A garden – sort of

I posted a photo a few days ago of the new little garden plots they put in at the apartment complex.  Unfortunately I found out they forgot I wanted one so didn’t create enough. 😦  Oh well, I’ve got plants, I’ve got pots, so I potted them.  I think they’ll get enough sun where they are sitting and some may need to be potted into larger containers a bit later but I planted them in the pots I currently had. Besides, who knows if they shall survive or not!  I may have lots of empty pots if the rains don’t cease and the sun shine doesn’t start soon.  So here’s my little container garden – even got the flowers finally potted last night.  One of the pots holds a really neat fern – in the asparagus fern family – and it looks like bottle brush bristles.  I just liked the way it looks.  And it’s got a really neat white and green ornamental cabbage in front of it.  The textures of the two are very interesting.  So Mr. Sun, come on out and shine on my plants!   It’s  mostly peppers and tomatoes of different varieties and a cauliflower thrown in just for good measure.



Now I’ve got to go find those beads I want to sew on a little wallhanging so I can attach those, call it finished, and get it in the mail.  Plus I finished off a pair of socks last night – first full pair done. I just need to stitch the toe shut and bury the tails.  And miraculously, they even appear to have ended up the same size! 🙂

It IS A Garden!

Contrary to my skepticism yesterday, this area is a garden afterall.  Look at the improvements I found today when I got home compared to yesterday’s progress.






Gone are the clumps of dug up sod.  Edging logs have been laid, it has been tilled and raked and fencing erected – not that we have to worry about deer, but to keep unsuspecting dog owners and their dogs from stumbling into it after dark.  Each section is marked off at about 5′ x 6′.  Now I just have to wait to find out which section in mine. 🙂 and figure out what I want to plant.
Here’s last night’s sewing progress on the Wizard of Oz wallhanging.  Now to layer it and quilt it this weekend.

Is it a garden?

1001260002Hmmm… is it a garden plot??   The apartment complex had asked who was interested in having a little garden plot.  They planned to have it ready by Memorial Day weekend but when I saw the lines the gas company had marked – crisscrossing this area – I thought maybe they wouldn’t be able to do it since Memorial Day and come and gone and I hadn’t heard anything and there were a LOT of lines crossing this area.  Today when I looked out my sewing room window, I see this area devoid of grass, in front of the mound of clumps of grass that used to cover it.  Not a great photo since it was taken through the window and the area is sort of downhill from me but trust me, there’s a dug up area down there by the fence. (Note the large power boxes to the side of the photo – yep lots of lines crossing that corner.)  I haven’t walked out there but it appears to be marked off with string in four sections about 4′ x 6′ – not huge but big enough for me to plant a couple tomato plants in my section.  So I imagine I should be hearing soon from the apt manager that those of us who wanted one can go ahead and plant.  I figured there wouldn’t be too many people – it’s a large complex of buildings but I think the majority of tenants are college students and not everyone likes to garden either.  But if I can get a few home grown tomatos, I’ll be happy.  And on the upside, I do have power so apparently it’s in the small area that was “line free”.

I added this project to the design wall to contemplate and work on.  I’ve been procrastinating on this Oz wallhanging (for over a year!) and so while on treadmill last night – located right across from the design wall so good design contemplating time – decided I didn’t really like what I had so far (which truthfully wasn’t much).  I had thought about leaving the main part of the panel all together as seen in this photo. The rest of the pieces are just some border sections I was hoping would lend some inspiration as to how they wanted to be used.

1001250001But after a bit on the treadmill and contemplating, decided I didn’t like that middle section all as one.  The downside of using panel sections – I’ve yet to come across one that is actually printed straight on the fabric.  They always seem to be just a bit off so you can’t get a good square or rectangular shape when you cut them.  But, ended up chopping it apart, taking yellow braid sections off some areas, adding them in other places, shifting things around, adding sashing stips – you get the idea, a major overhaul – anyway  I now have the main center of it pieced and just need to add a top and bottom border section and the wallhanging top will be done.  You’ll have to wait to see a picture of it until I add the final sections.

The fabrics were purchased by a friend who has one of her spare bedrooms all decorated in Wizard of Oz stuff so this will hang on the wall in there.  I’ve got enough of some of the coordinates to make a pillowcase for the bed and maybe a throw pillow or two.