, I just love the best of the three colorways.






Bellissima Collection

Go to to download my latest quilt design for their Bellissima Collection.  Super simple and perfect for those large prints in your fabric collections.    Colorways in Granite, Orchid and Jade.

You can see images of other patterns I’ve designed for Hoffman California Fabrics by clicking the button in the sidebar.

Bellissima in Granite

Belissima in Granite

Bellissima in Jade

Bellissima in Jade

Bellissima in Lilac

Bellissima in Orchid