Granny’s Hankie Class Photos

Andria at the Wildrose Quilt Shop in Washington State has been teaching an applique class for the past year using one of my prior BOM patterns, Granny’s Hankie.  Quilt tops are now being finished up and she shared with me, and is letting me share with you, the quilt tops finished so far by her students.  Look at this wonderful quilts.  They have done a wonderful job!

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Granny’s Hankie photos…

This is a shout out to the ladies at the Wild Rose Quilt Shop who are taking the Granny’s Hankie class from Andria.  Granny’s Hankie was the 2011 BOM free pattern on the blog.  The link to pictures of the quilts/blocks  that blog readers made at that time, are in the sidebar.  But here are photos directly from Andria’s class which they were kind enough to share and gave me permission to share with you.   I think you’ll agree there are going to be some beautiful quilts and it’s so fun to see the blocks done in all different styles/color combinations. I like the fabrics in each group of them for different reasons and there definitely are some talented ladies taking the class.


Here is your eye candy for this morning. Sigrid in Germany has sent me a photo of her Granny’s Hankie Top to share. Isn’t it just lovely!! She changed the sashing a bit to adjust the size of her quilt and says it’s soon to be headed to her quilter. It turned out stunning with her beautiful fabric choices.

Thank you for sharing Sigrid!

There’s got to be a better way!

  I can be a fairly organized person but the EQ files, BOM patterns, and all that other quilty stuff – we’ll they are not necessarily named anything that may pertain to the final pattern in that file I’m looking for — which means whenever I need to find something the hunt is on – going through piles of CDs  I won’t even show you how high that stack of CDS is and how badly they are marked.  After doing that and not coming up with everything I wanted — I remembered the THUMBDRIVES . Sigh.  That is where it was most likely to be and after going through the pile of them shown (which does not include the one that was in the computer or the one I just remembered is in my purse), I still have come up missing.

I’ve been trying to locate all the month patterns for the Granny’s Hankie BOM — you would think I would have saved them all in one place – that would make sense.  But I’m missing the May pdf.   The search will continue later but everytime I go through this I say — I’m going to make a list of what’s on each disk or thumbdrive or fiind a better way to organize them — do I? of course not  because that’s a boring job and I’d rather  be designing or quilting or knitting or just about anything.  But perhaps I’ll put that on my list for some boring winter  day – to get all those things organized.  In the meantime — I’ll continue my search but for not — there’s got to be something more exciting to do. LOL

I have not wasted the entire morning searching files — I did find time to get a couple loads of laundry done and make some yummy Raisin Bran muffins for breakfast!

No stashbusting…. but a lovely quilt instead

Updated — wordpress once again is being a PITA.  I don’t know why it won’t hold the photo on this post – it shows it to me, I publish, it disappears.  I’ll try again later to show you this lovely lovely quilt!.

Once again it’s stashbusting reporting day and once again – zip, zero, nada  — okay well I made a block for a magazine but seriously that doesn’t really add up to anything.  I’d hoped to get some projects layered last weekend but lost interest in that — one of these days. 🙂

So instead I’ll show you this lovely rendition of last year’s BOM project Granny’s Hankie.  It was made by Jennifer Padden, and here’s what she said when she emailed me the photo.

I thought I’d share my rendition of Granny’s Hankie.  It won an Honorable
Mention Award for me at the 2012 Capital of Texas QuiltFest this week in Austin,
TX.  I took some liberties with the border for my bedroom.  Thanks for such a
versatile pattern.  It was so much fun and it was my first hand applique

Congratulations Jennifer.  It turned out so lovely.  A very ambitious first applique project and you did a fantastic job! Wonderful color combination.

Scruffy has come home!

   I had totally forgot about poor Scruffy.  I made the block originally to be a Quiltmaker 100 blocks submission (which is why the block is signed), but then we decided instead to use him for photography for the sneak peak in the Quiltmaker magazine issue the month before Let Sleeping Dogs lie pattern was published.  So he’s been spending time visiting in the Quitlmaker offices and came home last night.  I was going to use him to put in my own version of Let Sleeping Dogs Lie but I think since he’s signed, I’ll just make him his own little wallhanging so I’ll have to figure out some borders for him.


And check out these lovely Granny’s Hankie blocks made by Andria Peterson.  They turned out wonderful.  She’ll be teaching this pattern at the Wild Rose Quilt & Retreat Center next summer and she’ll certainly have a lovely quilt sample to show.


Granny’s Hankie – Final Installment!

  The final installment has now been posted! 🙂  Only 3 days late – not bad considering all the stuff I had to get done in between.

I did alter the size of the quilt by a whole half inch! LOL  The outside border sections would have been cut something like 2-13/16ths — now I don’t know about you but I’d rather not cut a ton of strips that measurement so changing the finished size by a half inch brought it to normal measurements and saves a whole lot of time lining up the ruler repeatedly to cut those 16ths.

Now I just have to come up with the final Year of Wallhangings design.  I know what I want to do, just have to find the time to get it drawn up and written up so that may be a bit late posting and not make it in time to post on Saturday.

I hope you’ve enjoyed making this quilt.

If you’re squeemish and don’t want to read about the needle I jabbed in my foot – don’t read on. 🙂

You know how those pesky sewing needles and pins sometimes hop out of the pincushion and lay waiting on the carpet for someone to step on them?  Well last night I moved the pincushion and a needle fell.  And of course I didn’t notice and steps on the little bugger! Youch!  And to make matters worse it was on the outer back side of my heel so I couldn’t really see it and had to feel for which way it went in to pull it out.  Dang I stuck it in there good but got it out.  So after walking around in my shoes without a lot of padding on the heel for the better part of the day, finally put on my tennies which had more cushion which was better. But spent the better part of tonight with a hot towel and baggie on my foot which did the trick – it’s no longer sore and I’ve searched the floor below where the pincushion was sitting to make sure no more were lying in wait for my unsuspecting sock clad feet! 🙂  Hmmm no wonder Mom always said to wear your shoes…… least I didn’t bleed on my hand knit socks.    The carpet – well that was another story but I saw the red spot right away and got it out.  This kind of excitement I can do without.


Thanks to Kim who alerted me to a problem with the November Granny’s Hankie instructions.  I have loaded a new file showing the correction to both the Granny’s Hankie page and the Errata page.  If you want to just mark your copy, for the four blocks that go in the corners of the borders, the  directions for the light square say to cut four 4.5″ squares.  They actually need to be 5.75″ squares in order for the intersection to meet properly.

Sorry for the error.

Also, Granny’s Hankie December installment will be late. It was due to be posted this weekend but things have been crazy here and it’s not written up yet.  I’ll get it posted as soon as I can but I’ve got some other deadlines I have to meet first (the paying jobs take priority).  I’ll post a note when it is ready.


Design Wall Monday – 11/28/2011

  Wreaths & Garland is what’s up on the design wall currently.  I’ve been working on the pieced border blocks  — getting all the pieces ready before setting it all together.

One Garland border section is complete, so I’ve just go to finish trimming  corners on the other blocks so I can get the all stitched together.  And need to get the plain borders cut so everything will be ready to stitch together.  I’d hoped to get it assembled today but since it’s the last day of vacation for me, I may need to actually clean up some of the mess I’ve made and do some laundry so I have something to wear to work tomorrow!  Then again – there has to be something in that closet so I may just sew! 🙂

Here’s what one of the garland borders looks like.


As I was digging through the stash looking for fabrics for this quilt (yep they all came from the stash!) I came across this lovely poinsettia print that I bought on sale at the end of the season last year.  The colors are actually much deeper and richer than the photo shows – I just love this fabric.  It think I may use it for the final outside border on this quilt.

  The pattern for Wreaths & Garland was sent off to EQ today.  So I’ll post when they have done their “stuff” with it and it is available for sale.  It’s super easy piecing and I think just one of the wreath blocks would make a lovely table topper.  Put a pretty pillar candle in the center of it and it would be a great centerpiece for anyone’s table.

   So I may just have to make a few more blocks for a table topper and then debate whether I give it as a gift or keep it for myself!




I didn’t get as much sewing done as I wanted yesterday because I was busy getting another pattern ready for EQ Boutique.  Deck the Halls will be available there soon too.

  Those who know me will wonder at the “pinky” shades in this quilt since they know I have an aversion to pink. LOL  Don’t know that I would make it in pinks for myself but I like the frosty look it gives this design.

If you’ve been wondering about what EQ Boutique is all about – I added a page in the right side bar that has some screen shots and information about it — or check out their website for more info on how it works.  It’s the only place you’ll find my patterns for sale and if you’ve missed out on some of the BOM or other free patterns that are no longer available on my blog, you just may find them there.  New ones are being added all the time by all the EQ Boutique designers.

Now, I haven’t had anything but coffee to sustain me so far and those sweet rolls I made yesterday are calling to me.  (I did taste test one yesterday and they are delicious!).

Oh – and I also updated the GH (Granny’s Hankie BOM) readers page with some photos I hadn’t gotten added previously of blocks made by blog readers.  There are going to be some stunning quilts from that design as the photo show so check them out.

Denise… who’s wishing she had scheduled off a few more vacation days!!